Graphic Design Hacks // Tips and Tricks for all your Graphic Design Projects!

Graphic Design Hacks // Tips and Tricks for all your Graphic Design Projects!

– Hey guys! Everyone on
the internet these days or at least the people at BuzzFeed, seem to be obsessed with ways
to “hack” your everyday life. To be honest, I don’t know
if “hack” is the right word, but I thought that I would share a few random graphic
design tips and tricks that I have picked up over the years. If you do a lot of print work, you probably end up with a lot of copies of your own posters. You could roll them up, but it’s nice to keep them
flat and in perfect condition. If you don’t have large
flat files, which I don’t, just stack them on top of each other in a normal poster frame
and they’ll stay flat and untouched until you
need to pull one out again. Plus, you can display the poster that’s on top anywhere in your house. Let’s say you draw
something in your sketchbook and you want to get it onto your computer, but you’re not worried about being super high quality or anything, just grab your phone and
take a photo of the page. You can also set up your phone to have it automatically upload to Google+ so that you can essentially scan a page of your sketchbook without ever getting up off the couch. Do you need to cut a really
precise line out of paper? You could use your metal ruler that has cork on the back, but the cork makes it sit a
little bit above the paper, so you can’t always be sure if you’re hitting the
exact line that you need. Instead, you can put a
piece of masking tape on top of your ruler and flip it over. Now your ruler won’t move around and it’s also exactly
flush with your paper. Are you working on a project that has full color bleed on both sides, such as homemade business cards? Well, if you want it to
look more professional, take a marker that’s the
same color as the design and just color on the side to the paper so that you don’t see the
white paper underneath, and now it looks way more professional. Okay, so are you designing
thumbnails for YouTube? Well, has a
white background these days, so to make sure that the
colors in your thumbnail look exactly how you want
them to look on the site, just change your canvas background from the default dark
gray to a custom color, which you can set to white. You can do the same thing in Premiere by changing all of the
default dark gray palettes to be a lighter gray so that you can get a better sense of what your video is going to look like
on a white background. Okay, have you saved images simply because you’ve
liked the color scheme? Well, if you want more color inspiration inspired by that design, just drag the image into
Google image search, then scroll down to
visually similar images, and you’ll see a ton more photos, all with very similar color schemes. I hope some of these tips were
useful to some of you guys. Let me know in the comments if you have any other tips
or tricks you want to share or if you have any questions about what I just talked about here. If you’re new here or if you
missed my last few videos, I put up a video the other day about my recommendations
for basic art supplies, especially for back-to-school, so you can check that out right here. If you want to see more
about how I use Photoshop, I posted a video a little while ago about how I make my YouTube
thumbnails right here. If you liked the video, don’t forget to hit like and subscribe. I hope you guys stick around. I make new videos every
Tuesday and Thursday. Thank you all so much for watching, I will see you all next time. (upbeat electronic music)

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  1. It's only in Photoshop. Just right click on the area around the canvas and you'll get some options of different shades of grey and "custom". I'm pretty sure it's in CS4 as that's when they added the tabbed canvases if I remember correctly.

  2. What??? Visually similar images??? I got so exited when I saw that that a long string of random words (too many of them profanity) fell out of my mouth. Pretty sure it didn't even make grammatical sense m

  3. Seriously, I proofread that comment, except making sure I got a period at the end instead of a random letter. Stupid iPad.

  4. I never would've thought of any any any of these things. Once again proving you're a graphic design genius! 🙂

  5. Fat files /printed media can be stored also in the 13×19 Epson/hp boxes… If you wanna cheat the design system you can make most of your brochure di

  6. You can also store printed media in 13×19 Epson boxes. If you wanna cheat the system for brochure designs try and make books just within 8.5×11(ex. 7×10, 6×9 etc). If you wanna cut down dramatically on presentation boards bought, use rubber cement to mount them. Then when you're done with project, peel off print and re-use boards.

  7. I really like your videos. I love hearing about artsy stuff, even thought I'm not particularly creative myself. I also think that you are a really nice person, you come across as very sincere.

  8. A budget way of emulating black on black printing that looks similar to vinyl is to take black construction paper and feed it through an ink jet. The black ink on black construction paper will show up more opaque and dark in hue than the construction paper. It's a neat trick, I haven't tried it on laser jet. 

  9. I love your other videos but this is waaaay to quick and your voice sounds really, really irritating. Sounds like you, need to breathe!  What happened?! You are a communicator. Come on! 

  10. that last hack is actually mindblowing to me! – my best hack atm is learning that in illustrator you can quick reflect by pressing O then enter twice 

  11. Pretty good tips, but god DAMN that voice is fucking irritating. Perhaps speaking a bit more softly could make these a bit easier to watch.

  12. Im fifteen, i have recently done work experience with a graphic design company and i am utterly inspired, i know its what i want to do. Although i get A*s in graphics, I'm still not amazing at photoshop etc and i panic when i cant do something. Is this ok? I want to learn more but i cant afford the soft ware:(

  13. Your content seems superb, but holy mother of all that is sacred stop shouting at the camera, your voice made me internally bleed

  14. Great tips, Karen. Some great #GraphicDesigner  tips. 
    Scott V. 
    @Integraphix — #ChicagoGraphicDesign

  15. doesnt matter her voice, its amazing that in her free time, shes doing videos like this for people who doesnt even appreciate it. For me thumps up

  16. @Karen Kavett i want to be a graphic designer! I have an computer info systems associate degree to do office work dealing with MS office. I LOVE art though. Should I go back to a community college (CC) to get an associates degree in graphic design?
    The degree at this CC is called graphic design/computer animation. I'm very artisitc im always doodling, i have great ideas etc. I look at graphic design jobs on careerbuilder, indeed, monster etc they want bachelors degrees! HUUUH…isnt art about creativity not level education?

    i mean college is expensive, im still thinking how would i pay for this 2 year degree that i want, a 4 year degree would b too much.

    I really want a graphic design job in Houston, TX or Dallas, TX areas. The college with the 2 year degree i want is in louisiana, BPCC.

  17. I Just Minimized My Browser and Then Listen to That Tips.
    But I Really Liked Your Tips……
    Specially for The Thumbnail and for The Google Images……

  18. Please. Next time talk from your stomach, not your throat. It is very hard to listen to. With that being said, great tips 🙂

  19. wowza! that last google color scheme hack blew my mind! and the coloring the edges of your DIY business card was just hilarious!

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