Horror Sans VS Killer Sans – AU Animation (16+)

Horror Sans VS Killer Sans – AU Animation (16+)

* Look you weirdo I don’t want to kill another monster so stay out of my way…. or else… this is gonne be your last moments got it? * Y’know I was getting hungry so tell me… how should I cut you? BIG pieces or SMALL pieces!?! * Hehehehehehehe… Let me ask you something… …* How can u kill a monster… THAT’S ALREADY… DEAD?! …* ONE HEAD DOG… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!COMIN’UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! * Alright weirdo, you’ve gone too far and I’m bored of PLAYING WITH YOU!

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  1. The way horror sans threw that axe was Danky
    Edit:horror sans threw that axe with a horrible animation and how killer sans dodged the axe was horrible animation

  2. THIS IS SO WELL ANIMATED HUMAN!!! even tho it scared me a bit…they both tried to kill me before…it was terrafing…but luckily I have the human and Papyrus by my side(slightly smiles) as long as I have them there's nothing I can't do…

  3. Where were you when Horror Die?

    I was at my house eating dorito when phone ring

    “Horror Sans is kil”


  4. если видио на руском то и персонажы должны говорить на руском

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