Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop – Hawkeye Disney Plus

Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop – Hawkeye Disney Plus

So Hailee Steinfeld has been “offered” the role of Kate Bishop in the Disney+ Hawkeye series…

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  1. Wow this worked SO great in the comics lol idk why marvel insists on lighting themselves on fire AGAIN

    Marvel is suicidal : CHANGE MY MIND

  2. I think all those Disney+ shows will be way worse than you think, also they will not be as popular as you think, at least worldwide.
    For starters there is a world outside of US, you know? In whole Asia (China!), Russia, a lot of Europe and many other parts of the world this leftie diversity is countereffective.
    Also forced diversity worked so well for Disney in the past (looking at you Starwars)…
    From all those comming shows only one that is kinda exciting is Falcon and Winter soldier (btw, would be nice if Disney included Warmachine in that). That one should be epionage/war story with mandatory R-rating, but unfortunately it wont. I am afraid it will be another PG13 bloodless GI.JOE-like crapfest. Beacuse there is no place for violence and blood in a show about 2 ex-spec ops soldiers…

  3. Hello Grace! I am a PURE Filipino and I watch your videos regularly. Thank you for mentioning that she is part Filipino, makes me feel so proud that a Filipina can possibly be part of the MCU! Cheers to your videos ❤️

  4. Hailee Steinfeld’s, box office is great, her last movies Bumblebee was almost half a billion dollars. Spiderverse was over 300 million dollars. Not counting the Pitch perfect franchise also closing on half a billion dollars. Math says otherwise in context. Have a feeling Hailee will do triple duty in MCU, Transformers, and Spider verse. Will not be surprise if she will be offered another lead role in MCU ala Gemma Chan in Eternals.

  5. Grace continuing to blame actors for poor box office performance 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    Grace, no one watched movies for actors anymore with the exception of DiCaprio

  6. Timothée Chalamet probably wont play Wicken, he's playing Paul Atreides in the new Dune movie franchise and will most probably become synonymous with the character

  7. Grace, relax, it's Hawkeye it's not that wonderful! And no, calling the REAL THOR "Odinson" because that moron aaron took his fucking name and gave it to jane foster WAS NOT OKAY!!!

  8. So Hollywood will be forced to hire the rest of the actors who never get a call back. Hell, they might even turn to actors of color, imagine that.

  9. Hailee Steinfeld's African American ancestry is really thin – her maternal grand-father being half black doesn't stamp her African American card at all.

  10. Excuse me grace, but NOT as good? It is not the women fault that males standards are use for what is GOOD. They are excellent and it is about time the MALE way of seeing things conform to the FEMALE definition of what is good.

  11. Honestly, I think Wiccan and Speed might not have any magical upbringing. It would be a little too much, even for the current level of weirdness the MCU is currently at. I think they're just gonna be related to Wanda (like cousins or something) and because of her reality warping they might get their powers and become her protegés. That's the way I would probably go about it.

  12. Hailee Steinfeld does not ✔ the "diversity box" as far as People of Colour are concerned, maybe for white executives in Hollywood and critics like yourself, but not for us. Yes she is 1/8 Filipinx and 1/8 African American, but she not only passes for white but every role she has played including "Dickinson" has been a white character and Kate Bishop is a white character as well so to proclaim that this is a diversity hire is disingenuous and misleading if that's what the MCU honchos think. She is viewed in Hollywood as a white actor and it's a major reason why she has headlined several Hollywood-backed movies.

  13. Just a side note, Steinfeld played the daughter of Ruffalo in the movie Begin again. Would not be suprised
    if they meet again in a Avenger movie.

  14. for some reason i NEED Timotee Chalamet to be gay. i dont know why but i just want him to be gay so bad. i mean, at least let him recognize as bi or pan and just date girls if he must, but i need him to be part of our community!

  15. Had to stop you there, Grace. If ANYONE legit thought Haley Steinfeld was anything other than white, I'd say they were lying. I'd have to see some paperwork before I believe that

  16. Am I the only person whose totally disinterested in Hawkeye? Why can’t we have original strong female characters, must we just have female versions of already established male characters? When Marvel has finally introduced space and magic, do we really want James Bond crap and police procedurals made for kids?

  17. Good! You need someone in there who can act with the big boys….

    …and in 'big boys' I mean actors AND actresses…just saying

  18. I'm pretty sure next to noone is going to be watching the hawkeye series going 'yeaaah! She's half filipino half black! Therefore I like her way more! Representation!'

  19. How has she been struggling!? She has been in good films and does well in all of them. She is also a Pop Star. I don't know what you have against her.

  20. Also, maybe if the rest of the other Transformer Films were not complete garbage, the brand would have kept on being strong. I went to see it because Travis Knight was directing. General movie goers don't really know him or his work. Still made a good chunk of change.

  21. Hailee Steinfield is a good actor and should do well playing Kate Bishop. I do agreed with you %100 on her track records as just okay in box office success. Maybe it's her demeanor or personality as an actor that holding her back as an bigger box office draw and I'm sure she a fine person overall. You doing a great job Grace on reviewing some of my favorite MCU movies and characters.

  22. 'Hailee Steinfeld is part Filipino and part african-american which checks that DIVERSITY BOX???' Grace girl NOOOOOOOOOOO, I love your channel but that statement was high-key offensive – the Asian and Black community is NOT turning to Hailee Steinfeld for representation just because she's 1/20th black or whatever – also representation in film is more than just a box to tick, I get where you're coming from but that statement was in poor taste smh.

  23. Hailee is hot, but I can't see this show being popular. Not sure if that matters much on streaming, because there is no ad revenue.

  24. You say she wasnt able to save transformers box office wise . I think that was more so a reflection of how people received the Michael bay transformers .

  25. Am I the only one who is thinking this Hailee Steinfeld is a bad idea? Sure Jessica Jones cast like this but Ritter I find WAYYYYY MORE LIKABLE!!

  26. "she's been struggling" ?????? she's had a bunch of hits with her music and had the lead role in bumblebee, edge of seventeen, had a leading role in pitch perfect. pretty darn good for someone who is only 22

  27. Loving this casting for the new Hawkeye. I really hope the show avoids any of the pitfalls of the comic and that it does better than the Hawkeye comic sales. Looking forward to this show. Hopefully the financial issues Disney is having won't interfere with the Marvel Shows.

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