Helen Vonderheide Interview with Dr. Linda Howe: the Akashic Records

Helen Vonderheide Interview with Dr. Linda Howe: the Akashic Records

Alright so welcome, I’m Helen Vonderheide and I am an advanced Akashic records teacher and practitioner I was
taught and certified by my teacher Linda Howe who we have with us today
Linda is a spiritual teacher and she specializes in the Akashic records, that
is her life’s work, she’s the first person to deliver how to access the
Akashic records to people to humanity, and she has three award-winning books.
She’s been working with the Akashic records since 1994 so Linda I just want
to thank you so much for being with us today.. can you say ‘hi’ if you want! Thank you, thank you so much for the invitation and the opportunity it’s just, you know,
it’s a joy to be here with you today thank you thank you so much. Well I wanted to do this interview today for a couple of reasons, the first reason is I wanted people to get a sense and a feeling of who you are as a teacher just hear what you have to say answer some really basic questions but I also want
to share a really brief story about why I brought this class together because
this has been, this actually has been a really big Akashic undertaking
for me, this is a beautiful experience and opportunity to host you and share
you with the community that I’ve created here in Los Angeles. So I have, of my
students I have so many who are being called to become teachers and I really
want them to be teachers because I can’t be the only one that’s teaching out here
and not only that they’re just incredible and they reach people that I
can’t reach and so part of having you here is to really support these students
and taking the next step on their teacher path, not rushing it but just
taking the next step and then I also thought this is such an incredible
opportunity for people who are just coming to the records for the first time
to teach with this master teacher with Dr. Linda Howe, and Linda has a
doctorate in Akashic studies, and Linda you’re the only person who has a
doctorate in Akashic studies is that correct? Yes that’s correct, yes correct
yes Just an incredible opportunity for Los Angeles whether people are in the
city or coming from any other part of the world so it’s such an honor I’m so
excited The class is coming up in August and I’ll share those details towards the end so I just wanted to start off by asking you some
questions so that people can just get an idea of what the Akashic records are Well of course, of course So I guess the first is So what are the Akashic
records what is it where does it come from? Okay so I you know what’s
interesting Helen is that the Akashic record like even the word you know it’s
a Sanskrit word and it means primary substance that from which all things are
formed now to me you know I’m in the Midwest
it sounds very exotic and but the truth of the matter is the Akashic
record is very familiar to us okay because it is the it is the archive of
every soul and their journey okay so what that means is we’re all in it. Now
it’s vibrational so that means we can’t see it. Oh too bad..
but! But it’s, we all have it It lives at the level of our soul, it’s a
soul-level dimension of consciousness so what that means for people ordinary
people like you and I, is that we can make a more conscious connection
with it, it’s there for us, which is just to me, it’s remarkable and
and an astounding you know, there are not enough superlatives to describe just
you know like, how fabulous this is but the Akashic
record – was so interesting is every set of records, so everyone is in
the record, every person all of humanity is in the record and the record
interestingly enough pertains to um it’s it pertains to earth human life on earth
it’s the primary that’s that’s what it’s about okay and every set of records has
two parts okay which is fascinating because there is there’s the fixed the
permanent the eternal part of the record that sometimes is understood as the
blueprint of the soul or it’s like the divine potential embedded in your soul
right at the at the point of creation and that is not changing which is good
news right and then what travels along with that is a catalogue of the stories
of the life times we live through which we awaken to the immutable truth of who
we are so it’s interesting you know I hear a lot of so much people say the
record isn’t permanent well that’s true and other people say no no the record is
changeable well that’s true too but see it’s one set right it’s two
parts to the same set attached to each individual soul oh it’s so cool yes so
one of the most common questions that I get around working in the records is
what is the difference between our intuition and the Akashic energy? Okay do you know this is a fabulous question and I love it and one, it’s so important
that actually in my first book you know How to Read the Akashic Records there’s
a whole section dedicated to it and when we teach new students at the
practitioner level, when we teach this there is a section of the class devoted
to exploring this like, you know to really
examine this distinction between these two, but it’s fascinating because there
are similarities and there are differences and they’re definitely
related, okay? The way I’ve come to understand it
is that the intuition is held within the Akashic field, alright
and what the big difference between the two is scope right so if you can
imagine like when you go to the theater right you go to the theater and
someone’s onstage and there’s a spotlight right and it’s above their
head and they’re standing in the spotlight in full illumination so we
really can see who they are but it’s very specific it’s very direct it’s very
particular is it powerful absolutely is it useful of course we wouldn’t be able
to see the person without it I mean it’s it has great value for us but when we
think about the record it’s like if someone comes in and turns the house
lights on so now the whole place is lit up from the lobby to backstage right
door to door ceiling to floor the whole place is flooded with light and within
that light the spotlight is contained so there they’re definitely related okay
and the big difference so when we work in our records we the record focuses on
Who am I at this point in time the person I am right within the context of
my eternal immortal being right all the past all the present all the future
that’s the big difference does that it does that help? Does that clarify it? The best explanation I’ve ever heard. But it makes sense! We’re with a master teacher here, so beautiful, thank you good good
So I just wanted to share with our viewers, why would somebody want to work in the Akashic records? What can they gain? Do you know it’s so.. people come to the records
with a variety of agendas of course we all have different needs and
desires at different stages of life but what really drives people to the Akasha it as if the soul says it’s time,
because working in the record is an opportunity to have a more conscious
connection with your soul right and we live in a time of great, I mean it’s the
age of awakening spiritual awareness and so we all have these things happening
within when the soul says it’s time it’s time, okay now many people will come to
the Akashic record because of what they’ve heard like oh there’s a big book
with everything written it’ll tell you what to do
personally I have found it to be really a lousy source of divination and
fortune-telling, tragically so y’know because that’s fun, but what what it turns
out is working in the Akashic record is a very pure I think really elegant way
to grasp a spiritual perspective is a truly spiritual perspective and point of
view which is rooted in love it’s unconditional love okay so what happens
when we work in the record is we have an opportunity to really get a sense of
ourselves and our lives and the challenges we face within the context of
unconditional love so that anything that is not love is left at the door, can’t
get in, right but but so many of us have been raised you know to to be hard on
ourselves and one another and to look for the,
you know, if you just solve the problem and see the record, the record is a field of
light and love so, and we are learning as human beings individually
and collectively of course, we are learning how to really be comfortable in
an atmosphere that is free of judgment I mean what is that?
I mean it’s so, it’s almost like the gravity’s gone right what do we do now
but that’s really, so what’s available is for me it’s been a very
radical perspective right um sometimes to the point you know where I don’t
trust it I like go into the records I’m like are you sure you know because I want to
insist like wait a second, I did all of this wrong and the records are like, well
y’know there are some consequences there that are uncomfortable but, you know
you really did the best you could, see that can be really
challenging right, so the idea is we begin to see ourselves and the
challenges we face through a lens that is completely loving and accepting, and
that radically alters everything it changes everything
I think so many of us have the idea that the goal you know we’re we’re Americans
we have goals right that the goal of the spiritual journey is to really be in in
harmony, our minds our hearts our will, to be in alignment with the divine all
loving divine now that’s a great idea but the record is the crucible within
which we can really grow into that in very practical terms so that’s
for me that’s the great benefit right – you know what else it used to be so
funny, it’s still funny to me though I have to tell you, you know sometimes I
have questions about all my life, what am I going to do, and that you know life, like you
know and and my friends will say well Linda the answers are within, anybody ever
say that to you? And I’m like I know the answers are in there how do I get to
that! The question is we all know the truth is embedded, you know we’ve been
carrying it in our hearts in our souls for lifetimes we’ve been cultivating and
developing love and wisdom and at some level we know it’s in there but the
challenge is how do I get there so by stepping into this very loving but it’s
that sentimental and gooey I mean it’s really it’s like mature love, it’s
unconditional high regard you know stepping into the sanctuary, the space of
reverence, kindness and respect that is the Akasha, as I step into
that there is, in order for us as human beings to to really let ourselves know
everything we know right to let the truth come into focus
we must feel safe, emotional spiritual safety is required and within that space
once we’re feeling like oh it’s really safe here it’s really good, like
there’s not gonna be any like oh no no spirit guides poking fun at me or
teasing me for being you know for my imperfections it’s just like it’s okay
you’re fine so at that point all the truth that’s within can come into our
awareness and then it becomes applicable like every one of us has within us a
treasury of applicable spiritual wisdom the challenge is how to get I get to it
and let it out and that’s what the record does and it’s interesting in in
my work you know the records don’t do anything to us they’re not intrusive
not invasive right it’s not like the records don’t come in and they don’t
haunt us and they don’t do anything to us it’s a space within which
we can engage to grow into all the wisdom and love that we have been
carrying from lifetimes so that’s how that goes and I have to tell you, Helen I
have to tell you when I first came into the records in 1994 right which was a
while ago but anyway and one of the things that
was brought to my attention very early on in my own practice
was was this idea, the idea was this is an infinite spiritual resource. I thought oh
yeah I know what that is, Helen I had no idea
do you know Here I am you know 20-some years later and I feel like I’m just
learning this just when I think it’s all about that you know I think how I’m done
with that book or I’m done with that project that must be the end of it it
says if the whole thing tilts and an entire vista opens up, because this
is really, when we talk about an infinite spiritual resource the word infinite
well I’ve learned it’s not a joke, it’s real, it’s real, you know I’m working now
in my fourth book I want you to know when I first started I thought if I
could fill up one little spiral notebook with notes then it would be good but
early on I made, I don’t know if I so much made a decision, it’s very
co-creative work in the records right because because in order to be
made real in the world the records need human beings like you and I, so
we have this spiritual infinite spiritual resource partnering
with ordinary human beings and it’s and so it’s co-creative, and I remember
making the note, I thought to myself you know I’m writing like I’m not sure what this is
but I think I’ll just explore it until it runs out, this was really my thinking
and every about every four or five years I think well we’re coming to an end it’s
like no no no we’re just at the beginning. So anyway you know,
no one’s more surprised than I am but I think it’s important to have
appropriate expectations right we understand and thank God in the in the
spiritual movement right now we’re growing in
spiritual maturity so we’re not looking for some, I don’t know some
invisible being to tell us what to do what to think, what to wear, what to eat,
right those days are over thank goodness they were fun, but they’re over, and now
we’re at the point where where we really are in a place of dynamic partnership,
conscious, responsible, deliberate partnership with this presence
right with this presence of infinite light and love. Ahh I love it! I know I do too! What else honey? Well we’re bringing you out in August,
August 10th, 11th, and 12th, to Los Angeles to teach your Discover Your Soul’s Path through the
Akashic records, and that is based on your third book, I brought it with me to show our viewers, this was an amazing book, one of my favorite things in particular is the inner triangle, but I
don’t want to divert it. I want to hear from you – tell us a little bit more about
this class what makes this class different than your others? So I know
right now you have five, and I’m just curious how does this class stand out from the others?
Okay this is fascinating okay here’s here’s the idea –
let me just okay, so my first book How to Read the Akashic Records, it’s about the method it actually is about the record and
how to be in relationship with it, okay the next book is Healing Through the
Records, is about personal healing because, well certainly in my own journey,
I found I could give the greatest method but if I’m personally
all bruised and crying, it’s not gonna be very helpful, so it’s really
about using the record as a resource for personal transformation, excellent so now
we get to the point where the question becomes, how do I maintain my
spiritual awareness and engage in the world, which is a little wacky, it’s kind
of a crazy place, how do I do that how do I live, how can I be authentic, you
see I found in my own journey if there a certain amount of spiritual
healing, I go out into the world and I’m too sensitive,
everything’s upsetting, I don’t want to go to the party, the vibrations, ay yay-yay, life oh I can’t, I can’t go work in the world, well that’s the idea, I
mean really, one of the hallmarks of 21st century spirituality
is that it takes us into life rather than away from it, so my
question is how do I be true to myself which is interesting because I know that’s
your thing, is Just Bee True to You and I’m like yeah, it’s fabulous right
but it’s like how can I just be true to you, how can I do that
and the effect is in the world, how the heck do I do that? So I went into my
records as is my practice, and what’s revealed to me.. first of all, why you know I’m not a visual person, I think I’ve seen about four images in 25 years, I
see this image I’m like centered in this pillar of light at the
core of my being and I see these other pillars surrounding it, I haven’t,
I don’t know what any of this is, and how is this gonna help me
well it turns out that we’re talking about an internal structure of a
five-pointed star that corresponds to concepts, ideas, that are both spiritual
and ordinary, that we must find some harmony with these ideas to be both true
to ourselves and effective in the world now, Helen, I have to tell you, when this
first started coming to me, I had no idea I was so lost and
it took me a few years to work through this okay, so the work that we’re doing
is really about how to find ways how to let go of old ideas and
open up to really embrace new possibilities so that in the present we
are not burdened by things we did a few hundred years
ago, old ideas that really kept our family line alive through difficult
times, all of this is great but for many of us who are embarking and who are
very consciously trying to be in the world as a presence of light, to
really be radiant human beings, we have to find a way to let go and to let go of
the old and step into what’s possible. Now the other thing is that the work of
this class is based on the assumption that all the light of the universe lives
within each and every one of us, so we’re not talking about a light installation
actually in the records they say things to me like, “no dear there’s no need for
that.” Helen or who ever’s in front of me has all the light of the
universe. What our part, so we’re not there’s none of that going on we
don’t a battery jump what we need is the kind
of clean house, so that the light that’s in there can find its way out and
through us, and then we really do shine as stars. What’s really exciting to me, light is both radiant and magnetic, so as the light shines from us
which is just, it’s all the light wants to do, is find its way out and into the
world, as the light shines through us into the world at the same time it’s
magnetic, and so it draws to us everything we need to thrive on our
soul’s path, and that to me is part of the magic, it’s because
life is trying to support us but when we’re, oh I want to say buried, I mean I
speak for myself, buried with old ideas and fears and such, it’s very hard to
receive, so that’s what this is all about, the other thing
that so what’s distinct about this class is
that it enables us to find our own place to stand within, so it’s
really about “Who am I in the world, how do I engage, what is my equilibrium”
because we also do a segment that is one of my favorites and it’s called
Balancing the Triangle based on the idea we all have within us heart, mind, and
will, and part of our responsibility as awakening human beings is to find
our own balance some of us have like very big minds, small wills, bigger hearts,
we all have different, so you know, while it may be
that all of us have the same ingredients we all have our own unique combination and this class is about each and every
student discovering for themselves their own equilibrium, so that they can
continue to be true to who they are while they live in the world, unafraid,
unafraid, and it’s also, it really speaks to the issue of learning
how to be supported by life I’ve often heard, “oh life is trying to
support you,” I’m like I don’t know about that. I didn’t know, you don’t
know what you don’t know, but through this work it’s like, “oh I understand it,”
see when the old ideas are gone then life is like good here come the goodies,
anyway so the work itself I want to be clear though, in this class, it’s
not, we will do, actually our first segment is about the Akashic records,
engaging in the records using the records, ok but it’s a class and then after that, we use the Akashic record, we
employ the Pathway Prayer Process right to make that connection, so the class is
not about the records, the class is about you and who you are and the path you
walk and the opportunities of your life and how you can be true to yourself as
you navigate, because you know life is full of surprises and so how do we do that. So I want to be clear like, so it’s not that we live our lives by the records but we
are inspired and guided through the records to be the best we can be. Yah! Oh Linda I’m excited, and I’m like I’m going to take this class again! I can’t wait I know I can’t wait either! And we’ll have fun, I mean we always have fun because it’s really, what to me the most
fun, well one of the most fun things, in life is to actually be on the
path with fellow travelers.. when we see each other, I mean you and I, just
I mean it’s so moving, it’s like I’m covered with goose bumps I mean
it just is like, “oh my friends!” and that’s what’s so, people who are, people who actually even recognize this class and come to it,
it always is amazing to me it’s like “Oh, it’s you!” It’s like we already
know each other, everyone who comes to this class will be there, I know
certainly your friend might tell you about it, but everyone is there
as the result of an inner prompting of the soul that says, “it’s time for your
next step, and here are your people” Because you know life, we can’t do it
alone life is a WE process. I know we all have
to do our own individual part, but AND we do it together, it’s both. I love that! So just to stay along the lines of
love that prompting from your soul, I’m wondering if you can leave our
viewers with a question that they can ask themselves, so that they can have an
answer that’s revealing about how this class can bring value or be beneficial
for them. Is there a specific question that, maybe they can just ask their soul
or just internally feel into a prompting? Okay, so what I encourage, here’s the
thing, I know that if you are meant to be in this class, there is something within
you that’s giving you a little nudge even as I speak. So I invite you to close
your eyes for a second and go within and just ask yourself, “does this feel
true to me at this point in my life?” “Is this the right time,
the right opportunity for me to become the person I have been longing to be?” And from there you can just open your
eyes and go without your business knowing that for every question we ask
the universe has always got an answer it’s true though, there are no unanswered
questions, I know there’s delays, I understand delays, but really life
is trying to get our attention and bring us, actually make it easy for us to
take our next step, and that’s what, I want to say too, this is always
so interesting to me, I know many, many people who are on the path, very
independent, I know that, very independent because they say to me all the
time because I know, I’m like this too, I’m like, “oh I’ll figure that out, I’ll do it
myself” Do you know what the truth is? Maybe, you probably can do it yourself the question is, why? Why not let yourself
get some support? Why not have a nice time with some other people who are
headed in the same direction? Don’t deprive yourself of this opportunity. While it is true, you know every student who comes to my classes, they
bring their own talent, they bring the talent, they bring the gift, what
they don’t have, what can make a world of difference, is a little
instruction, some good training, some practice, and that’s what we do. I know
the greatest masters of all time were born with their gift, whether it was
Picasso or Michael Jordan, do you see.. Or Chance the Rapper, it doesn’t
matter, they came with the gift, but what they did was they practiced and
they took advantage of teachers and instructors who could guide them so that
everything within could come out in full force and really be the blessing
that it’s meant to be. I’m crying.. I’m like oh god I have to wipe my eyes Ohh, I wish I could give you a hug! But I know..
Well the thing is we know, we know, we can feel it, there’s a
recognition that is inexplicable Ireally don’t know, you know, Helen, in the
ordinary, I think, “why do I love Helen so much?” I don’t know, I mean you’re cool,
you’re wonderful, all that’s true, but there is something greater at work, then
at my conscious mind is like “wow that’s fascinating,
it makes no sense, and yet it’s so real and that’s how the record is, it’s
like that which we know is absolutely real but because our human senses fail
us in the recognition, in the detection of it we pretend it’s not that important,
it doesn’t count, we’ll do it later, and yet it is like, it’s like the magic
ingredient, and I don’t want to say working the records isn’t magic, it’s a
spiritual practice, but what it does is it, it’s like um, it’s like fairy
dust, it brings out the best in everyone and everything and you know what? We are
living in some really wacky times of dramatic and unprecedented change,
and this is a time to reach out and let ourselves be supported by light
that is reliable and honorable and trustworthy and that will support us
without being intrusive or superstitious and that’s what the record
is, so.. Oh, thank you so much! Oh my gosh, I cannot wait til August! I know I can feel it, yes This has been exactly what I wanted to give our
audience, I just wanted people to hear you, to see you, to feel you, and to really
see if this is going to be a class that’s gonna support them, and you’ve
delivered all of that and then some. Oh gosh great, well do you know what else
Helen? I don’t know if you know this but this year, 2018 – this is the only
in-person certification class I’m doing in the States, and so this is,
you know how we say this is the opportunity, this really is the
opportunity, because this is what it is and I think it’s so perfect,
it’s like oh great of course I will come and be with you and come to LA, I love LA!
I’m so excited, I’m like yay LA! If there’s anything that I missed that you wanted to share, that’s a really important note, but if there’s anything else that I.. Oh! Do you
know what I want people to know Helen I think this is really important, I know
sometimes, um here’s the thing, even if you’re brand new to this,
what’s really valuable about the record is that the record will meet us
whether we’re newcomers or really advanced students, and I know we have a
full range, so I don’t want anyone so don’t hesitate even if
you think oh my god it’s, you know I need to practice for two years, no you
don’t just just bring yourself, read the book though, read the book, it’ll make it
so much easier, and then because see the light only reveals to us what we’re
ready to recognize, it never gets so far ahead of us that we freak out
and we’re not, we never leave anyone behind everyone, anybody who shows up will be fine, is what I want you know, but it’s
really no matter what level because that’s the nature of the record okay, and
the other thing is this, sometimes you have a sense like, oh that
really feels right but I don’t want to be the only one in the room who fails,
but see what I know, you know I’ve been teaching for a long time and what I know
is that everyone who feels that in their heart, succeeds. People are prompted to
attend not so that they’ll fail, but so that they can succeed and become the
person they know they are meant to be, so there’s nothing to be afraid of.
Thank you so much, it was such a beautiful time, I can’t wait to share it with everyone! Alright, so stay tuned we’re gonna share the details of this class, it’s
going to be at the Westin in LAX, August 10th 11th and 12th, we’ll share more
details along with this video, and we look forward to seeing you all in August!

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  1. ••i Love these beautiful, grounded explanations of the Akashic Records, Thankyou!
    I love how the Divine views our successes&failures as of equal importance, expansion💜

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