Gundam Build Divers-Episode 1: Welcome to GBN (EN,TW,HK,KR,FR,IT,TH sub)

Gundam Build Divers-Episode 1: Welcome to GBN (EN,TW,HK,KR,FR,IT,TH sub)

There’re so many people here. Of course there are. Gunpla Battle is
the hottest game right now. Riku, you’re lucky that
I had an extra ticket. Oh… The line’s moving. – Yukki, wait.
– Riku, don’t get lost. There you are, Riku. Hurry, they’ve started already. This is so exciting! Y-Yeah… So this is Gunpla Battle… Here it comes. The champion! We have a winner! In this Extra Exhibition
Online Match, the winner is the GBN champion… Kyoya Kujo! Riku, wasn’t that amazing? I want to play Gunpla Battle too. I want to fight… I want to fight the champion
on a stage like that. With a Gunpla I built myself! (Welcome to GBD) Riku Mikami, 14 years old. Tomorrow,
I’ll finally fly in the sky! Riku! Help! The ball’s mine. Riku! Yukki, now it’s our turn. Yukki! Momoka! Nice pass, Yukki! I got this! Unbelievable… He was by our goal… Is he that fast? Riku, you have to
join the soccer club. Yukio, you’re pretty good too. Let’s win the nationals,
boys and girls together! Don’t think you can escape from me. Run, Yukki. Hey! Sorry, soccer’s cool, but there’s
something else I want to do. And what could that be? Gunpla Battle. Gunpla Battle? Gunpla Battle Nexus Online. Opponents from all over the world. A variety of missions
and vast playing fields… Team up as a force
and play with friends, or aim to be
the ultimate fighter on your own. Now is the time to embark on
new battles and adventures! Gunpla Battle Nexus Online. Will you be able to survive? Welcome, you guys. Hi, Nanami. Came to buy something? Or a battle simulation? I’m buying today. Now I’m in second year of middle
school, I can finally play GBN. Great! But I can only play 2 hours a day,
and I need to do all my homework. That’s important. So I want to build a new Gunpla
for my GBN debut. I’m here to help him choose. Well, you do know
a lot more than I do, Yukki. Now, what would be good for you? You’re athletic, so maybe
a Zeta type with high mobility? An Astray type might be good too. No good… I can’t decide on
the perfect Gunpla for Riku. Yukki, I’ve made my decision. I’m going with this. The 00 Gundam? It’s a strong machine, but… This is the one I want. I’m going to build the best Gunpla
I can with this 00 Gundam. All right, then let’s go assemble
it in the build zone. I always get so nervous
when I open the box. I know exactly how you feel. I love how it
gradually comes together. Same here. This part might be swappable. It’s got a wide range of motion. It’s done! It’s complete! It looks cool even as
a straight assembly. It’s lovely. Let’s see…Gundam O2…
like oxygen? It’s “Double-O” Gundam! You work here!
Try to remember the names. Sorry, sorry. You want some tomatoes
from the roof garden? (Nanami’s farm) Gosh… What Gunpla are you going to use? I’ll go with a GM III. Oh, you won in a contest here
with that one. Yeah, I got my first award with it,
so it means a lot to me. I’m going to customize that. It was definitely a cool machine. Are you going to customize yours? You can mix armor and weapons, or even just change colors
to make it original. That’ll change its performance too. My own original Gunpla… I need your help, guys. We’re going to become
number one together! Riku, you should wake up soon. It looks nice. Yeah, it’s awesome. I don’t know much about Gunpla, but I can tell this was built
with great passion. Thank you, Nanami. Then you want to go for
your first GBN? Yeah! ID data confirmed. Please scan your Gunpla. Login data confirmed. Are you ready? Dive start now. Riku. Yukki? Oh good, I was right. So that’s your look? Looks good! You too, Riku. There’re a lot of Divers. Depending on
your progress in the game, you get
different outfits and appearances. Are they Divers too? I-I think so…? First, go to the Mission Counter
in the lobby, and choose your mission. I see. Hi there, boys. You looking for something? N-No, we’re just… I can get you anything. You want a deal on parts? Rare reward items? Or… Ow! What are you…? Yasu, you said you’d quit
this shady business with beginners. I’m sorry! Now… I take it it’s the first time
for you two? Uh, yes… And you are…? I’m Magee. I volunteer as a navigator so that
beginners like you two can enjoy GBN. I’m just a busybody. Wow, ranked 23rd in the world… Trust me a little now? Welcome to GBN. I’ll show you around. This is the Mission Counter where
you can take on battles and missions. You can start with
beginner missions and free battle, but I suggest a tutorial battle. To get used to the controls. Welcome… I’ll navigate with Gallery Mode,
so just try it out. OK, let’s go to the hangar
and check your machines. – The hangar?
– How do we get there? Like this. It’s huge! You can check your Gunpla here. Like its condition and armament. After you’re done,
it’s what you’ve been waiting for. You know what. Wow, it’s a catapult. You can’t skip
the launch scene routine. Now, go for it! Yukki, GM III Beam Master. Taking off! Riku, Gundam 00 Diver. Here I go! Listen up, you two. There are three elements
for improving in Gunpla Battle. Gunpla building technique.
Advanced control skills. And lastly… Is love! Love! – Huh?
– LOVE! Your skills and technique
will only get better. Good luck! What is that? The battlefield boundary. Once you cross it, the battle starts. In the tutorial battle,
friendly fire won’t hurt you. So you can go all out! Well then… – Let’s go, Yukki!
– Yeah! Mission start. Here come the enemy. Take them all out
to clear the mission. Here goes! Riku! Darn it. Go! Nice going, Yukki. Now it’s my turn. All right! Calm down. Watch their movement, and lure them in. Got it! Right there! Battle ended. I destroyed two machines? Excellent! Nice job, Yukki! Way to go, Yukki. Thanks. Now just return to base
to clear the mission. Yukki sure is strong. What’s wrong? The Leo we took out just moved. What? That can’t be… What was that? You saved me, Riku. Yukki, do you have weapons
for close combat? Oh, that… Help…me… What’s this? An SOS signal? There’s something on the map.
Let’s go. It should be around here. Oh, look! A girl? Are you all right? Hey! – Let’s bring her down.
– OK. You’re awake. Are you OK? Did something happen? You were passed out alone. I guess they’re
just some good Samaritans. Then I’ll go for it. So how is she? I think she’s all right. But she doesn’t seem to know anything. Then take her into the cockpit
using Guest Mode. Got it. Another SOS signal. From where? Huh? Here? My stomach! It hurts so much! Are you OK? Riku, he’s really suspicious. No I’m not! I’m in pain! Worry about me! He really needs help. What’s wrong? My stomach… – Your stomach?
– Please help me. What should I do? O-Open your Console Panel. Open up Settings. Choose the 4th option from the left. Then on the second tab… Wait… No! Don’t! It hurts…press OK. Switching to Free Battle Mode. Current mission progress will be nulled. I’m all better now. Thanks! A Zedas from Gundam AGE? Why? How’d this happen? He made you choose Free Battle Mode. You can fight anyone
regardless of rank. It’s standard in GBN… So you’re the Diver who’s been
hunting rookies lately. So what? I’m not doing
anything against the rules. Ha ha. I’ll start with you. Riku! Just kidding. My legs… Yukki! Nice try. Now your armament’s all gone. I’ll take you out
and earn lots of points. Choose Battle Out.
Retire from the battle. I’ll get revenge for you,
so back out for now. No…I’m running away? My first Gunpla battle… Don’t give up. Your Gunpla hasn’t given up yet. That’s right. 00 and I haven’t given up yet. Don’t be ridiculous. You don’t even have weapons. Weapons… Yukki, I need your help. I’ll finish you off. Here I come. Come to meet your doom? Riku! What? Darn it! Go! I… lost? You idiots! I’ll pay you back in spades! We won? We won. All right! That was great! I’m so glad you two won. It was wonderful!
You made my heart throb. Oh, where’d that girl go? She was just with us… You two had such a terrible GBN debut. What’d you think? Do you hate GBN now? Welcome back. How was your first GBN? Have fun? – It was the coolest!
– It was the coolest! Riku! How was GBN? It was super fun! Sure was! I also got my first win
already! But battle isn’t
the only fun thing about GBN. You can also explore
the extremely big map in the cyberspace dimension! How big is extremely big? The scale of the universe? That’s big! But let’s start with exploring
the ground level maps first! Next episode, Chaotic Ogre. That red GN-X is…

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  2. You know, this is the third series in the Build Fighters franchise. I think we're at the point where it's no longer reasonable that someone native to Japan and growing up in this world wouldn't know what gunpla battle is. It's like a 12 year old today not knowing what a cell phone is, it's just too ubiquitous and part of every day life for them to not know about it.

    Also, what kind of dumbass game developers don't make griefing against the rules? That's standard shit to put into the EULA. This is some Sword Art Online levels of dumb game design that no one would ever actually do.

  3. Random question for everyone: if you had to choose a gunpla to make into a custom in this universe what would it be? Gundam are allowed if you explain why you'd customize it that why and if someone made a design you liked you can include that so Arch destiny fans are welcomed here! As for me my top 5 will be below.

    #5: strike freedom + destiny gundam fusion or the freedom destiny: I chose this one because I thought it be cool to see a design that perfectly balances the strike freedom and destiny's design. I got the idea from the strike Exia and thought "what else could fuse with the strike gundam/ strike freedom?"

    #4: gundam crossbone: black flag: this was made by gundam guy. A black crossbone gundam that looks like it's wearing the captain's coat and hat with the coat tails fading into a crimson red.

    #3: barbatos lupus Rex custom/ gundam barbatos destroyer: imagine a custom lupus Rex with that tail feature spreading to the fingers…..need I say more? Oh! Also beal swords.

    #2: arch destiny gundam: for those who don't know there is a YouTuber called Wackymoder…..he HATES the destiny Gundams normal design so what did he do? Redesign it from the ground up. Look up his video to see his results. (WARNING it's LONG!)

    & #1 is: Stargazer + Lunagazer + double Zeta aka the starlight gundam / Galaxy gazer gundam: my first gundam was the gundam build fighters amazing ready Lunagazer. It's lost a lot of parts but I still have it. However I never knew that it was based upon my now favorite gundam…..the stargazer. My dream is to make a custom with only three gundam the two gazers and double zeta…. Wish me luck. And if your wondering "Why double zeta?" I have always loved it's design and wanted to see how I could change it while keeping the zeta feel.

    Honorable mention(s):scarlet chaos gundam: basically a gundam meant for the cosmic era. I haven't figured out what I shall use to make it but whatever it is it will look awesome.

    Gundam 00 Exia family custom: from what little I've watched of double 0 I might do a custom in the future but idk.

  4. the subbing is nonexistent and no I'm not using the worthless CC it's too damn small for it to be proper use……..

  5. The previous build fighter build their gunpla with experience and plamo skill. But this series build that easily as they wish to. But still great anime for gundam fan

  6. For this to come true bandai/you will need:
    -A VR
    -custom Bandai controller
    -Amiibo like technology that come with the gundam
    -a fuck ton of money
    -gucci pc

  7. Is Magee a boy or girl?

    He/she said “this woman is MAGEE”!

    But she/he looks like a boy… what about that chest? That’s like insane!

  8. Riku: I need ur HELPZ guys WERE GONNA BE NUMBER 1
    Riku: *still talking to his gundam*
    Gundam: wth is going on

  9. Last time i watched the subs came out perfectly. What is wrong with the english captions now? Sometimes it doesnt even show up

    And by last time i mean when it came out.

  10. I just found out that Orks created Gunpla Battle. Colors affect performance. Will making your gunpla red make it go faster? hahaha

  11. What the hell did they turn this one into now. I was starting to like Gundam Build Fighters and now we got this monstrosity!?! Is it me or does it seem like Bandaid I'd trying to rope in the furry crowd

  12. Y'know, i just realised today that there is an actual life sized RX-78-2 in the tokyo mall. So i bet a unicorn statue is probably possible.

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