Halloween Cartoons (Free TV) Educational Videos for Students (Watch Cartoons Online)

Halloween Cartoons (Free TV) Educational Videos for Students (Watch Cartoons Online)

Halloween Cartoons,Free TV,Educational Videos for Students,Watch Cartoons Online,Halloween Costumes,Halloween Cartoon, How to Make Halloween Costumes,halloween witch,halloween games,homemade halloween costumes,Cartoons Online,CN,Cartoon Network,Disney Channel,Nickelodeon,Nick Jr,Disney Junior,ABC Family Hey my name is Jo and thanks for stopping
by to talk to you about the celebration of Halloween. Here at Fresberg, not only do we
like to have fun with our cartoons celebrating holidays like this, but we also love making
educational videos for students and families just like you. Right now I want to talk to
you about the history of Halloween and where it all got started. The word Halloween is
a shortening of All Hallows’ Evening. When you look at history and how we celebrate Halloween
here in the United States it is much different than in the ancient past. For example in Celtic
history they believed that with the change between fall and winter, Halloween was the
beginning of harvest season. So as the seasons changed they also believed on October 31,
a bridge between the worlds of the living and the dead crossed and people who died would
come back to life and bring sickness or damaged crops. Another cool thing about this celebration
is they set bonfires. The reason that they set bonfires was to attract insects. This
made bats come from everywhere to eat the insects which helped to keep the crops healthy.
Now of course fast forwarding to the present you can’t go into a store in America this
time of year without send things like Halloween costumes and bags of candy for trick or treating.
But this started a long time ago resembling the late medieval practice of “souling,” when
poor people would go door to door on Hallowmas on November 1st, receiving food in return
for prayers for the dead on All Souls Day which it’s celebrated on November 2nd. Even
Shakespeare mentions the practice in his comedy The Two Gentlemen of Verona (1593), when Speed
accuses his master of whining, like a beggar at Hallowmas.” So there you have it with a
little history about Halloween and where it all started. I hope you enjoyed that and for
me and the rest of my friends here at Fresberg we want to wish you a happy, and make sure
you have a safe Halloween. Take it easy and I’ll see you next time.

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