Graphic Short Film – Blazing Bajirao | True Story Of A True Hero | Full Movie Live on ErosNow

Graphic Short Film – Blazing Bajirao | True Story Of A True Hero | Full Movie Live on ErosNow

This is the story of Bajirao Peshwa.. ..the Maratha Legend
from the 18th Century. A braveheart, a conqueror,
and an alpha male warrior. Bajirao Ballal Bhat.. ..fought 41 battles
and won each one of them. Thus expanding the Maratha
Empire to new horizons. His first recorded exploit of bravery,
was at the age of 19. Being a true warrior.. ..he learned the art of war from
everywhere, be it the battleground… Or a jungle. To defeat the enemy,
you must know the enemy inside out. When you know your enemy,
no move of his can defeat you. This is the invincible,
the unstoppable, Blazing Bajirao! Bajirao’s never give
up attitude was one of the.. ..reasons behind him becoming
the legend that he is. And he got this attitude
from his mother, Raadha Maa. A real warrior doesn’t
cower in defeat. Instead, he doesn’t return home
until defeat is turned into victory. This was Raadha Maa’s
lesson to Bajirao. She often said, the more
you practice on the training field.. ..the more you’ll succeed
on the battlefield. Bajirao was also taught
that the biggest victory is.. ..the one achieved without a fight.. ..much like, when he defeated
Nizam-Ul-Mulq purely with strategy. His training at the hands of
his mother was one of the biggest.. ..reasons why Bajirao went
on to become a legendary warrior. Bajirao adapted Shivaji’s guerilla.. ..warfare tactics
to give it a new form. His Maratha soldiers
used these tactics to ..defeat enemies time and again. Bajirao was a tough enemy to
be against and a great friend to have. His friend Malhar
Rao had attacked Delhi.. ..but only to lose the battle. For his friend, Bajirao completed
a 10-day journey in 48 hours, And returned with his friend
Malhar Rao only after a victory. As always, the spoils of the battle
were distributed among the people. Bajirao was always responsible, be
it towards his friends or his people The empire of Bajirao Peshwa
not only conquered vast lands.. ..but also ruled the hearts of people. And the heart of their
beloved leader was captured.. none other than Kashibai. Kashibai and Bajirao
were childhood friends. A love that blossomed as they grew up. As the fiery embers of war kindled a
fighting spirit in the great leader.. ..Kashibai and her
love became the soothing.. ..moonlight on a tranquil night. Like any love story,
this story also had its twist of fate. And this sudden change
arrived in the avatar of Mastani. But Bajirao never deserted
the devout love of Kashibai. Because a true warrior
never breaks his promise. If war is considered.. ..a form of art……then
Bajirao was a true artist. In the battle of Bhopal, even
as he faced the mighty Mughal army.. Bajirao defeated them and
forged his iron fist of warfare Enemies from four corners
of the land feared.. ..the deadly sword of Bajirao Peshwa. The dreaded sword which
weighed 36 kilograms. Bajirao and his mighty army always
traversed the land with great speed As his enemies spent their nights
distracted by worldly pleasures.. Bajirao told his men that
the night is not for sleeping. It is to be used as
a camouflage and shield.. ..against the biggest
armies of the land. Mughals or the Nizams,
Portuguese Empire or the Siddis.. one stood a chance against
the warfare strategies of Bajirao . A warrior who had committed
to protect his motherland.. ..Bajirao spent his entire
life on the battlefield. And even breathed his last
on the same hallowed ground.. ..far away from home Bajirao….the Maratha Warrior…. ..a leader who never
saw the face of defeat, And the pride of Bundelkhand – Mastani,
who had a thirst for victory. Which of the two hearts
fell in love first…. perhaps a mystery
to the two lovers themselves. Whether it was the melody
of tunes inside walls.. Or the stinging sounds of
swords clashing on the battlefield.. Bajirao & Mastani
were made for each other. A true son of the battlefield.. ..finally a leader
like Bajirao would have.. fight a war at
home against his own kin. And it was this turbulent
battle called life.. ..where Bajirao finally found
his source of strength, Mastani.

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  1. Jab jai Rajput, jai jatt or jai gujjer bolte hai tab kisi Ko koi problem nahi hoti per jab jai bhramin koi bolta hai to sabki gand me Aag lagni Suru ho jati hai sab madarchodo Ko jativad dikhna Suru ho jata hai

  2. ये जिन मादरचोदो ने unlike किया है ये वही लोग है जिनके अब्बुओ की बाजीराव ने गाँड मार के कब्र मे दफन किया
    जय ब्राह्मण
    जय मराठा
    जय शिवा जी

  3. Sanjay Leela Bhansali converted great Bajirao to Devdas type in movie Baji Rao Mastani,Baji Rao was known for his fierce fight and fastest runing horse's.

  4. Am i the only ine here to think that why wild boar attacks deer,
    Board are vegetarian they stay together in jungle with other most of vegetarian animals and never attack deers !!
    Otherwise Nice film btw

  5. Such a great & brave heart warrior peshwa Bajirao Ballal.

    I salute him from the bottom of my heart.😎

  6. privileged and honoured to share my birthday with the bravest maratha who ever lived, PESHWA BAJIRAO BHALLAD he is my true spirit animal no doubt

  7. हम मुघलों से एक बार ओर जंग करना चाहते है 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

  8. Chehre par CHITPAVAN kul ke BRAHMANO KA TEZZ ,aur dil mein ek hi sapna , DELHI ke taqht par lehrata hua MARATHAO ka DHWAJ💛, HAR HAR MAHADEV , JAI PARSHURAM !

  9. एक योद्धा को रसिया दिखा दिया इस भड़वे भंसाली ने

    एक ऐसा योद्धा जिसकी युद्धकला आज भी जर्मनी की सेना का पसंदीदा युद्धशास्त्र है।
    2nd विश्वयुद्ध में जर्मनी के जनरल रोमेल की पूरी युद्धकला शिवाजी महाराज की गनिमीकावा और बाजीराव भट्ट की तीव्रता जिसे उसने ब्लिट्जक्रीग नाम दिया और पूरे यूरोप को अपने कदमों मे झुका दिया।

    बालीवुड के भड़वों ने ऐसे महान योद्धा को बदनाम करने में कोई कसर नहीं छोड़ी।

  10. Aur ek baat
    Hamaare maratha sena me 25% muslims the
    Wo bhi hindvi swaraj ko support krne k liye…
    Aur mughlo k khilaaf…
    Jay bhawani
    Har har mahadev…

  11. जय मराठा ,जय बाजीराव पेशवा , जय छत्रपति शिवाजी,
    हर हर महादेव

  12. Proud to be Hindu🚩
    The fire is still blazing inside every heart of Hindus,wake up Hindus🚩🕉️ fight against anti-Hindu forces

  13. I am a Maratha Brahmin…A descendent of BAAJIRAO BALLAL BHATT PESHWE….
    But atfirst a real proudy patriotic HINDU🚩🚩

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