Goat story – Old Prague Legends | Full Movie | English Cartoon | Free Animated movie

Goat story – Old Prague Legends | Full Movie | English Cartoon | Free Animated movie

in co-production with with support presents a movie by Jan Tománek Goat story – The Old Prague Legends Artist, Camera and Direct by – Jan Tománek

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  1. that little creature thing at the start pulling the logo onto screen is the most terrifying thing I've ever seen. that thing makes my sleep paralysis monster look like the tooth fairy

  2. Wtf is creepy at this???? I watched it and I’m from Czech in Czech dubbing?!!! It’s not fucking scary!!

  3. Im Slovak and these kinds of kids movies were common in czechoslovakia and later slovakia and czech republic so its not scary or weird to me its actually pretty normal and i watched thid when i was like 6 i enjoyed it a lot

  4. The style reminds me of an artist who's few artworks was published in one of those Heavy Metal magazines back in the 80's, and it's not Bob Fingerman even though it looks like his style a little.

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  6. .ah..i wish i could take that 1:21:47 back..regret really comes at the end..im just thankful this is just an animation

  7. i dont really know the actual theme here,too much went on. What was the essence of Jimmy's talent as a sculptor? What was the use of poor mathew? Its all uuurrgggggg. Am sorry but ……..


  9. Now I need to pray against the altar from which this cartoon came from! Nope ain't no problem for God to clean this mess right up! Hope he has Mercy on the souls that made it.

  10. The good moral values we can learn here is the no matter what happen we can always trust our BEST FRIEND.. And also Insecurities can kill you.?
    I love this movie??

  11. 2:16…. Let me see. Bisa byk khayalan,selanjutnya. Kuda dibegitukan kok tdk nendang. Gak mungkin. Tdk jadi lihat.

  12. Their detailed images and caricatures are nothing to compare with the animation of 60 and 70 you could make Fred Flintstone with a jiffy fat marker and everybody was happy today's society never seems to be impressed with anything ????????????????

  13. I haven't finished the story yet, but that person who was used to be called "loser" is such an ********. It was his fault trying to be friends with people who don't like him and when he got into trouble, blamed it to the person who had trusted him.

    Such an ****** people in power to just do that to the person who created something useful for them. ** again for not sticking to what they even said and even have the guts to say GOD. Duhh!

  14. Daaaaaang. These models are like, really good, but really terrifying.
    *they make you feel an emotion that does not exist.

  15. Vim ler os comentários pra tentar entender o filme mas tá todo mundo falando isso inglês. … Já. Me perdi no filme fui para os comentários aí cabou de fuder tudo

  16. Smh ppl thinking this is weird czech fiction but this is lowkey 1:1 representation of what living in prague is like

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