Golden Oars 1958  Zolotye kolosya English subs Russian Animation

Golden Oars 1958 Zolotye kolosya English subs Russian Animation

After a Belorussian fairytale written by Jeanna Vitenzon
poems by Robert Rozhdestvensky directed by Leonid Aristov & Olga Khodataeva art director Alexander Trussov
music Alexander Flyarkovsky camera Elena Petrova, A. Astafyev
sound Nikolai Prilutsky
assistant director E Novoselskaya animators Vladimir Krumin, Gennady Novozhilov,
Igor Podgorsky, Vladimir Balashov, V. Dolgikh,
Renata Mirenkova, Roman Davydov, Boris Butakov voice artists Nina Guliaeva,
Maria Vinogradova, Alexander Khanov Oh, Janka, the miller! For borrowing the horse … Eh … I won’t give him the plow … – Good evening … little workers … Well … It is time to return the horse and pay for it. – Mister miller, sir, about the paying…
We hardly have anything. – Yes, yes … Very poor children … But look here: a rooster
-Don’t take the rooster! – Well, about that, did I lend you the horse for free? -Mister Miller wait until the fall, I
will pay you after the harvest. -No question of me waiting,
come on, you can not run, can not escape. Oh, you have a fortune hidden here, a fortune … We diddn’t speak of it … because it’s for sowing! -I’ll take it, as payment for the debt
you have with me. -With what will I sow the field then, Pan miller
this is the last grain. -That’s your misfortune! But you think about this: -One good turn deserves another. – Mr. miller!
-Mr. Miller! – Mr. miller … – Mr. miller … There’s nothing sowed in the field … – And the cockerel disappeared somewhere … -Give back the grain, miller! -Give back the grain, miller! – What’s that? Scared? Don’t worry, I will not hurt you. Oh !!! Ha ha ha !!! -A Come on, go elsewhere, wind. Drink a little less, one never knows,
when one get’s tipsy … – You better take care of yourself. Oh, Cockerel !!! You came back! Janko, look what the rooster brought! Oh! Grains!
-You’re a good friend, Cockerel -These grain we’ll sow
and from them will raise up our golden ears. But what shall we sow in the field now? -Maybe we should go to Mr. Miller? A? – To mister miller? -The more lies in these bag,
the more money in my wallet, I will grind into flour, flour
I will grind with these millstones! Grind with these millstones! – No, Mr. miller won’t give us a thing. Let’s go look for the wind!
May he give us back our grain! – Oh, I’ll dash along with you, Janko!
Is it possible to find the wind? – Janko, Janko! – Where are you going?
– I’m going with you. – But you don’t believe that I will find the wind. Why? If you look well enough,
I can be found. – Where are you going?
– Search for the wind! -Along All roads the wind is wandering …
difficult to find it is… -Lots of years I stood by the road … But never heard,
of people looking for the wind … But somewhere roams the reveler – breeze …
maybe rustling in the reeds… -Quiet, Quiet, search the wind in yonder thicket … -Wind! – A quite tipsy Sparrow! – There, I trapped you! – Gotcha! Gotcha! The marsh is a gift from Santa! -Listen Janko, someone is crying … – It will come into view probably …
– Come quickly! – Janko! Someone is calling for help! -Alesya! – Alesha! -Janko! – Janko! – Hold on! – Hold on tight! – Oh, what will happen now … – Janko … – Because of you!
Because of you we got into trouble! – Actually, we were looking for the wind!
– The wind! Let that be my old friend!
Anywhere I am he is! If I am in the field, then he is in the field!
If I’m in the forest, then he’s in the forest! Maybe he’s somewhere near.
Oh, over there! Well, no, over there! No, there … maybe … -Keep quietl That would be better … – One thing is clear, we won’t
get out of here … before dawn … -Look Janko … – Janko, over there, look … – But… what are you doing here … and on my hillock!? – We didn’t particularly chose it,
we’re just resting. – Resting?
-You happened to find yourself here … and decided to sit down on this mound … – You rested enough here! Now come to me, and follow me into the swamp! – Do not worry, we only have to wait for the sun. What are you whispering there? Well? – We tell each other riddles, as not to get bored. – I love riddles. Riddles? So what did you tell? -Well, then listen well and find out! But to solve the riddle,
you need to have a clever head! – What do you mean?! The likes of a head,
like mine, you won’t find in all the swamp! So come on with your riddle…, and I’ll solve it. I will solve it!! – Well, help me out, sister! – Good then, not sea, not land,
and a boat does not float on it, as that’s impossible… – For each unsolved one we’ll place a stake. – Well now, you live in it yourself
and still you can not guess it … – My swamp!
Of course, your swamp! Oh, you, old man, you did not solve it. Therefor you take one stake! – Well then, offer one more riddle! – It sparkles at dawn , it’s key is lost, and the moon … – Maybe that’s enough? – No, no, let’s have another! The last one, this I will certainly solve! – Well, listen! Going through the the water going it doesn’t splash, Goint through the forest it doesn’t crackle,
Going through the reeds it doesn’t make a sound … – Hurry, Alesia! Come over here … – but what, eh? Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! – Here’s your last clue! It’s the sunlight !!! -Here they are, our birch trees! – The wind !!! – Uncle wind !!! – Uncle wind !!! Wake up and mind us! – We found him, but
we don’t succeed waking him up! – Time to get up! – Oh, it’s you again! – Uncle wind, breathe more quietly, I’ll untangle your beard! – All done, Uncle wind! Stand up! – Wherewith can I show my gratitude, good children? – We do not need anything, uncle wind
Only give us back our grain. – What kind of grain? – We had three seeds … – Not like that, not like that!
Start from the beginning! – We had a basket full of grain… – This is for you, Wind. Come, twist your blades, so I will get more flour … – Well, that miller … Harm orphans!.. .Took your last bit … of grain and I did not notice … I walked through the fields and forests, but then, behold, I fell asleep … But help me to help you. – If we do not sow now,
we will not have bread … – Well, you will have your grain. – Stop! Stop! Stop, be quiet! Wait, wait! Stop it! Stop it! – Well now, give the children their basket of grain! – No, I will not give it up! – Now then, children, sit here for a while. -Uncle Wind, hold on for a while!
After all, our grain is there! – Well then we planted our field! – So where are your golden ears? – It is first necessary
that the rain waters the earth. – Don’t you know that, uncle wind? – I just did not think about it … – Thank you, uncle wind !!! Thanks !!! The End
Subs by Alevtina & Eus
September 2014

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  1. Many thanks for the English subtitles. Yours is the only channel giving us the pleasure to understand the story. All others with Russian subtitles while the speaking language is also Russian. Thanks again.

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