How I Make My Animatics

How I Make My Animatics

Hi! Uhm, this video was requested by a lot of people, so here it is! This is how I make my animatics Keep in mind I’m not a pro, but this is what I’ve learned over the last year Making an animatic usually takes me from one or two weeks, depends on how determined or busy I am At first I have never really done any preparation to make my videos I just straight up drew the frames in Sai and edited them And I was done, y’know? I just kinda ~freestyled~ my videos But not a long time ago I started drawing tiny frames (In class when I’m bored) And it really helped me make the animatics look more dynamic I think it’s called thumbnailing And now my animatics don’t consist of head and shoulders as much as in the past! So that helps! It’s good practice Okay so, all you really have to do is create a folder for your frames And just open up your drawing program, Grab your favorite brush and go! So you have to remember that it’s ok to be messy with your frames But, don’t overdo it Because you want the viewer to know what is happening on the screen But you also should remember it doesn’t have to be a full-on animation But five frames per minute also doesn’t look the best And it can only make videos seem boring no matter how pretty the frames are So to sum it up, be a little messy but, Don’t overdo it? But, don’t also make perfect frames if it means more interesting movement Y’know what I- Y-you get what I mean right? Okay *Cute laugh* Move on to the next one Um, if you want to spice it up a little bit change the backround colors Depending on the place the characters are at Especially if you’re making more serious animatics Avoid just going with a white backround like, Spice it up a lil’ bit, add some color Um, also you can experiment with various shots of the character Long story short, if there’s a more dynamic scene, go full body But if you want to show emotion, then show the face! Don’t be like older me who only did face shots Ha ha ha … *sigh* Those were tough times … okay, Once you’ve drawn you frames put them in an editing program I started my adventure with windows movie maker but, If you have the opportunity to use something else, Like, Sony Vegas for example If you have to choose Vegas Over Windows Movie Maker then do that It gives you a lot more freedom And you can do more cool things with it but If you can’t get Vegas then Have no fear. I’ll show you some cOOL TRICKS Okay Let’s go Uuhm For example This effect [a gr8 washington zooming in Meet Me Inside animatic] This is how you do it You have two frames and you wanted to go SwoOSH Right? Okay All you have to do *a soft adorable humming* Stop Okay Er copy the first frame And make it REALLY short And add one of those Close-up effects? Depending on where the character in the second frame is You just have to keep in mind where the character is Because, as I mentioned before Windows Movie Maker is kinda limited. Umm.. Also, if you want to just make a quick SKIP! to a different shot You just Draw a couple of lines and boom ART LIFEHACKZ Okay Also if you want this cute bouncy effect to add some movement move the frame a little bit down If you work in SAI like I do Just press CTRL and DOWN arrow a couple of times Save the frame as a separate one And put it in there for a little qUICK MOMENT Keep in mind it has to be really qUIcK Otherwise… it’ll look.. weird…. You can also experiment with those Windows Movie Maker effect And *try* not to overdo them like [weird overdone Indian movie video edit] Anyway Put your frames together with music For instance repeat until your animatic is over I usually just do a couple of frames per day And edit them You can always just kinda draw the frames till you have all of them and and then edit them? I think the first way is much easier Since you can see more mistakes and such So yeah Let’s uh you render and then booM Her e is th e fin al e f fe c t [the masterpiece] I hope you found this video.. at least A little bit helpful But I doubt this, seeing how much of a qUaLItY VIdEo iT iS And I wish the best for all of you Future animators Also, thank you for watching my videos See ya!

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  1. 2:52 Were you secretly singing to “Sincerely Me” from Dear Evan Hansen at the part when Conner says:
    “Just believe you can be who you wanna be, Sincerely Me”

  2. I really like the vid, but does anyone know how to get audio for your animatics? I can do all the frames and stuff, but I want to add audio I can only find on youtube, how do I get the audio?

  3. Me: okay I’m gonna make a 20 minute animatic, let’s sit down and find a tutorial- OH MY GOD THE GOD OF LITERALLY EVERYTHING HAS A TUTORIAL! TIME TO STUDY IT FOR 3 WEEKS

  4. in every desi movie i watch they do that weird edit thing and i just feel so embarrassed to be a part of that culture ??

  5. I SUNG THE FUCKING SINCERELY ME AT THE EXACT SAME TIME YOU DID NOT EVEN KIDDING. probably because your animatic of that is the last vid I watched but still

  6. Woah! Thanks Szin, it helped me a lot with making animatics, it's so much easier now!

    Also, does anyone know what's the song name at: 4:29

  7. Windows Movie Maker is no longer available for download if you're interested in getting into animatics. If anyone knows a good FREE substitute for it I would really appreciate it.

  8. I can't believe this, you've made your tutorial video just as funny as your animatics… i was reaaallly curious about your working progress, thanks for making this video!

  9. I'm just wondering (p new here, sorry if I'm abt to breach a taboo topic but),, why'd szin delete her Hamilton stuff? Ik u can still view them bc reuploads (which is why I know abt them kAREn that's not the pOint), but why aren't they on her channel anymore? They were really good :'<<

  10. Hello!
    I just wanted to say thank you, this is how I made my first (and at the moment only) animatic, its not very good, but your tips helped me get through the editing process, so i wanted to say thanks. OK, thats all. you probably wont see this.

  11. 2:53
    "All you have to do it's just believe-"
    Ohhhh, she was singing DEH uwu

  12. I know this is a kinda old video, but I barely found it and I just want to ask: where do you find/download the audio you use in your videos from?
    (Also your animatics are beautiful)

  13. how do you get music for your animatics? i found a song and i really want to make an animatic about it, but i don't know how to get the music..

  14. Szin: All you have to do
    Szin: mumbles Sincerely Me
    Me: YASSS I WAS RIGHT ignores my Heather's guess

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