HOW I DRAW EYES | A digital painting HOW-TO | missjosh’s how-to

HOW I DRAW EYES | A digital painting HOW-TO | missjosh’s how-to

Hello! It’s Josh. Welcome back to my Artpalette. In this video, I’m going to show you how I draw eyes. Warning though, this is a very long video. I don’t know how to simplify drawing eyes as I did in my “Lips How-To” so… Let’s start! First, you have to understand the anatomy of the eye. Underneath your skin is a round eyeball with an iris and a pupil. With this in mind, whenever you’re adding volume to the eye, remember that it is a sphere and not a flat surface. Obviously, you don’t see the whole eyeball. And this is where the shape of the eyes comes in. The part near the opening of the eye has darker shadow than the middle. Now that you know what’s underneath, you can erase the hidden eyeball. Let’s darken the iris so we don’t get
confused. So, again, the part under the eyelid has darker shadows. For the highlights, it depends on where the light is coming from. If it’s from the upper right, the main pop
of light should come from that area. You can add a smaller dot of highlight in
the lower part for that feeling of roundness. Add small rays of subtle light at the bottom part of the iris. The same principle applies if your light is
coming from the left. Okay, let’s start over. If this is the face, you roughly have an idea where you should put your eyes. You don’t have to draw the eyeballs every
time once you already understand the concept. Draw the shape of your eye. Remember to put a small circle as your eye’s inner corner. Also, you don’t have to show the whole iris. Unless you’re drawing a shocked expression. Now, draw the crease of the eye. Just follow the shape of your upper line. Add volume. Make the corner of the eye darker to make the eye look round. Darken the iris. Add light rays surrounding the pupil. The upper lid is where the light usually falls on so it’s lighter than the crease of the eye. If you view it from the side, the eye kinda looks like this. Remember to put shadow on the crease. Let’s add an ugly eyebrow just so we know where we’re at. The skin under the eye is not flat. It follows the surface of the eyeballs as well. Let’s make it dark for now. The part of the eye near the eyebrow is a
bit puffy so, put highlights there. Make the inner corner of the eye dark. Now, let’s put highlights. A main pop of light at the top, a smaller one at the bottom, rays on the iris, in the inner corner of the eye and the lower eyelid. Also, put some highlights on the skin in the inner corner of the eye. Don’t forget the eyelashes! Now, for the colored version. 1. Draw the shape of the eye. 2. Fill in with color. 3. Darken the crease and the bottom lid. 4. Paint the corners of the eye, red. 5. Add shadow below the eyelid. 6. Add a fleshy line at the bottom the eyeball. 7. Darken the corners of the eye to make the eyeball round. 8. Add light rays in the iris. 9. Now, add highlights. 10. Don’t forget the eyelashes! There! Hope this answers how I draw eyes. See you in the next video. Bye!

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  1. And also, I have difficulty in adding those shadows and lighting parts in a digital drawing. Like, I can't show which part of the skin is dark and which part of the skin is light due to sunlight…

  2. I love your Videos! Oh! Btw, what drawing software do you use? Can you also please make a nose tutorial? Thanks! Love ya!

  3. Woah thank you so much for this! This like really helped me, I always look for tutorials for eyes but no one ever explains them properly or they just don't go into enough detail! But I found you really explained this well and I love the finished product.

  4. Just finished my first ever painted eye. Thanks so much for this. I’d like to share it to you. Is there a way I can send the archive? Again, THANKS SO MUCH!

  5. I can draw this on paper but clueless on Photoshop because I am new to digital art. Steps on what brushes give what types of effects etc would've been helpful.

  6. thank you soo much for this video <3 i always struggle when it comes to realistic colouring, and always stick to anime style of colouring. this video really changed my point of view towards realistic drawing, and i really enjoy trying new styles. thank you soo much 🙂

  7. i would love to know what brushes are you using, also your art is beautifuuul im amazed at your tutorials dont have more views!

  8. a little bit too fast for someone who wants to follow along- maybe slow it down a bit in future but otherwise it was such a good tutorial!! I made my best eye EVER thanks to this video!! 😀

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