Halo: The Lost Wolves | EP.0 | Halo Reach Animated Fan Series

Halo: The Lost Wolves | EP.0 | Halo Reach Animated Fan Series

contact with busy grant relay was lost
last night all signals flatline to 2,600 hours. Sir why would the Rebels want to cut off Reach from the rest off the colonies? I’m sorry Why would you be? government are on reach knowledge them
here number one it’s the winter contingency point force it’s an invading
on no need myself included who believe the Covenant dispatch elite advance
teams to hunt down artifacts of value to their religion Priority One you don’t have to find out on your own take it lieutenant
she has made her choice Emma Oh this this doesn’t make any sense
they should Jenna team it’s team leader Sam do you
copy anyone aboard the UNSC Polaris does
anyone read Glenn what’s your location hang tight making my way there now
something about this isn’t right there’s no plasma anywhere no covenant
no signs of external damage. The Covies are skipping this site like they’ve
already been here the Covenant didn’t crash bellarius I can’t wrap my head
around that now first priority fine jet accompany Glenn I’m in the hangar where
are you I’m here Glenn Glenn Sam over here bitch your vitals you’ve lost a lot of blood
lay back remember let’s get some med bay there will be something there some SAP
what happens I I don’t know I can’t remember not important right now
we need to get you patched up find the rest of Jetta my radar no look again that’s not a friendly I’m out do you have a gun just get out
of here Sam like hell I will this is going to have to do Oh you want him you gotta kill me first I never realized how stupid you guys
sound have that back you’re pissed start show
yeah well I’m pissed too oh alright I got places to be come on
right here Glen shit
good come on let’s get you fixed up Lord the planet has been cleansed of its
film where would you have me go next let us still appeared working I see dig him
out and finish the job this one is not to be underestimated
when your kid it will be done he carries an item a blue case bring it back
unharmed you

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  1. I’m hooked. Officially hooked.
    Animation was a bit rough in a few places, but considering this is animated by one guy (and probably in little time), this is beautiful.

  2. This animation was great. I’m really digging the story so far. My only criticisms are small portions of the sound design and some animations. The running animation especially looked really strange. The hunter fight was really good, but the hunter didn’t feel very heavy. It made few loud footstep sounds, and when Sam was being hit by its shield, it didn’t sound very heavy. Also, when the hunter went down, there was no sound, there should have been a loud thud.

  3. Looks great except for the animations, I don't feel like I'm watching trained soldiers it's more like I'm watching a Gmod character run around since their arms sit close to their side and clip constantly

  4. I wish he wasn’t so talkative and the animation feels like nothing has any weight to it. Other than that, good first episode and I am exited for episode 2!

  5. Probably the only gripe I have with this ep is how odd the character movements are, especially the running. Other than that though, this was spectacular! A must watch for Halo fans

  6. Production quality is top notch and you nailed it on every technical level. Only critique I could give is the writing on the Spartan characters. They behave more like Spartan IVs or Marines/ODSTs to me. If that's the style you wanna go with go for it my dude, but if you wanna be more reflective of the Spartan IIIs in universe I'd review the ones on display in Ghosts of Onyx or reference Noble Team from the campaign. Again, excellent work my dude 👌

  7. I wonder how the story would’ve been if Chief was in reach with noble 6 I know chief is a badass so maby the story could’ve been different

  8. Great premiere my dudes! I like it all. Well done on using Reach soundtrack especially the use of Last minute of The Package in the covenant scene! I’m hooked you guys can’t stop

  9. Too much dialogue and emotional reactions, saying that,your keeping the universe alive and that's important we need more from halo,there's so much to tap into, I personally would like to see more gritty honest creations,shorts where the humans fail,where we out smart the covenant, civilian perspectives, soldiers fighting tooth and nail using anything they have no evac available for days,they do well in the books but some of it is too clean sometimes but I loved most of them none the less,
    So fair play to you man but my advice would be not to forget what these people are doing and going through on a daily basis,they live death every day,only speak when it's necessary really or for much needed moral support,look at how many times chief spoke and how do we love the Spartan 2's ! Again thank you we need your dedication and support in this community halo inspired me and somehow helped me through school and tough times where I could just immerse myself in being the underdog fighting for something bigger than myself,all greatness comes from that really look at any non-fictional hero in our past nor present they gave themselves fully too a Vision bigge than themselves!

  10. I did a little looking around but can not find an answer. Why don't all the covenant have rechargeable shields like elites do? I can only assume the reason is for gameplay alone, but is there a lore reason why they all don't have rechargeable shields?

  11. 9.9/10
    Only problem is the animation was a quite wonky. Other than the Spartan taking a bit to much, it's perfect. Keep it up Chris ^^.

  12. Some of the highest quality artistic expression that's come out of the Halo Community since Halo 3. The animation, lighting, shot composition, etc was fantastic. That being said, the writing was definitely it's weakest point, and I know how hard it is to get voices to match their position in a room, but you did a decent job there as well. Could be better, but decent. All things considered I'm excited to see where this leads. Keep up the impressive work. Get hired.

  13. This is red vs blue quality credit to all who made this amazing series I'm hooked already such a good spot to have a story

  14. Dude, that was an amazing pilot. Honestly i would love to see your version on the fate of Noble 6 at stone point that would be awesome!

  15. I'm impressed with the quality but theres alot of inaccuracies. You kinda dumbed down the Spartans like they're ODSTs or infantry. Spartans are aware of the mission and the cost and they're very tactical in mindset. So number one MJOLNIR keeps track of the vitals of the Spartan. So they themself would know what was wrong with them and in has built in counter measures. So where you're saying he has blood lose that wouldn't be a thing the armors internal systems would've read his vitals applied antiseptic and patched his wound with bio foam to clot it. An people really underestimate Spartan Armor because even without sheilds the armor is battle ship rated. When Red team came outta free fall over Reach falling through the atmosphere with no parachute they either died of sustained broken bones but there was no in between. If anything since Glen was pinned under heavy rubble maybe his armor would go into lock down mode. This is what we see happen to cheif in Halo 3. Also my other problem there's no way an enemy would get the jump on him unless he wasnt paying attention. But we see that's not the case because he knew before Glen knew. The armor functions on motion tracking so anything that moves is pinged red and friendly tags are marked green or yellow identified by UNSC ID chips built into even standard infantry armor. Also the dialogue is poorly written for the Elite Captian. He needs to speak with more authority and religious conviction. Elites always finish by saying something like "Glory to the Prophets" or "Behold Brothers the Holy Journey is Upon us!!!" They also probably would've called the case an Icon, false idol, or Hersey in some form.

  16. 9/10! given the sparce resources you had compared to Hollywood types or an actually company it was incredible, the only true criticism I have was the writing behind the dialogue/personality of the Spartan. It felt less like a Spartan and more like a pg13 version of Deadpool was inside that mjolnir armor. Now this isn't too out there for a Spartan 3 to be somewhat like this but a leader of a spartan team being like this feels a bit of a stretch, otherwise fantastic job can't wait to watch the rest of this religiously!

  17. Loved it, some of the animation was a little off, but most of all, like all things halo, this didn't seem to take much into account that spartans weigh like 800-1000 pounds.

  18. Honestly the writing is weak, the animation looked cool aside from a few moments that looked really awkward to watch. The dialogue felt unnatural and forced, too much tell and not enough show. The scene where Sam ran out of ammo didnt need all the talking it had. A simple fix could be to just have Sam empty his clip, have the gun dry fire a bit and him look around for a weapon without having to walk the audience through his thought process. Spartans are the equivalent to Navy Seals, they are special warfare operatives. They would carry themselves with more composure. Maybe get an armed forces expert on your team to advise on what's more authentic.

    The fight choreography doesn't flow, the pacing takes me out of the scene. Again there really doesn't need to be that much talking, there are other ways to fill the silence like simply focusing on the music and the sound effects.

    This was very visually pleasing, the camera angles were good aside from a few moments in the fight scene.

    This is just an opinion from a random dude on the internet. Take it with a grain of salt.

  19. I love this so much!!!
    The only thing that struck me was the animation sometimes but im sure it will be fine. Awsome work! Cant wait to see more

  20. I thought it was a bit weird to see a sole hunter, but I'm just going to assume it's partner died off somehow. Besides that, epic!

  21. Good stuff bro keep up the good work I was in my phone gulled to this video I watched it like 7 Time’s and still can’t believe what I was watching continue the series pls 😍😍😍😍😍

  22. Wow that was awesome!! People give it crap cause they hate on your channel but I'll give credit where it is do. Amazing work I enjoyed alot

  23. This was really good, the only quip that I'm going to make though is about the audio.

    If you added even just a little bit of ambient noise, it would make it much much better. There are too many gaps in between the voice lines.

    Otherwise, absolutely fantastic job.

    Please keep making these.

  24. Voice acting is great. The lighting is done pretty well, some parts were very dark though. If I had to heavily criticize anything would be the animation. Like in the beginning when he looked up at the ships and his torso was forward but his right arm looked dislocated. When Sam was running to Glenn, that didn't look like a run of urgency. The fight scene was done well. So far for the pilot I would like to see more. Just need to work on that animation and a bit of the camera work. Overall nice job for all that are involved.

  25. Huh… Not bad! Of course it's a bit cheesy, but for a fan film it's pretty damn good 👍
    I also find it funny that this CGI is a higher production value than RvB's last few seasons 😂

  26. Almost everything was great the only things that stood out was the clunky running and the music was to loud over the dialogue.

  27. This was absolutely phenomenal. Amazing work! I can't wait to see more!

    Incredibly insane after reading the description as well. You only started animating this on January??? That's insane!

  28. This… this is everything I want from a fan animation. The animation, the script, the characters and choreography, it's all so good and it feels exactly like Halo. Despite being so short, it felt so much like a masterpiece and..yeah, I'm lost for words.
    A few things felt like they should be out of place, but I couldn't care less because of how rare something like this is. I just hope that the rest of the series is as good as this, because I'm tired of waiting for the Darth Vader fan series to keep going.

  29. It's awesome…wow I can't believe halo is still in the game ..well that is one of the best SciFi type games…btw nice animation and stuff just superb work

  30. God, it was like watching actual cutscenes from the game, I fucking loved it!
    The voice acting was superb, as was the animation. Can't wait to see more

  31. Criticism with the animation, it was a little over animated at times, but other than that it was smooth and well made.

    The dialogue however, is what pulls me away from the episode, these don't seem like Spartans to me at all. There's too much talking, and when there is talking, the dialogue just isn't written very well.

    Hope to see improvement in whatever comes next, I always love Halo content.

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