Ghost-Spider Returns! | Marvel Rising: Chasing Ghosts TRAILER Feat. Dove Cameron

Ghost-Spider Returns! | Marvel Rising: Chasing Ghosts TRAILER Feat. Dove Cameron

You shoulda kept running,
Sheath Huh? Huh?
You? You? You! You! You? You? You?
Hey you! Hey you! Run all you want, after
what you did to Kevin. Sheath’s mine! I work alone. If you want justice, we are how you get it. This is where we need you. You know, I’m glad it ended this way.
Just you and me. And us! Hey! Secret Warriors! Have faith in yourselves. You’re not by yourself anymore. We can do this! Ugh! Back off! I hate you, squirrel!

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  1. That’s tomorrow! (I’d say it’s only one more day, but you don’t say the words “One More Day” around Spider-Man fans for obvious reasons.)

  2. Why does the art look so low budget?? It’s been like this for awhile and it’s kinda sad, especially those black panther eps..

  3. Im so hyped for this i really love the animation and the artwork plus spidergwen is amazing haha thanks disney ?? awesome eggcorns

  4. We don't need This we need Spectacular Spiderman back!

    FYI, I'm not hating on this it's just we need a real conclusion to that series.

  5. So this continues from the end of the animation from a while ago with Gwen & the rest. Thanks!
    Enjoyed the Marvel Rising movie while waiting for this.

  6. Why is every one calling spider gwen ghost spider that's not her super hero name I just want to know why everyone is calling spider gwen ghost spider I just want to know why

  7. Social Justice, 1-2-3!
    (Woo Woo)
    I wanna be PC!
    (Woo Woo)
    It's just the way to be for me… And you!
    (Woo Woo)
    Your hateful slurs are through!
    (Woo Woo)
    (I call woo woo on you!) (Woo Woo)
    We'll fight until you're PC black and blue!
    (Woo Woo)
    We are language police! Fighting bigotry! Hurtful words can suck our turds! 'Cause it's PC for me… And you!
    (Woo Woo)

  8. I thought there already WAS a Ghost Spider…

    Y'know, the skeleton one?

    If you don't know, check the comics… Or the internet.

  9. Okay, I hate being the kind of person that gives any form of compliments to avengers assemble, but uh.
    Can these cartoons remember a certain thing called…shading?

  10. Is Ghost Spider Gwen Stacy or another Spider Woman wearing the same costume? Or is it really Spider Gwen but in a different timeline in different universe?

  11. i am excited to New Marvel HQ channel in India. Please upload all episodes in tamil dubbed. Also animated & live action marvel movie in tamil movie like ant man, black panther, etc

  12. Please show pokemon and beyblade new episode if marvel hq will show dragon ball super it will be fantastic fantastic super super cool

  13. I personally find "Ghost Spider" much more appealing than "Spider-Gwen". Say what you will, my opinion has been spoken.

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