How Bhairavi Punya Pooja Energizes Your House – Sadhguru

How Bhairavi Punya Pooja Energizes Your House – Sadhguru

You will see many parts of your
house will feel like a coffin. Not everybody who is having psychological
problems are pathologically ill – most of them are victims of the
situations in which they exist, So Punya pooja is a way of consecrating
your home, entire home, every part of it, Superscript: Could you explain how the Bhairavi Punya Pooja works? It seems different from traditional poojas. Sadhguru: The thing is what this Punya pooja is… maybe we can use an English term so that
everybody (Laughs) looks at it differently. Punya Pooja is like… you know what’s Punya? What is referred to as Punya and paapa
unfortunately these things are badly misinterpreted over a period of time. Punya, paapa means those type of actions –
actions which take you down, actions which you know increase
the effervescence of life within you or actions which move you towards the inertia of life. Or in other words, actions which move you towards life, actions which move you towards death. When I say death, not just physical death,
you can die in so many ways. So there’re many fantastic phenomena
happening in the process of life every day. Every day, every moment, it’s happening.
Most of the humanity is dead to it. They are dead to the moon, dead to the sunrise,
dead to the sunset, only when something becomes acute or (Laughs) they have to get up in the morning,
early morning and go for their work, then sun gets in their eyes and of course you put
the pads so that you can’t see it, something like this. Why this has happened is, the psychological
space has overtaken the cosmic space or your own silly creation in your head has overtaken
the Creator’s creation, this is all that’s happened. And anyway the pooja is about getting you into an energetic space where you become alive to these things. So the Punya pooja is to enliven the house.
The space in the house should become alive. If you have lived in such a way in your home, that every moment you’re on with love and light within you, then no Punya pooja would be needed. But today you have built homes which are so large.
It’s very difficult to make them alive just by living. If you just had a one-room house and
you lived in great sense of love and joy, you can easily keep it very alive but today
your house has ten – fifteen enclosures. It’s very difficult for any human being to keep it alive. Once in a way if you do not enliven it, slowly if you enter certain parts of your home
you will see it feels like a coffin. I want all of you today, you know your house well enough, where you need to open your eyes you open, but just walk with your eyes closed,
with your left hand outstretched a little bit, and just walk… just feel and walk around the house, you will see many parts of your house will feel like a coffin. Some parts may be alive. Usually I find kitchens are alive (Laughs) cause
that’s the only place something is happening! Everywhere else – (Gestures). If you live in a very, very alive way,
you can enliven something. But when you have twelve, fifteen,
twenty enclosures in your house, it’s very very difficult for anybody to enliven all that. So Punya pooja once in a way,
at least once a year would light up, that is you have the space around
you alive and it supports you. Can’t I live beautifully in a coffin? You can, if you’re capable of it,
no problem but not everybody is. They need external support. This is the idea of creating consecrated spaces. So Punya pooja is a way of consecrating
your home, entire home, every part of it, so that there is some sense of aliveness and energy. But we cannot consecrate your
home in such a way it’s forever, because your house is not built to that geometry – it doesn’t have that kind of material
to hold the energy forever. If we enliven an Indian home,
easily one or two years it will stay alive. An American home, particularly largely with
wood and inside all those dampening… what is this insulating material, keeping it alive- I’m saying if nothing alive is happening in the house,
you are a depressed person suppose, you have a whole bunch of depressed people
in the house, nobody is really alive – if it is so, this Punya pooja may deplete in
a matter of six to eight months. It will not stay for very long because the
material used does not support that. If the house was built with brick or stone, we could make it alive and easily make
it stay that way at least for two years. Minimum two years, I would say one and
half to two years, it could last much more. But it also depends on you, how you are.
However the material is, if you are fine you can live well. Because now most of the American
homes are woodwork – you know that is not a good word (Laughs) – it’s woodwork, so it doesn’t have the same capacity to hold. And another thing is it’s re-circulated air –
nobody opens a window or a door. It’s all the time same air being re-circulated or
very minimal amount of movement of aliveness. If you have lot of plants around you,
trees around you, and if you keep the windows open, they will take care of the Punya pooja
for you to quite some extent. They can. But most of the houses are shut off and
re-circulated air is going on all the time, people are not moving about joyfully – either they’re staring at their computer screen,
or they are depressed, or they are sleeping. Inertia of various levels and various levels
of stresses and tensions, it slowly builds up in the space
and it can overwhelm a person. Any number of people will find if they’re feeling sick, particularly if they’re feeling psychologically you know kind of oppressed, you will see if they
just walk out of that space, they will feel great! If they move to another place,
they will almost become healthy – many times… many, many times for most people. Not everybody who is having psychological
problems are pathologically ill – most of them are victims of the situations
in which they exist, various type of situations. Energy situation is one of them and an important one. We have taught you a kriya how to keep this body work within this boundary how to
keep it enlivened all the time. But the larger woodwork of your home,
how to keep it alive? If your kriya is too fantastic, if your Shambhavi Mahamudra is such, it’s an explosion within you, then if you just walk around the house maybe
the space will get fixed but if it’s not like that, if you are not like that, then it’s good to
make use of the support of Punya pooja. It’s a wonderful process through which it’ll be done.

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  1. Beautiful painting in background I stared at it n wasn’t listening . I’ll try again but I enjoyed that painting I said a prayer for the hands n thoughts that produced it .

  2. We have become so rational minded that we don’t follow or do our ancient rituals, but now science is bringing back all those effective techniques and tool by giving scientific proves…..exceptions are always there, but we need to respect our history….?

  3. Today you narrated exactly the same to which I'm going through right now since last one year… I've realized the same that whenever I go out of my house. I feel totally different and energetic. My Mind start tracking me, not I step behind it. As I reach home I turn up to the same situation and my mind overthrown me again. No matter how hard I try to take into power it's found to be many steps ahead to my reach. Hope that I could manage it somehow. ??

  4. Would love to learn more the specifics on re-energizing the home.. is there any book/tutorial available? Linga Bhairavi Consecration DVD?

  5. My whole house is dead. I sleep in a tent to avoid the space. I am the mother which is the problem but after 20 years in a house so large and rustic with so much history I just give up. And then I came up to this.

  6. look for 'nalukettu' in google. Constructions in kerala where there is ample air circulation. ♥ our old homes. even in tamil nadu it is there. similar constructions

  7. You can just do daily puja with incense flowers and ghanti shankaha will liven up the energies. Also worshipping tulsi daily also builds up positive energy around the house.

  8. So sorry in Brasil 80% of the population doesn't speak english to follow Sadhguru☹ The few translations to portuguese don't supply all the meets with this blessed man….To think how usefull could be for us to learn with him in those terrible times the country is passing through..We are suuffering in the hands of very destructive and powerfull sick people

  9. si vous parlez le franc ?,peut etre comprendre ,peut etre vous négliger le franc cancrela ,oui,mais etre romano-germanique ou anglo-arabe ou arckistanni

  10. I love Sadhguru but all this is so voodoo and making people unnecessarily nervous! Just be a good human and be a good piece of life like Sadhguru usually teaches! All this is nonsense and for the gullible uneducated people!

  11. Do not use Slangs
    Talk to people with love and respect
    Open windows and doors to let fresh air to enter
    Do prayer
    Lit lamps early in the morning and evening

  12. How many of you got screwed by Vasudev?
    It is true that an unvisited place can be termed as dead ,so to make it alive one needs to visit that place and do some activity but why puja ?
    Where does the energy come from and how does puja bring the energy to make the house alive( i mean one day you did puja and abandon it then again it becomes dead and energy vanishes)?
    It is all the pyschological state of mind , one develops high energy and feel energetic during festival,when some acquaintances wedding , any activity that excites one,….-it is all psychological state of mind.

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