Gurkha Movie | Full Comedy Scene | Part 1 | Yogi Babu | Elyssa | Charle | Anandaraj | Ravi Mariya

Gurkha Movie | Full Comedy Scene | Part 1 | Yogi Babu | Elyssa | Charle | Anandaraj | Ravi Mariya

Hey, give me. I want to apply tilak
to my grandchild. Stay blessed, Bahadur Babu. Dancing in the night! Wait.
You… – Hey!
– Who is that? What’s that dance now? Shouldn’t we sleep peacefully
in the night? Hey, aren’t we going around throughout
the year for you to sleep peacefully? – We’ll leave after fifteen minutes.
– What! fifteen minutes? Hey, blow the whistle in the night,
take the money we give on festivals, …and shut your trap. Instead, if you dance here,
you’ll be spared. Sir, this struggle is for
the sake of your family. The whole area is covered with CCTV. No job for you, here. When did you buy the CCTV cameras? You came here for money
to survive the drought. Whom are you calling a beggar? Hey, leave me He is a liquor-seller-turned-politician His children don’t resemble him Ask him about that
Why do you catch me? No He has left. Then, why are you holding me?
Take off your hand I couldn’t do anything
as eight people hold me. If only four of you hold me,
I would’ve undressed him. – Only four of us hold you.
– Shut up. Who are they going
without the number plate? Yes Babu, they look new. Will you make them old
by scraping on the floor? Hit you. (A musical line from the
film, ‘Mutamestri’) Babu, the vehicle without
the number plate is halted here. – Wait, I’ll see.
– That bike seems to be familiar. – Don’t do anything.
– Don’t shout. Leave me and my family. Come inside Leave us Take out everything. Remove and give. Hurry up. Remove it. Dad! Dad! – Mom!
– Don’t talk Sir, I’ve given you
everything you asked for. Leave my daughter. – No
– Don’t do anything Leave her Please don’t Please Leave her, sir. No! Don’t do Hey, women are the eyes of a nation. How is it? Why are you shouting? Who switched off the power? – Lock them in a room.
– Hey, leave my daughter. If you don’t come out,
I’ll kill him. Where are you? I’m here. If you’ve courage,
come before of me. Hey goof, only if you get up,
I too can. – What are you blabbering?
– When did I blabber? Turn aside. Is this a face and it needs
a mask too? Hit him. Where to bite? Get up. Sorry, sir. Forgive me. I bad mouthed not knowing
about you. – Have it for expenses.
– No, sir. Demonetisation will come at any time. No need of money. Respect is enough. – Greetings, sir!
– Okay, sir. See, good people they’re. I misunderstood and yelled at them. Okay. 1200 Be careful. 1400 Yeah, well. A group of ten people,
having tremendous experience… …from our department has finished
this operation. Brother, it’s true, right? We’ve saved you.
Didn’t we? Tell them. – Gurkha!
– Pickle? As he was hit severely in the mouth,
his nerves become numb… …so asking for pickle. First, we’ll buy for him and speak. Will my photos be published
in tomorrow’s daily? – Yes, sir.
– Good. That’s why. Take a photo. Before that, a small information. You might’ve a doubt as
what to state in the headlines. Like ‘Dheeran-chapter one’
for actor Karthi, My name is Harris. Just write as ‘Harris – chapter one’. Okay? Don’t stand stiff. Stand like you got hit. Look there. Emotion grilled. Japan lal! Posting on twitter is done by one
and tent is to another. What’s that tent mean? I wish to be a Policeman
for past eight years. As I didn’t accept to have a haircut,
they rejected me. This year, I’ll take rigorous training
and make them wonder at me. – Babu!
– What crazy granny? Babu Have you slipped? I’m coming, wait. – Hey lal…
– Come on. Take left, then right
and go straight. – There comes my house.
– I know the way to your house. I know that you know. This is the movie, ‘singam-3’ style. Come soon. Come on. I’ll come. Please hang your grandpa photo. I’ll get a hammer. Why do we need a hammer? I’ll do it. Wait. Leave me What? Ashaming the phone of grandpa
is like ashaming him. When he was alive you killed him
with this cell phone, right? If I’ve to save this country,
then I should become a policeman. Go and get me salad. 100 Atharvaa Just now you ate biryani, isn’t it? ‘Twinkle twinkle little star
I must wear a police star’ (Song from ‘Singam’) Here is the vegetable salad. What’s this? It’s shaking.
Let me use grandpa’s cell for this. Hey! Why do you keep the phone down? I’ll keep your mom’s phone too. Come here. Stand up. I ate briyani.
I can’t bend.. – Please step up.
– How can I step up? How many times you might’ve
stepped on my grandpa’s neck? Can’t you step up? Give your hand for a support. – What are you going to do?
– I’m going to save our country. – Bless me.
– Good, go ahead. Hail goddess! – Sir,
– Okay! Guys, I can see a doubt
in all your eyes. He is calling for training
in the night… …is he checking whether
we booze or not, isn’t it? The reason I selected night
instead of day, is the sun. It’ll waste our energy on the whole. So, I choose night. Have you been to chicken tandoori shop? The flesh will be pierced
in the grill and set on fire. The chicken flesh
will be burnt stiffly. You must be like that. Superb! Mr.Trishakumar,
buy quarter tandoori for each. Well done, Harris. Okay, sir – Who called me?
– Weel done Sir! Mr.Harris Jeyaraj, you’re imparting
training even in the night. – I’m very proud of you.
– Yes, sir. Good boy. – With your pleasure.
– Okay. Sir, IG came in uniform? Nonsense. Do you want him to come nude? – Leave it
– Idiot. It’s great of him
to visit the training place. And coming with uniform
is more great. And the honour is he came
with the medal which weighs half a kilo. Instead you’re asking
why did he wear the uniform? – Fool.
– Okay sir – Sir!
– Yes, sir. Why are you shouting at him? – What he says is right.
– What’s that he said is right? I asked the launderer SI uniform and
gave two thousand rupees. As he don’t have balance,
he gave me IG uniform. And moreover,
he gave me a medal too. Now, was it the mistake
of the one who gave the medal… …or it’s the mistake of the guy
who questioned it… …or it’s the mistake of mine
who wore it… …or it’s the mistake of you
talking like a goof. That’s it. It’s my mistake. How? Though your tress is like
a dense forest, I believed you to be an IG. That’s my mistake. Guys, have you seen
the world’s No.1 fool? – Who is that?
– It’s him. Take a selfie. Guys, have you seen
the world’s No.2 fool? That’s is Harris. – Get out.
– Shut up. I’ll wear this attire. My pant is torn Go
Who allowed him inside? What’s the wrong I did? I wore the dress
which will be mine in future. Who are they? Looks like circus people
are in the ground. Hey, stop.
Listen to me. Dude, you shouldn’t do like that.
The intestines might spill. Listen to me.
Won’t you listen? Now, fight with me.
They came. Sir, your dog came. – What did you say?
– The dog came. Don’t say as dog. It’s name is ‘Undertaker’. Why did you name it as ‘undertaker’? That’s a good question. The reason behind
the name ‘Undertaker’ is? You know, Pedigree? Pedigree means? The dog’s food. The pedigree,
dog’s food which I feed it. But, it left that and
took away the flesh. Which one? Oh, no! It seems I need to explain
you everything in detail. It took away the secrecy. The secrecy, means? It took away the underneath. Underneath? It’s very dangerous. But, he is the only winner! My lion will come pushing
all the dogs back. Donkeys were made to
participate in dog’s competition. Yes, sir. It hops only three feet? It’s a dog and a trainer
who is paid for it. Funny! It hops four feet, sir. Four feet? Why are you wondering
just for it? Might be, sir. Our dog, undertaker will hop
above my head. – It’ll enter the IG Office.
– Super, sir! Watch, how it jumps now. Come on, my dear. My pearl! Right. – Take my BP tablet.
– Have it Yeah. Sir, are you taking tablet
fearing your dog might lose? It’s common to get
blood pressure out of tension. Sometimes, the BP will raise in
happiness which may lead to stroke. My undertaker will give
that happiness now. Is it, sir? Come on… He’ll jump upto eight feet. Come on… Come on…
That’s it. Hey undertaker, what are you doing? Undertaker, you fool. Sir he is not jumping.
looks like he is lazy. Sir, your undertaker has
gone down. BP tablet, please. Has he played the beacon
in the temple festival? Hey… Damn. – Who are you?
– Go away. Hey, you dare to say me as unfit. I’ll tear your mouth. Hey, you… Go…
It’s right. Sir, it looks like the town bus gear. Sir, is it first gear? You fool. Where are you protruding? Unfit Others are doing as they wish. I’m doing right. Are you protruding before me? I’ll fix it on your back. Oh! Mr. Karamadai Ranganathan, just watch how is he going
to capture the bomb now. Even the person who placed
the bomb might forget. But, my undertaker will
take it perfectly. Look, how is he writhing. See Hey, where are you taking me? That side. Why are you going
towards the bag? Sir, when asked to take the bomb,
it’s taking biscuit. He fell for biscuits, sir. Hit him. Jump. Good. Very good. Why are they jumping to irritate him? Rascals! Very good.
Ready. I will get his appreciation First, let me take this. Hold it, sir. Take it, sir. Either you must put this rods to crap
or give it to the owner. Instead, they’re jumping over.
And you too watching it. It’s not right, sir. You aren’t right. Totally unfit. Put this to crap
and you’ll get Rs.500 – Take that money and go somewhere.
– Why, sir? – Get lost.
– Sir! – Go…
– Sir, I’m saying for your good. (A musical line from the film,
‘Kalluri Vaasal’) Are you using your tress as pillow? (A musical line from the film,
‘Enga Ooru Kavalkaranl’) (A musical line from the film,
‘Oru Thayin Sabatham’) – Cheers.
– How are you, sir? (A musical line from the film,
‘Jayam’) Hi, what’s the name of this? Pushing, sir. Pushing? Where it’s taught like this? My own concept, sir. It’ll be developed if sold out. Good. How much is the fee including tax? No fee, sir. It’s free. Will you come to the ground? No, sir.
I’ll not come. Why do you struggle yourself?
Use the ladder, instead. See, are they heeding? – Hey, didn’t you go for the film?
– Sorry, sir. Hey, look here. It’s the final test. I’ll forgive everything. Don’t spit on me, sir. Here is a rope. There are three ropes here, sir. – Hey, it’s one for you.
– Okay, sir. Just climb four feet. I must faint in that happiness. And I should give you the appointment. Will you give the appointment now? The word is word. I’ll give you the appointment order
and I’ll resign the job. – Sir!
– Tell me. – Tell me exactly.
– I’m saying it exactly. That is, I should climb, And you should faint in shock. The next moment I fell, Appointment for you
and resignation for me. – If you fell down, you’ll resign.
– Sure? – Sure?
– Sure. Then, be ready with
the appointment, sir. Sir, eighty percent is good for me.
Is it okay for you? You can say about my performance. Basically, I’m a sports person. Running Jumping, Shot put – On the whole?
– Yes, sir. Just null. That means? Only buff. On the whole,
You are unfit. Can’t you understand? Both of you are the same. Are you conjoining me with the dog? That’s only here. Else, I’ll conjoin you with some other. Understood? Sir, what to do with this dog? Let the dog to go free. Let it die, somewhere. Let this ghost to go free. Let it hang, somewhere. Sir… Leave it, sir. Look. Someday you’ll come in search of me. Yeah, for the case of drugs,
theft, an oldey’s murder… I’ll come to get caught of you
in all these cases. Then, I’ll be in a higher stance
and you’ll be lower to me. Think well. You’ll be standing before me
with folded hands. – Me!
– Yes, sir. Folded hands? Yes, sir. He spilled acid on my face. Unfit! How did it came? Just now I’ve thrown it. Get lost. How it came again? I hate you. Was it the soul of grandpa? Come out. Is it your work? Come here. Oh, is it you? Why are you staring? You would’ve been selected
if done this in the training. Okay, leave it. You wish to be the police dog. I wish to be the policeman. Our physique is not cooperating
like our mind. You’re more lazy than me. He calls you by some name. “Undertaker” Right? He humiliated me. At the moment of tension,
Chinese will do a thing. ‘Power nap’. Sleeping for fifteen minutes. Relaxing the mind. Okay? One…two… What’s this! It slept when saying two. Okay, good night. Who put this paper? He looks like a cockroach
wearing the frock. ‘Shaktimaan Security Service’ Need men for work. We need youngsters with
good physique, energetic and strong mind. Your’s Kavarimaan. Undertaker,
I’ll join as Shaktimaan Security. China… Japan… Pakistan… Farewell day party… What is that? ‘Sarkar!’ Who is that guy standing
on the terrace? Listen to me – Someone, please save my son.
– Why are they bidding him bye? Oh, no! A child has jumped. The lion like guy came. Boss! Somehow save the child. Show your Shaktimaan energy
to save the child. Go…go… Catch. He got it. We assure you safety,
whenever you’re in danger. Shaktimaan Security Service. – We dont have any other branches.
– He is extraordinary! Only the body is hanging
like a Ice cream stick. Hey, are you lifting or pressing? Why is he shouting? Mahendra, lift it. Lift it? Oh, no! No one is here to lift it. Why is he shouting? Why are you irrating me? Was he got stuck in the cupboard? Lift it. Sir, what happened? Hey, you joined the job on
the recommendation of the Minister. Don’t leave.
Are you going to lift or not? Everyone looks like
the corpse is in mortuary. Isn’t there anyone to save me? What a power! How long are you struggling? Congrats, Babu! Thank you, sir. Even the engineering graduates
are trying to get this job. But, you offered me this job
just for lifting a water can. I’m very proud of you. – Sorry sir I’m slip
– Thank you, Babu. Sir, lend me the hand. Just check it, sir. Only two weeks. You might need to inform
the relatives. Why is he saying two weeks? 1300 ‘Jai Hind’ I thought you’ll take me
to a good place. Instead, it’s a forest bungalow. I’m hearing sounds of the fox. No, it’s snoring sound
of the house owner. Okay, listen my history. I took up this job to
become an IPS. After completing IPS in Tamil Nadu… … need to save our country, Bharath. Better to leave from here. When I’m talking with you,
where are you going? To the gym. What work do you’ve there? They might use you as a rod. There are more seats.
Get inside and sit. I’ve piles. What’s there for you to get it? Listen to me. All the letters look like
a vessel turned upside down. Oh, it’s reversed. Gandhi is our father of VTV ganeshan. VTV has wrote best dialogues. Jessy…Jessy… And jessy was born in kerala… Who is he? Hey… Son of evil spirit. Hey… Give me the gun. Come here. Hey, where are you hiding? Get a bullet shot. I won’t leave you. He’s running there.
I’ll kill you. Hey, stop. Alert, someone is coming inside
the house with the gun. Some one has come inside. Hey, get a bullet shot on your face. Come out. I told you to come. I’ll shoot slowly.
Come out. Wow… This is a beautiful girl. Your mother is my mother-in-law. Oh, no! – Hi, mam!
– Hi! This is a game. Okay. Release me, Mam Is that your boy? I can’t understand, mam. – Say slowly.
– Will you understand if said slowly? Shut your mouth. You tell me, mam. Is the child your’s? Hey, she is asking perfect.
She asks whether the child is your’s? No! No! I’m single! Ferocious single! A fan of G.V.Prakash. What’s your name? Babu!
Bahadur Babu! Nice to see you, Babu. I’ve lot of works to do.
I’ll see you later. Have a good night – Mam!
– Yes. What’s your sweet name? Margaret! Market! (Margaret) – Okay
– Have a good day. Market! (Margaret)
Is this a name? Get out. I shouldn’t see you here, henceforth. I’ll enchant her
and settle, securely. Get lost. Lal, I couldn’t even touch her. When could I express my love? And been Livingston! Are you going to do Livingston? Staying together without getting married. That’s ‘living together’. Some damn. He is not allowing me to be close. Wonder, when I’m going to get her married
and get blessings from Trump. You can’t be luxurious ,
if you stay calm. This words said by actor Vijay, isn’t it? We’ll think of an idea. You’ve to create an idea. – Who are you?
– Where is Raju’s house? He has ordered for thermocol. You can see your ‘love lady’
closer, today. Okay? It’s like stuffing in a coffin
and taking to graveyard. This bhajanlal’s sketch
was never missed. Shut your mouth.
-You’ve closed everything. Somehow, go beyond him. Hey, stop. Please, go somehow. What’s this? We’re for door delivery. Door delivery? It looks huge. What’s inside? Sir, mam has ordered
a black monkey novel. Hey, China toy! Whom are you saying
as black monkey? Black monkey? Yes, sir. Open the box. – Let me see, what’s inside?
– Sir! If I open the box,
they won’t purchase the product. – Please, sir.
– Superb! Check it with the metal detector. They are opening it. Enough. Go..Go.. If we don’t send it in,
she will yell at us. Hey, China nose!
He said to go, go fast. Babu, I can’t. Better, you take care. Hey, listen to me. Stop.
Stop there. I’m dubious on you.
Keep the box down. It’s a black monkey, inside. Open the box. It shouldn’t be opened, sir. Okay, the box shouldn’t be opened. I’ll scan it. Then, it’ll be known what’s inside. – Sir, please.
– Scanner! Sir, please… Scanner, watch carefully. There might be a dangerous
animal inside. Sir, come and see. A musical line from the
film,’Vaanathai Pola’ Catch him. He only gave me the idea
Leave me, sir No! Don’t let the monkey escape. Hey, I’m coming. Come out, Babu. Why are you hitting
like in cage of the court? Buffalos! How did you get inside of it? I came to empty the garbage
and fell by mistake. You people took me in. Whom are you telling stories? You came to flirt with
the white lady, right? You got it, right? If you stay away just for
ten minutes, I’ll touch her. Hey, how am I looking like? Exactly you look like a middleman. Whom did you say? Hey, you were standing on the
road two days ago… …along with a woman. Do you think, I didn’t see? Hey, she is my wife. As my car was flattened,
she was standing next to me. I was asking for lift
to the passing vehicles. Do you know,
whose fan am I? – Hey, who are we?
– We’re actor Vishal’s fans. Yes! We’ll build a wedding hall
and then get married. Who are you to ask that? Why are you talking irrelevant? Hold me I’ll kick your butt If I recharge for Rs. 1500,
what’s your problem? Tell me. Viswasam film has collected
Rs.120 crores… …who are you to ask? Who are you? – Babu, we shouldn’t leave him.
– Yes. Undertaker Look there, your food is coming. Welcome Shaktimaan! Be careful, you may get into the bannet. Duraisingam, come here. Please wait, he’ll come.
I’ll put it in a bowl. Wait. Take up your duty. Sir, I can’t hear… Damn! – Take up your duty as security.
– Okay, sir. Who is he? Is he your dad? – What?
– Get up. – Get lost.
– Why are you pushing me? Go. – Babu.
– Tell me, sir. I’m going to join you
in a good place. Get on. Let’s go. – Hey…
– How is it? Why did you bring me
to the wedding hall? It’s not the wedding hall,
‘A mall’. If you need bribe, get it. Why did you bring me here? It’s a mall where many shops
are there. Mall? Whether it’s like the famous shop? Will Tamannah and Hansika be inside? You’re searching for words to
praise me for the job I gave, isn’t it? It’s been two days since
my brother ate bones. Think of sparing you. Get lost. – Babu!
– What? Babu, tell me a reason
to leave this job. Reason? I often visit washroom. There are many washrooms. I have Alsar
I often eat. – What to do you?
– Food courts are there in four floors. Let it be. He isn’t leaving me
though whatever I say. Don’t think. What to do? – Sir!
– What? My brother, sir. – We both were brought up together.
– So what? If you give him a job,
I’ll come inside. You can’t take a dog
inside the mall, Babu. When a garden lizard like you
is allowed inside, Why shouldn’t a dog be allowed?
send a mail to the owner. Understand? Hey, leave me.
I’ve to meet Margaret. Babu, I ask you sentimentally. Please, accept this job. – I too say sentimentally.
– Tell me. Look at my brother sir. If I’m hungry, I’ll ask for food. But, what about my brother? I’ll be with you in
air-conditioned room. But, my brother? He’ll be tanned because
of the hot sun. If I’ve to sacrifice him
to take up this job, I don’t need that job, sir. Who is that Nigerian? Usain Bolt Why are you running? Who is that? My girlfriend! Sir, how do you know her? You mean, the foreigner? Yes, sir. Her name is Margaret, from America. Right from childhood, we’re friends. Her dad and you? No, funny. She comes to the mall
weekly thrice. She attends yoga class
for calmness of mind. Sir, what about the bodyguards? She will send them saying,
‘no escorts, please get out’. Still she stays here,
we’re the securities and the guards. Sir, promise? Yeah, promise! We are guard Sorry, Shaktimaan sir. You’ve come to re-join, it seems. When watching the ‘Shaktimaan’
soap opera at home, I realised the importance
of the job. So I’m coming to meet you You’ll say, without your brother
can’t take up any Job Why are you comparing me
with the street dog, sir? I’m the only son. Okay. You said that you’ll not eat
unless it was fed. It’ll intrude in any
of the house and eat. Am I like this? Offer me the job, sir. You said, it’ll get tan. I’ll wash this dog with kerosene
and turn it to black. Offer me the job, sir. Please, sir. Okay, join immediately. – Go.
-Thank you, Shaktimaan sir! Oh, no! What happened? No need to afraid of them. They must afraid, Babu. Everyone who is in the mall
must afraid of us. Keep the face brutal. No need of that. People would be afraid
looking at my face, normally. Go ahead. There are eight floors
in this huge mall. Just one guy is watching
so many TV screens. This is CCTV control room. Oh, control room Murugadoss will inform us
if there is any problem… …in the mall by watching
CCTV footage. Is he Murugadoss! Yeah! Sir, ‘Sarkar’ is an extraordinary film. A revolutionary film. We must take action
as soon as he informs. – Is it an action movie?
– Take it. Give me. What’s this? This is walkie-talkie. We can communicate
through seventh channel. Seventh channel? I’ll do it now. South India’s Shah rukh khan. Babu! This is the secret spot found
by this Usain Bolt. Where? Here it is! Come on, Babu! Please, welcome. – Bolt!
– Yeah. It looks big! Dude, our work schedule will be hectic. So, we need a cool spot
to rest, isn’t it? Better, go to GH mortuary and sleep. That’s always housefull. They’ll demand bribe. That’s why, I made this. Silku…. What are you searching for? You said, it’s like your home, So searching whether you hid
your children here? But not seen anywhere. As my children didn’t take care of me,
I’ve joined here as a security. So only you ve drunk? This mall is everything for me. Those who visit the mall
are my children. The kids are my grandchildren. – Nehru uncle,
– Tell me, brother. I know you’ve sentiments. But, a request. It should be the last,
calling me as, ‘brother’. Why brother? You call me as brother
before everyone. Girls of my age are
calling me as, ‘uncle’. Do you think as youth? What’s wrong in calling, ‘uncle’? It’s a mistake only when
called as,’aunty’? I’ll tear your mouth. I’ll tear your mouth. Oldey, Look back at the history. For our well being,
we can serve as security anywhere. I’m back. You stand showing the back, now. I’ll hit you. Are you allowing me
to say a punch dialogue? Bolt, I couldn’t say ‘hello’,
though stay close? Don’t worry, Babu. The situation will come on it’s own
for true love. Really What happened? Somebody call the doctor, please. Remove the hand. Come on, Babu. Nothing to worry. As granny was high last night,
she got choking. I’ll take care. Give the straw. Bolt, do you’ve ATM card? No, where do I have? What about Aadhar card? Fast… Take it. – It can be used for you.
– No politics. Lord! She took arrack too. Get up. Medical miracle! Yes! You must marry my grand daughter. Is it? Thank you. Do you own a house? No. Then, your grand daughter
must cook in my house. We’ll booze together. Babu! Babu, she left half an hour ago. You’re standing as if contesting elections. Was it half an hour? Yes, bro. Bolt, what’s that sound
like the climax in ‘sultan’ movie? Come, let’s see. India down! down! Are you a big shot
if you tuck the shirt? Trump faced? Dare to say my country as, down! My brother is coming to kick you. Sultan Babu! Who is that? “He’s our warrior
He’s our soldier” “He is our ace fighter” How many gates we would’ve crossed? Get it, trump faced. Get up. I came for the sake of India. Because, it’s my country. Jai hind. The America should win too. Because, it’s my mother-in-law’s country. Why did she throw at me? Hey, I’ll go and get the cup. Don’t thump my leg. Stand away. Babu! What happened? You said, a situation will come. Only dreams are coming. You’re provoking everyone
for long time. I’ll tear your mouth. Everything has a time… The situation has come, Babu. (A musical line from the film,’Babu’) Somebody stole my bag. It’s the right situation. No one follow me He has to run as per the scene. Babu! Thyagu, I got the details of the card. Tell him to take the money,
leave the card and bag there. Hey, you got caught! If you’re dare enough,
shall we fight alone? It’s paining. Dude please take it. ‘Undertaker’ Good boy. When the love door opens,
they made me to sit like this. Thank you so much. Bolt! Only now I know that
undertaker knows gestures. He is enjoying. Who is the trainer for this dog? It’s the pillar of
‘Shaktimaan security service’. I’m the trainer! You’re barking. You want to show me your trainer. Don’t think,
I’m giving simply bun. I’ll buy a pizza for you. Pan your hand towards me. It shows somewhere! Undertaker has seen me. Come on, undertaker Quick… Come on… He came right. You saved my dignity
before the white lady. Hi babu! – How are you?
– I’m fine. Your dog is intelligant. You trained him well. Yeah, I’m the trainer! – I feed it with rice.
– Did she ask you? Okay, see you. Bye. Does the useless black monkey
needs a white lady? Drumstick, though she is a white lady,
she is my love lady. Bye! Song in Pondicherry. I’m here,
with whom is she chatting? Give this snacks to her. – Thank you.
– Let it be. Babu,
Tell her. I’ll tell her, no more snacks. Not that. – Then?
– To marry you. Just now I befriended her. She may slap with footwear. Will you say her or shall I say? Tell her, let’s see whether
she understands. I’m sorry. What are you guys talking about? I’m saying you to marry him. She couldn’t understand anything. See, she is blinking. I’m sorry
I don’t understand. What is that she saying? – He wants to marry…
– Hey! I’ll keep the hot vessel
in your mouth. Mam, Babu wants to marry you. Really? I shut her mouth
but the China boy spilled it Are you kidding, right? What’s that sitting and batting? I love you. Reply me. Are you serious? I’m sorry, guys. This cannot happen. What now? I’m heavy, dark and my tress
is like X-mas tree, right? Personality is the problem for you all. Not bothered about your looks, Babu. Look, Babu! These are my parents. – Is he your dad!
– Yeah. Your mom is white and
your dad seems to be West indies. Granny! – See, what about looks.
– Superb! I like you so much, Babu. I can’t marry an Indian. I hope you understand the laws. I can’t marry a foreigner
and leave my job. I love my job. Mam, it’s getting late. We’ve to go. Go. Thank you, guys. Babu, why are you weeping? Where am I weeping? Granny sauted mustard seeds. It fell in my eyes. Babu, we belong to the Gurkha community. Even our wife elopes,
we must be bold. I’m leaving. Babu, she didn’t eat snacks. Got trapped. The director was trapped. Boss, that’s Telugu film. Do that film has expectations here? Yes, boss. Then, we’ll get the stay order
for that film. Because, that director is an anti-Indian. Book the ticket. Boss, as usual we’re defeated
in the election. We got less number of votes. The opposition party is doing campaigns,
spending money for the votes. They’re getting more votes,
that’s okay. But, who is he? Not attending campaigns, not spending money
but gets more votes than us. Enquire about him. Go… Is the ticket ready? – Yes, boss.
– Superb. We’ll start the protest. Which party is he saying about? It’s not the party. That goof is saying NOTA as a party. (A+B)² is not equal to A²+B² +2AB Boss, give me your ears. A new film is to be released. Taken video of it? Not your movie, it’s Baahubali 3. Who is the heroine? Tammanah and Anushka. – Two heroines?
– Yes. Book the tickets. Jai Mia- He is ecstatic now itself. Hello! Only Rs.30,000 is there in your account. Wait. Only Rs.29,500 should be there. Whom are you trying to cheat? Is your channel incurring loss? Isn’t it known when watching our
channel’s programmes? We’re very poor. Your black money will come out soon. Let’s see, then. So, what are you doing today? Come later. Get lost. Let’s go. Sir! What? ‘Baahubali 3’ is slated for release. We’ve to buy the rights. Shall I send the programme producer? Do one thing. I’ll go and watch the film. Get a ticket for me. Get the ticket in VIP row, okay? ‘Honest lion’ Brother Violent Veeramani… Long live! The future chief minister of Tamil Nadu,
‘Violent Veeramani’. Long live! He looks like a petty thief
in election campaign? Don’t say like that, Babu. Why? He is the leader I adore. ‘Violent Veeramani!’ I wish to take a selfie with him
at least once in my life. The world’s superstar
‘Brother Violent Veeramani’. Long live! I haven’t booked tickets for anyone. I’ll watch the film,
you all can go home. I’m diabetic. I might feel hungry.
Get me a biryani. Go. Boss, you would’ve booked five tickets. The guys are so excited. How many votes we got
in the last election? Four votes. How many people are coming with us? Ten people. When the people who are with us
didn’t cast us the vote, Why should I buy tickets for them? The future Chief minister ‘Brother
Violent Veeramani!’ Shall I take a selfie with you? An older fan.
Take it. You shouldn’t mistake
if I ask you one thing? Tell me. You shouldn’t deny. Shall I take a selfie
like kissing you? You take it. It’s the saliva! What? The saliva. It’s okay. Shall I kiss you? Brother Veeramani who kissed
like people’s star. It’s not an ordinary photo. I’ll never forget this in my life. An elderly guy.
-Come on. My life! My life! You dare to take a selfie
knowing my arrival. The future chief minister of Tamil Nadu,
violent Veeramani. Long live! What are you doing?

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