“Girl” Gamers (Sequel) – Jaltoid Cartoons

I wish this moment would last forever.
Oh you. Sigh. Hey guys. You guys in a game? Yeah, mate. Hey guys they’re coming in from the left.
Yes…. Ahem.. Hello…. Who are you saying hello to Billy? I hear a female, it’s always nice to hear girls playing video games. Are you talking to me? You’re the girl, right? Sure… Oh my god! There she is! Look at her! *Cheering* I have arrived. Are you serious? like girls boobs! they also played aids
she’s basically asking even using email I know. is there anything more attractive than girl gamers? They’re like girls, but thay also play games. Shes’s basiclly asking me out. Pffft, no way dude. *Snort* Boys, boys. There’s enough of me to go around. Hehe! Awe, shes even using the female model! Why do guys care so much? She’s just a
girl. So what? You use the boy model. Noone even knows you’re a girl, and your voice is hardly convincing. Why does being a girl matter? Just play the game. Uhh don’t be jealous. I can’t help it if boys fine me more attractive than you. more attractive? They don’t even know what you look like? Ooooohhh , my god dude. Uhhhh. Yes they do. My voice gives them the perfect image Mmm-wow. Thats pretty sad actually. your plot You know whats sad? Your bra size? what? I’m better than you, stop stealing my thunder!! SHUT UP, I WILL KILL YOU!!!

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