Halloween Candy Hacks

Halloween Candy Hacks

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  1. I love how all the comments are about the old and new gmm ? at least they listened and now it’s only 1 episode

  2. funny how all i see is 10 year olds reacting 11 months ago to something that happened a year ago. don't see anyone complaining in the new vids. or anyone complaining here recently. if you're actually a fan of GMM you'll support them, 3-4 vids of content is way more impressions/$$$ for them, and their hard work on the channel, but y'all too lazy to click the next video or something? I discovered them post new-format and I like the new-format, it's easier to digest, the videos are exactly what they say they are, it's made me a fan. Y'all whiny though

  3. The main reason I didn't like the new format was all of the celebrity episodes and the amount of episodes that weren't the "sit down" ones like we're used to. It just felt super staged, and the main reason we watch is for their personalities which weren't there

  4. Just started watching GMM in the last month or so and i don’t understand what “format” y’all are talking about ?? I just watch them all one after another , however they are suggested to me ?

  5. I had a decently severe self mutilation relapse just a few hours prior to watching this and I’m incredibly upset by the RAZOR BLADE in this video. Good mythical crew, please try to make these videos more sensitive. I watch these videos specifically to calm down.

  6. 1) I do l?ve candy corn and yes, am very weird! 2) I don't warm up my candy by sitting on them or back pocket, I tuck them into my bra and let the "ladies" warm them up lol and 3) I need to try some of these!!! ?❤

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