Graphic Designer Aaron Draplin (DDC) on Logo Design: How to Create Wordmarks  — Class Excerpt

Graphic Designer Aaron Draplin (DDC) on Logo Design: How to Create Wordmarks — Class Excerpt

– Now I gotta put my jacket on so we can go out into the
world and find some cool stuff. (grunting) Kinda hard to zip this thing
up around all this mass, but all right here we go. (upbeat music) Alright, we’re at this place
called Hello From Portland. These are friends of mine, they carry all kinds of cool stuff and they have a tiny
little DDC merch section. So we’re at the point
where we get to go see my merch living in the world. So alright, come on in. Alright, you guys here wanna walk and take a look at some t-shirts. You can see some t-shirts. Got a mount hood and got the Oregon and then of course, a cool
little Portland sunny day, and of course, a Portland rainy day. And a little Oregon stack, like I wear all the time. And then some hats that I make here. So, this is cool, front and center lookin’ incredible. And then come over here
you can see some patches, and some decals and I’ve got my little pins up here going. So, ya know this is where you
get to see this stuff live and breath and work with all these other cool little goodies. You go back, what five years? We didn’t have a store like this that just carried cool stuff
from the Pacific Northwest, and now we have a store that does. And that can happen in your town, or definitely Portland Oregon, so you guys gotta get busy. (upbeat music) Okay, so we just went
to Hello From Portland, now I’m gonna take you to my favorite little vintage shop in town. A place called Upstairs Basement. My buddy Mark watches
over, runs, and owns. Aye! – Aye. What’s up? – Just doing our part to ruin the city. Alright, so here we are at a
place called Upstairs Basement. My buddy Mark Phillips over here, the proprietor of this joint. You getting him? And look at that Carhartt sign, woof! Holy shit. (upbeat music) (inhales) So right here, look at that G, look at that I, look at that cool B-E combo. In fact, this just pisses me off that he even has it in here. I’m gonna be stealing that when we leave. Look at this killer little S-C-O-U-T. Little C-O combo right. Like look at this, look at this little R combo where they kept the period inside there. It’s great. (upbeat music) Place looks great man. I love it. Love it. I’ll come back in, I’ll bring some tacos this week. I better put all the shit
I stole back in there. (laughs) Good stuff in there. You gotta come back once a week because he’s also got new stuff flying in and out of there all the time. He’s just got such a
great eye for this stuff. Alright, you guys ready? Let’s do it. (upbeat music) We’re here at my buddy
Dale’s little space here at Red Fox Vintage here
in Woodstock, Portland. Look at this over here, this is cool. Just come in here in this. Then there’s a cool, little W. Unless you’re working with
how that W works over that E, you wouldn’t even know,
you wouldn’t even know. I love coming to this kinda stuff, just to sorta be reminded
of what’s possible. Look at this little. Pretty cool. (upbeat music) See here’s just a cool little
piece of tech right here. What’s with this weird
little rounded edge, and it’s not just something I really recognize right off the bat, but a little bit of work and
we can go recreate that thing. This is endless for me because it’s not even about the forms as much as it could just be the color of something that could be exciting to me, but we’ll go days and
days doing this shit. One after the next, starting to lap it, you start to see things
that in the last one that you didn’t recognize
from the one before, but I don’t know, it’s just they’re sort of
like history of the heart. (upbeat music)

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