GNOME 3.36: Tweaking Windows Animations (Shell Extension)

GNOME 3.36: Tweaking Windows Animations (Shell Extension)

So, we have three main actions! Open, Close, and Minimize. Then we have three main type of windows. Normal, Dialogs, and Modal Dialogs. We also have some additional items like dropdowns,
popups, combos etc. For each window type and for each action,
we can apply one of those effects. And I’m not gonna lie! The quality is way behind Plasma animations,
but that’s what we have! I’m not going to show everything, I will only demo a few effects on main window with minimize action! That’s the default Shell minimization, so let me enable these switches and try again!

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  1. half voice, half music, and half the quality of Plasma animations!! basically i was so desperately looking for the Lamp Effect in GNOME, or something super fancy anyway ..but NOP :((

  2. I don't understand how approaching two decades ago compiz offered more and yet here in 2020 we have progressed to have less 😬

  3. That's okay. We GNOMERS don't need every possible effect. We just need the best ones, and forget the rest. 😀

  4. Neat. Nice not to have to rely on compton to get nice fade animations. What extension do you use to merge the shell and dock? It looks a lot like what budgie does.

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