Roads… they make me feel free out of the comfort zone journey to the unknown hope one day it will lead me to what i’ve been looking for but tonight, I took the wrong turn hey! Some guys are messing with your car wait right now? hey you! leave him alone! calm down hey there’s no reason for violence okay? whatever problem you have, sort it in a different way ah thank you how about street race at 3am, sounds good sounds fantastic lets party thanks for what you did, I’m Jack Tom, nice meeting you hey listen i have a favor can you look out for me, don’t worry I’ll be fine but just in case, don’t know these guys sorry Jack, I helped you enough tonight one last favor? alright, but after this you wont see me ever again thanks again Tom hey baby be careful alright ready! go! need backup asap! what is the suspect driving? oh i don’t know, a freaking plane! all units respond it’s over ahh damn it! officers are on the scene! hands in the air now! you move and I’ll shoot this guy is running, we got a chase here freeze! yo my ride! what the! screw this I’m out lost visual stand by! hey hey! oh not now damn it! hows that for a help? screw you, you almost went on my roof! we need to exit the city you had luck Jack and you owe me a big favor but you were racing against the guy who called the cop to shoot you except that wasn’t a real cop it was one of his guys how do you know? well i saw him and he wasn’t wearing any badges to me it was an assigned killer to stop you in case of winning the race I knew he was up to something did you know the guy before he attacked your car? never in my life (sigh) I see… so whats your life story? (stretching) I’m listening me and my dad, we used to work at the
fuel station fixing a lot of cars don’t know much about my mom my dad never wanted to tell me we were very poor, with no home we had to work in the cold garage that we worked in I helped as much as I could but my dad was obsessed over cars he even worked passed midnight he was a very skilled mechanic he was making car modifications that were ahead of their time I knew one day his talent will be noticed and it was… he got a job offer with a higher salary, and he took it was quite far from our home but he couldn’t say no to the offer he’s fixing imported cars that were being shipped here although his earnings were great, my dad wasn’t so happy his boss didn’t treat him right one night when he was working overtime he saw this one imported car, and fell in love with it so he spoke with his boss, if he can somehow own it but his boss wanted to play a game he wanted a drag race against his son my dad wins he gets the car, but if he loses he has to work overtime for a month my dad… he didn’t even think twice he made his car all wheel drive which was almost unknown back then so I already knew how the race is going to end ha ha, gotta admit it was a lot closer than I thought he was so happy but then one night there were a lot of cops looking for us I was alone and very scared anyone there? hello? you head around the front, I’ll cover the back still to this day I think it was all a setup It happened just few days after the race I always felt safe when my dad was driving but that night he got shot in the shoulder I didn’t want to leave him but he insisted saying he’ll be fine I barely knew how to drive his last words were… ‘You got this’ I was crying, a lot after that moment my only goal is to unite with my dad someday that day probably wont come soon but I believe somewhere out there my dad has the same goal (sigh) at least I still have his car, kinda who are you calling? you need your car fixed right here comes the rescue! what happened to this baby?! yo Michael this is Jack good morning good morning, although you two don’t look like you had good morning what the heck happened to your cars? ah, it’s a long story, I will tell you later lets hit the road

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  1. Watch PART 2:

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  2. This Is really good but i don't understand the storyline I'm not gonna hate on it cuz it's a peace of art but I don't get the storyline 😂

  3. The editing of this is insane! Truly a masterpiece of what can be accomplished with just a game and a few mods. The gold standard of what CAN be done with talent and editing software eh? 🤩🤩🤩

  4. Just found this and omg that's amazing. You've done an amazing job with this movie. I'm hoping to start making some myself. Any tips 🙂

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  6. WoW pls make a nader wan 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Lmao the cop was so fake. No cop would've shot somebody bcs they were in a car race a tazer would be the option but not a actuall gun???

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