Hearthstone Animated Short: Hearth and Home

Hearthstone Animated Short: Hearth and Home

Hey, check it out. Hey, hey. Looky ‘ear. What’s dat?
Oh… ‘ear we go again! My Turn, my turn.
Time for you to graze. Nicely done. Welcome!
Come warm your frozen boots by the fire. Uh… Sure. Wha… Where am I? Where are you? Where are you? -Where are you?
-Where are you? Where are you? Where are you? Well, there’s a place And there’s a time Well met! When the magic of the board becomes alive You’re next! And you’ll have all that you can do
just to survive Before an Orc
or Ogre tries to take your hide. But fear not, don’t you know
A hero lies inside of you In time you’ll see it’s true From taverns here in Azeroth To inns in distant lands far off Stonebrew will spin a tale Or two -So, shed your cares
-Are you worried? -And just relax
-Here have a seat. Don’t you fret about the monster
with the axe He’ll soon be beat. -You’ll need some cards
-Here ya go! -Come follow me
-Time to compete! Play this or that
and you will bring’em to his knees. Now on your feet. Still if you’re not sure,
just where you are Well, let us, make it clear for you This is a place, that magic has graced And it’s, calling out for you! To come play Hearthstone Where big or small it doesn’t matter Hearthstone The tavern’s always filled with laughter Hearthstone At firesides where heroes gather Hearthstone is home Hearthstone Where duels are waged inside of dungeons Hearthstone Where fights are fair, no stomp’n bunions Hearthstone For the young at heart,
and a few curmudgeons Hearthstone is home -So, sheathe your sword
-Put it away! -…and prep your deck.
I think he’s going to smash you Summon creatures, command heroes,
protect your neck -O’Maybe he’ll just slash you
-If ye seek fun -What fun!
-Or just respect And, I think it’s worth repeat’n Expect the battles, beasts,
and brawls to be the best Gets better every season! And once you’ve won, you’ll final come To learn that sometimes random fun Deserves at least a turn or two So, face your fears and clear your ears Of everyone that’s jeering here -Rise, and do what you must do
-That’s epic Actually… It’s legendary. Hearthstone For those who are brave and seek adventure Hearthstone The tavern’s always at its center -Hearthstone
-I knew you’d get it! For the dim of wit, or really clever! -Hearthstone is home
-You’re up next! Hearthstone I think he’s really going to smite you. Hearthstone Pray to your God he doesn’t bite you. Hearthstone -You must think really quick
-The rope is lit -Make him submit
-Commit to it The time is right now Ah, ah! Play nice. Hearthstone is home Oh yeah. I sound great.

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  1. They made one of the guys in the hobbit an unexpected journey look just like harth stone brew ,think that’s his name

  2. Is this that song what's his name came up with for the WOW song contest? ya know before Warchieftain became a thing.

  3. I wish actually playing the game felt this light-hearted and carefree instead of swifting between unfiltered rage and triumphant sadism

  4. They didn't actually answer her question though. Just kept insisting that she was "home". That poor girl is never allowed to leave that tavern, is she? Are ANY of them?

  5. Maybe Blizz should invest in an 3D animated seris of WOW!, something like how Dramworks did with How to train your dragon.

  6. After watching Goblin Slayer I feel uneasy seeing one getting anywhere close to the little girl.

    local girl missing for 7 days
    parents fear the worst
    search parties' only lead is a strange looking card found in the forest

  8. Tbh I hated the animation at first but then I realized I was being a Beta male and now it’s starting to grow on me

  9. No one:
    Absolutely no one at all:
    No player, beginner or advanced:
    Noobs: greetings greetings greetings greetings greetings greetings greetings greetings greetings greetings greetings greetings greetings greetings

  10. Why is Blizzard trying to be Disney? Wont get you money. Try catering to your target market who supported you for decades.

  11. This is the 5th or 6th time I have watched this clip in the past 24 hours. I think I can safely say that I am addicted.

  12. Why is the dwarf so tall..its like human size until the end where its a bit shorter..just noticed that now. I mean rly in the beginning its giant size.

  13. Ah now a worthy ad, I gotta say blizzard makes some of the best game trailer ads I've ever seen beside battlefield and halo and also overwatch

  14. Shadman led me here. Yes. Definitely worth it, even if it does look as though it was directed by a top Disney choreographer.

  15. if they released this like 2 months before, it would have been a great joke for people to think Knights of the frozen throne was coming at the start with all the snow

  16. I feel like this should be the new opening for the game when u first start……its so good……that and they should come out with a series even if every episode is 10-15 minutes long…..it'd be great

  17. Every time I load up hearthstone I think about this and I pretend I sit down with some ale and play someone. It makes me happy.

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