GRAPHIC 18+ Ukraine Shelled Donetsk Killing Many. “Never Forget & Never Forgive” (JAN 2015)

GRAPHIC 18+ Ukraine Shelled Donetsk Killing Many. “Never Forget & Never Forgive” (JAN 2015)

I thought I would die in peace but, unfortunately, no. I don’t know what will be tomorrow Пойдемте!!! That’s all right, I am fine.Thank you and good luck Nicolai! Hide close to the fence That’s all right Your Obama have sent me a present in the form of Poroshenko. Do you understand that? There was a house over there, it destroyed totally. I have no place to live Where should I go? What basements should I live? This have hit the ceiling and have burnt the carpet Thank you  Lie down!
Grandma, lay down!!!! Lay down behind the trees! Come here, faster! Go to the basement! Come on, let’s go They said – “Je SUIS VOLNOVAKHA”! I curse you all! My kid is left alone at home on the eighth floor I don’t know what has happened with my house How can I reach home? I need to go to Vetka (area in the North part of Donetsk) What has happened? The shell hit somewhere We don’t know what has happened, but we know that they can’t just conquer Donetsk because we are strong and we are strength We are not going to give Donetsk to anyone, this is our land Show me!!! Show me!! Roma, Romochka!! Why? Why? –  Calm down?
 –  I can’t, I can’t stand it  – You can’t go there
 – Why? Have you seen this? He knew he would be killed. He said it would be better to die at once I curse this war! I hope they all will die. Wait, let me say something I want this war to be curse, I hate it. They are all murders. My husband and I married two years ago Why ?…I can’t Who needs this humanitarian aid? I don’t know Look! What for have this people killed? Why have this people got hurt? Look what they did with the buildings? They say they don’t need any human victims, but look at this Please, tell the truth to the world! Look at the buildings How many people died? For what? Why do we die? For what? For whom? We want to be separate, that’s all What did we do? We didn’t come to them, we didn’t take them, we didn’t threaten them.  Don’t film me! I live in this conditions and I have got two children You didn’t come in time!  Hurry up! Come on! Go to the basement! Where is the flashlight! Go to the basement! Be careful! Dad, come here, she is not alone!
 Jump!  – You’ve been over there where the woman died. Do you see we die every day
 – Tamara Belogurova
 – Yeah, that’s right  – Her husband’s name is Nickolai
 – yes It happens every day. Every day people die The media don’t report how many people die every day  – What direction do they fire from? Ukrainian or DPR? 
 – Where are they shelling from now?
 – Ukraine Why do they fire civilians? Is there protection units? Because they believe the information from above that no one lives here. There is no people and it’s the space for the testing ground This information is not correct  – What do you feel today?
 – My heart will stop soon, that is all I can tell you because we have kids  – Where are they?
 – They are together with their granny. Not so far away in the center of Oktyabrskiy district, where is Sophia You house has been under the fire today. It has been the second time already, sorry, the third one. Today they have been fired our house for the third time  – How can you survive, Olechka?
 – We don’t have any options. We don’t have place to go and no money. No one is working now and we don’t have any savings so we can go nowhere  – Have you got clapboards?
 – Yes,we have. Ok, guys, I have to go, my daughter will come back soon
 –  Let’s go Сейчас мы находимся возле Донецкого аэропорта где происходит жестокий бой Мы наблюдаем бой с применением различного вооружения и мы не можем пройти далее этого места Это самый жесткий бой, который я когда-либо видел в районе аэропорта   И сейчас становится очень опасно, поэтому нам нужно уходить  Прямо сейчас я нахожусь в бывшем новом терминале донецкого аэропорта   Прошлой ночью и сегодня приходят сообщения о том что последних украинских солдат забрали отсюда вчера, а оставшихся  раненых забрали в больницы   Сейчас мы идем в этот терминал чтобы подтвердить эту информацию и рассказать об этом вам  The Donetsk Airport is under the DPR Army control. Army of the DPR made the airport free from the Ukrainian army. This was made by SPARTA unit. Few days after the sappers finished to work here the DPR Army soldiers began to dismantle blockages. The bodies of the Ukrainian soldiers were found out. The injured were found too, they received medical treatment. We collect all the ammunitions now, we don’t want the explosions to occur. 
 – What’s your name?
 – My call sign is VODYANOI

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  1. This is the horrors of war where innocence is destroyed. I feel very sorry for these people, but breaking away from Ukraine, and forming a rebel militia claiming loyalty to a foreign country (Russia) this is the price that is paid tragically. Just put your arms down, and surrender to Kiev, and this horrific nightmare will be over.

  2. Exactly 4 years ago a month of very heavy fighting in and around Donetsk was about to end, here is my account of January 2015. The Ukraine Army attacked many civilian areas of Donetsk killing many civilians. The people's motto is "Never Forget & Never Forgive". It seems that Ukraine will never have the heart of the people back. The people say "We will not give anyone Donetsk, this is our land". The Donetsk Peoples Republic was also able to take control of the Donetsk airport after almost a year of fighting, even to this day there is still fighting near the airport. Please Subscribe for more on the Ukraine War

  3. "Forgive" makes it possible to move on. Without it a Christian is a muslim, jew, pagan or less. Lost in the past and revenge without the end. To forget is dangerous though
    Why do you recycle the old vids? Not much is happening or you are preparing us for a DPR offensive?

  4. Те в Европе, кто пожимает руку Порошенко, тоже в ответе за эту кровь…

  5. The people that caused this horror think that they will see no sorrow, but they are in for a surprise. Everyone will pay, according to their deeds.

  6. How much you want to bet that the "wounded and injured who received medical treatment" are laying in the pile of bodies as well? How much you want to bet?

  7. Heartbreaking…this is pure and evil WAR CRIME!!! And this is happening in Europe. How can this people ever forget and forgive? And they blame Russia for what???

  8. Thank you for putting yourself into a horrible situation to truly show what is happening in the ‘Ukraine’ conflict. I have tremendous respect for you and other war journalists.

  9. In this whole war you were the only journalist that I saw trying to help someone like a human being should. I will subscribe and give you praise for that. Nm you were just running for your life

  10. Where is this on CNN or any other MSM outlet , these are straight up war crimes and crimes against humanity perfectly acceptable to the western world . Thank heavens there’s a higher power who will severely punish every evil action

  11. oh patrick i thought you would have been reporting from the Ukraine Gov. side.. But i was wrong! really good on you for covering the facts that matter and exposing the truth. Much more graphic than i ever expected. I sit here holding my arms with much appreciation for them

  12. Nicolie chill even in a dangerous situation. I wonder if he is deaf or finds the bombing normal now.

  13. If i lived in donetak i would 1. Get the hell out of there and go to russia or 2. Join a group of dedicated tunnlers/bunker diggers so i would have a higher chance to survive.

  14. Looks like these horrible pictures do not fit into official western propaganda. No Putin, no Russian intervention – but only shelled members of the Russian ethnic minoritiy killed by some Bandera gangsters.

  15. Tbh i dont blame ukrainian people for this.
    And i dont blame donetck peolle for doing same.

    Both have borderline broken communist intelligence systems in warfare.
    They see a cat in the street, they shell it into oblivion.
    Army is undertrained scared little 17yo boys on both sides.
    Nobody knows what the fuck they are doing, emotions rampant everywhere.

    Best course of action for both sides would be to stop, and enter debates, because both sides are simply not mature enough to wage clean precise warfare.

  16. i hate living in germany, but in a few years were in moscow again. In Germany they all make propaganda bout this conflict first in the news now there is propaganda in my school… i hate this. Glory to russia, and dnr. thanks @Patrick Lancaster for showing us the truth and risking youre life, please survive and be safe

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