Gradient Masks in Flash (NO ACTIONSCRIPT REQUIRED) [Tutorial]

Gradient Masks in Flash (NO ACTIONSCRIPT REQUIRED) [Tutorial]

Hello internet, and this is a video on gradient
masking. So let’s get started! This workaround is for Macromedia Flash 8
and above, all the way to Adobe Animate CC. So first, you want to draw our image. So let’s
just draw some gibberish on the screen, and fill in some random colours. OH NOW THAT’S A MASTERPIECE! Now let’s place all of that drawing into a
symbol, a movie clip, and name it “Contents”. Now let’s actually create the gradient, so
go to your colour dialog box, select linear, make sure one fades out the alpha channel
and draw it on the scene. Next turn the gradient into a symbol and call
it “Mask”. Set the blending mode to “Alpha”. This will
disappear; that’s normal. Now select everything in this scene, and create
a new symbol. I’m going to call this one “Full Contents”. Now on the “Full Contents” symbol, select
the blend mode as “Layer”. And now, you have it working! Now you can just go back into your contents
symbol, make whatever edits you want (so let’s add in a new line, let’s add in some sort
of yellow browny colour, whatever that is) and it automatically updates, with the gradient! The reason for this workaround, is if we try
and use the built in masks, it will treat any alpha value as just a simple solid object.
Meaning that you cannot have built in masks using gradients. Thanks for watching, all comments and ratings
are appreciated, hope you tune in next week, all of that online video gumpf, GOODBYE!

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  1. This is just a text of the video to copy and paste if anyone gets rusty.

    Draw whatever.
    convert it to a movie clip
    name it 'contents'
    select rectangle tool
    for fill color select 'linear'
    of the two linear colors, have one color 100% alpha and the other 0%
    draw rectangle over first drawing
    convert rectangle to a movie clip
    name it 'mask'
    in properties menu at the bottom, in 'Blend' dropbox, select 'alpha'
    select both rectangle and drawing
    convert it to movie symbol
    name it 'full contents'
    in properties menu at the bottom, in 'Blend' dropbox, select 'layer'

  2. Seems to do a good job of a static gradient effect, thanks. But it doesn't seem like the gradient effect can be animated separately…

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