This wall is too
salty to my taste! Aaaah! Put your boom stick
away right now! Who are you? I am Caveman Bob Sponge Bob Ah? Oh, Granny… Put the gun down He won’t do us harm. Caveman Spongebob? What Are you doing here? I am literally doing nothing No! She meant how did you end
up here doing nothing? Just had to say so. They kidnapped me on my way
from work, ran outta bushes, put a bag on my
head and here I am. I’ m hungry. Don’t you have a
krabby patty with you? If you help us to
get out of here… I can offer you some
of the pies I bake. Eehh… I’m in. Hey! Why aren’t you
offering me the pies?! Shhhh! Seems like Sponge Bob
is not the only one. There’s somebody else here! Maybe, he has some food? If this someone is aggressive and tries
to attack us, be ready to fight him back! I kill for food! Wait! I’m not your enemy! I am a victim of
the neighbor too. How long have you been here? I don’t know… I lost track of
time at some point… Maybe, a month, maybe more… What date is it today? It’s the twentieth of
August, darling. I got here in the
middle of December. Oooh! Oh, dear Neptune! How is it that you
did not starve? I eat rats and spiders… Drink from the leaking pipe in the
second corner of the third room. I have counted every room… Every little corner… I… I… came to believe that… This is life now And everything
that was before… Is just an illusion.. Oh, Lord… SAVE ME PLEASE! I BEG YOU! I CAN’T LIVE LIKE THAT! I FEEL MY TONGUE DRYING OFF
BECAUSE OF THE RAT MEAT!!! Easy, young man! I realize that you’ve lost your
mind sitting here all that time… But we are not mad. You spitted all over
me- from head to toe! And I have my make-up
on, by the way! We all need to get out of here. And we can do that only
united in one big team! Not by screaming and yelling. Okay? I never screamed. Well done, Bob! Take a lesson from
him, okay, man?! Eh… okay… I am sorry, it is true
that I went mad being here But I promise to control myself!
I swear! I told you to be quiet, darling! Hell! It’s not the neighbor! It’s some skeletons! No difference. They are not friendly anyway. Let’s finish this one
too just to be safe! Surrender, you fools! You are rightfully
belong to Satan! And obliged to devote all your
life to serve his majesty! I have no idea who your
Satan is, but I’m hungry! What’s the deal with Satan? It’s the mad neighbor
who kidnapped us! This moustached dummy only
executed the master’s order! The same thing I’m doing now! Interesting job you have…
What’s the salary? It’s none of your
dog’s business! Here’s a present for ya! Aaaah! Piece of cake! We will cut you
oxygen, you faint And we deliver you
right to our master! Take a rest, slaves! Don’t shoot, neighbor!
I want to rescue you! Is it your some kind of a hobby? To kidnap innocent people
and then release them? Oh, that’s you… I’m sorry, boy, I’ ve
totally forgot about you. I know that there’s no forgiveness
for me, but hear me out! Spit it out, but
no fooling around! Or I will shoot you
on sight, you psycho! My grandson will help me. I lost my family in
a car accident… And just wanted
to get them back. I met Satan on one of the
crossroads and we made a deal I get him four slaves And he resurrects my
deceased relatives. But he tricked me and did
not keep the promise. I want to revenge
him, so I let you go. You see, I was a good man,
but after such a tragedy… Good and evil do not
matter anymore… What matters is how
to return everything Reobtain the reason to exist
in such a cruel world. You may not forgive me… Kill me on sight, but, please… Let’s get back to it when
we actually defeat Satan. The battle with Satan
isn’t Caveman Bob’s plan! Not mine, either! I think I forgot a pie
baking in the oven! We are not part of this! We are leaving, right, guys? I’ m sorry Neighbor… But you really are crazy. Goodbye! And wait for the cops! Well… Our heroes abandoned
the Neighbor. Can he defeat Satan alone? Or friends will come back
to help him after all? Write your version
in the comments! Let’s support our heroes! Press like if you want
the good guys to win! Or press dislike if
you want Satan to win And make me and
Granny his slaves! When we hit 10 000
likes or dislikes… We will release
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