Girls who love dogs too much (animated short)

Girls who love dogs too much (animated short)

I wuv my dog so much I want our bodies to become one People say we look the same. I know. I could just eat him up, he’s so cute I only use dog shampoo now I let my dog take me for walks. If i could marry my dog, I would. I would never have sex with my dog. Unless he thought I was cute. Good news! He thinks I’m cute! I married my dog! I went too far. I LOVE MY DOG!

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  1. There's an episode of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood that this character would reeeeaaaally like.

  2. the recommend videos that come up after I watched this are so bad. I am innundated with weird children's youtube videos now. I guess that's what the algorithm classifies your as being. you have bamboozed the google.

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