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  1. Dude… YOU GOT THAT SO FAST!!!!

    Took me like half an hour of rewatching to understand what happened.

  2. Game Over – Intro is timeline #1 (as we see at the end). how or y Chara is there rather than Frisk, as well as y they seem to be sane/not full of HATE, isnt explained…but whatever transpired in "Season 2", or at least a majority of the events of Season 2, up until that point before the timeline was erased has Chara in Frisk's shoes instead. Chara retrieved Asriel's locket from his room in hopes itd snap him out of Betty's HATE-corruption, however Asriel retorts Chara destroyed the one he gave to them (referring back to Season 1 episode 5 or 6 i forget now) and kills them. Chara is sent to the Game Over "screen" and they r left to watch helplessly as the current timeline is slowly being erased. before everything is completely erased however, Chara uses the last of their Determination to go back to a point prior to Asriel leaving to go find Frisk (or, in this timeline, presumably Chara). their actions caused a ripple effect, creating a new timeline…the one we know as Season 2 of Glitchtale NOW (what we have been watching). imho, i believe, in this first timeline, Frisk transferred their "file" to Chara much earlier (or perhaps even sacrificed themselves in order to save either Asriel or Chara at the end of Season 1, rather than Chara sacrificing their life to save Asriel's as we had watched), hence y the scene when Frisk (or in this case Chara) slams into Asriel was animated and not a still as we see in episode 5 when the memories were being altered after Frisk transferred their "file" to Chara. it's all very confusing but heres a simpler way to put it:
    Timeline #1 = Chara goes through the events of Season 2 (either due to something that happens at the end of Season 1 that revives them or Frisk transferred their "file" to them much earlier in the 2nd season) and gets killed by Asriel (either during Betty's ambush or during a battle that followed)
    Timeline #2 = what we r currently watching as Glitchtale's Season 2: Frisk goes through the events of Season 2 up until Betty's ambush and, as we see at the end of episode 5, transfers their "file" to Chara, hoping theyll be the one to break through to Asriel and stop Betty's rampage

  3. Greetings Zal, the good guy of the internet!
    This was once agein a very good reaction with good editing and i allways enjoy looking into your vids, so i have to ask, would you like to do a react to "TellTales The Walking Dead First Trailer"? I would appreciate it.

  4. W A T C H ‘Mangled’ by Natewantstobattle. Ft. Matpat. It was 2 years ago but pleeeaaasssr.

  5. Can you reaction my glitchtale game over AMV plz? Click this Link!

  6. make a reaction video on his please or this

  7. Hey zalzar, you TOTALLY need to make a reaction video about this arabic cartoon called ‘Emara’ the action scenes are SO GOOD in my opinion, just Please react to it . No regrets

  8. so you like Will Ryan’s original songs right?
    React to DAGames’ Heart Of An Artist album
    Please, please, please
    It has old songs like Heart Of An Artist, Kings & Queens, and Draw The Line but also new ones like Lost Now Found (fav song on the track) and Too Dangerous!
    Btw your hair looks great!
    i know that was a bit out of place but all I’m saying is
    There’s an album video on YouTube if you don’t want to react to just the songs on iTunes or Spotify (they’re available for download if you want to)
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  9. This is a really great reaction, But you should try reacting to Chara vs Buddy. It's an awesome animation with different people who helped animate it, Please do react to it, your reactions are the best!

  10. Technically, season 1 is our first timeline, timeline number 1. Because chara, our main character died in season 1, that means that timeline only inwardly collapsed and erased itself, because Frisk is now non-existent and when the new main character, chara, dies, the timeline does too, because there is no reset. Season two is the next timeline. I believe that a different outcome lies in the future, even with this. IDK

  11. Me: OOOH I GET IT NOW.
    Cami: posts next episode
    Me: AHHHHH I DON'T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.<

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  13. Please react to "Empty" by JaidenAnimations and Boyinaband. It's by far the greatest music video ever!!!

  14. Chara just take the locket to the chest in hand and place it on the table… now is dead and she Will apear again asriel take the one on the table after chara take on the chest in this time Asriel can't say (You broke the one a gave you)

  15. Chara just take the locket to the chest in hand and place it on the table… now is dead and she Will apear again asriel take the one on the table after chara take on the chest in this time Asriel can't say (You broke the one a gave you)

  16. Hold up! chars made a new timeline when she got another locket and put it on the table then was erased,that is why it says: TWO OUTCOMES POSSIBLE

  17. Azriel is gonna 'save' frisk again but now he has his locket and maybe able to survive and if not the same senario wil happen but now they both have a locket and chara may be able to convince azriel to snap out of it thats qhat i think is gonna happen

  18. >,~<

    This Make Me Sad 😢

    Well Someone says That Who Will Bete Is Chara Cuz Frisk Is Already Erased So Just Wait For The Next Episode ^,~^

  19. Zalzer. Make reaction video about Aviators – Let There Be Fire (feat. Miracle of Sound), please ( ).

  20. So Chara put the locket on another timeline so there will be 2 locket but we all saw what happen when there is already 2 locket in the timeline but still Chara die in the end the stuff grabs the locket and put to another timeline again? U guys know what I mean here? Ok on S2 eps 4 part 1 ending we see Adriel took the locket…so that means Chara been there before and Chara said about have a better change but in the end still the same happen to Chara. Does another know what I meant here? If no then….nvm I tried

  21. If anyone curious of the intro music. Its Eschatology. A mix of His Theme,Megalo Strike Back,My Last Cherade (I think.) And Hate/Nate's theme(i think again).

  22. Great job chara claps

    Come on she was better that frisk and now if frisk was alive he could fight better. (idk why but cami the creator made frisk a boy).

  23. There were 2 timelines of glitchtale and Chara went to timeline 1 so that's how timeline 2 ended.

  24. If you look back at Love Part 2, the part after Asriel’s and Flowey’s conversation, that is the same as the end of the Game Over intro.

  25. Ok so timeline one played out how it shows but then timeline 1 continues but is not showed to us and in timeline one asriel left his locket at home time passes and the out come is the same has how season 2 played out. Leaving asriel to turn evil with hate, and frisk in desperation gives there soul to chara so when chara goes to battle asriel she goes to asriels room to grab asriels locket to save Asriel and remined him of how much of good friends they were. But insted asriel is remined how chara broke her locket that asriel gave her angering him and killing chara. Because of this timeline 1 procceds to erase but in fianal desperation chara travels to a certain time in the timeline, when asriel is asleep and having a dream about flowey, and places the locket that she took from asriels room on the side table so that now there is two lockets. Now timeline one is completly erased but now the files have detected the change in placement and creates timeline 2. Timeline 2 is exatcly the same as timline 1 but now there is two lockets, so now when chara tries to save asriel it works. BOOM!

  26. Can someone tell me why the intro was erased!?!? 3 this video doesn't exist anymore I didn't even see him 🙁

  27. I think that before the fight with frisk and bete he was killed wat I think that one that locket he would where it and it will save him from getting penetrated like he did in timeline_1 or two chara generated two lockets and convince him to snap out of it but would that mean that, that locket will be glitched as it's an "error" and should not exist as that timeline was erased

    Leave your thought in the comments and like if you agree with me

  28. This is not the intro,

    Basically, this is what happened in timeline 1, (this is the only animation that features timeline 1, as the timelines are identical up to this point.) Timeline 1 only contains 1 locket, and results in Chara being killed and the timeline erasing itself. But, Chara is able to edit the timeline which creates timeline 2, which is the entirety of season 2, which contains the original, and the "cloned" locket by Chara. This timeline will hopefully work out and bring Asriel back.

  29. Of all that happened the flower was facing outside oh god what does that mean
    Does it mean that the flower is gonna come to life? Maybe

  30. Chara brought a new locket saving her/himself creating a parallel timeline with 2 lockets. Meaning in future episodes there will be a possibility of saving asriel helping Chara, Gaster, Toriel, Asgore, Sans, Papyrus, Undyne, and everyone else. Giving them a better chance of beating Betty.

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