Ghatotkach Animated Movie With English Subtitles | HD 1080p | Animated Movies For Kids In Hindi

Ghatotkach Animated Movie With English Subtitles | HD 1080p | Animated Movies For Kids In Hindi

“His face is like a pot…
and dark complexion.” “..and dark complexion.” “He’s the son of Bheem…
strongest of all.” “Mischievous and innocent.” “Mischievous and innocent.” “His face is like a pot…
and dark complexion.” “He’s the son of Bheem…
strongest of all.” “Mischievous and innocent.” “His name is Ghatotkach,
and he’s one of a kind.” “His name is Ghatotkach,
and he’s one of a kind.” No, no, not today. Spare me today, Ghatotkach. My dear bear, why are you running away? Ghatotkach, I’ll tell my mother. You trouble me every day. What? What will you tell her? Stop it, Ghatotkach. Stop it. Run away, little kid. Help. Help. Ghatotkach, let me go. Leave me. Now roar.
Roar for me. You sound like a kitten. Did you grow fangs like a kitten too? Let me take a look. Leave me. 1…2…3…4…5…6.. Ghatotkach! That’s mother. Oh… my jaw. Ghatotkach’s mischief is
getting worse by the day. It’s difficult to stay
in this jungle anymore. The coward ran away. We will meet again. Let’s go elephant.
Let’s go my companion. Or mother will scold me. Along with me,
she will beat you also with a stick. Right away, Ghatotkach. Now watch my magic. Where does Ghatotkach vanish? He doesn’t care about food or water. I am back, mother. I am back. My son, where were you? Come, eat. I am very hungry today. “His face is like a pot…
and dark complexion.” “..and dark complexion.” “He’s the son of Bheem…
strongest of all.” “Mischievous and innocent.” “Mischievous and innocent.” “His face is like a pot…
and dark complexion.” “He’s the son of Bheem…
strongest of all.” “Mischievous and innocent.” “His name’s Ghatotkach,
and he’s one of a kind.” – Wow! Where to now?
– “He is one of a kind.” It’s important to
digest the food, mother. And to digest the food,
one needs to play, mother. And for playing,
one needs to create a stir, mother. And what’s important
for creating a stir, mother? You tell me, mischievous kid. Running, mother. Stop. Stop, child. – “His face is like
a pot… and dark complexion.” “He’s the son of
Bheem…strongest of all.” You’re very mischievous, Ghatotkach.
– “Mischievous and innocent.” Sleep, Ghat. It’s very late. Tell me a story. Fine. There was once a jungle,
beautiful and amazing. Lush and green.
– No, not the jungle story. Then I’ll tell you the story
about the mouse with 100 tails. No, mother,
I want to know who my father is. And how I was born. Some other day. Now go to sleep.
– No, you will have to tell me today. Otherwise,
I won’t sleep or let you sleep. What are you doing? Tell me! Tell me! Tell me! What are you doing? It’s very late,
the birds and animals will be scared. If you’re insisting so much,
I’ll tell you. The story of your birth. Listen.. One day.. what happened was.. Arjun, Bheem…we’ll stay in this cave. No one can see us here. Yes, brother Yudhishthir.
This place is right. There’s no dearth of fruits and flowers. There’s fresh water as well. Scent of human. Scent of human. Hidimba! Hey, Hidimba! Yes. I can smell humans. Go take a look who has
entered our jungles. Bring him here right now. I’ve a desire to eat human meat. Hidim, why don’t you go yourself? Why do you make me do all these things? I don’t like arguing. Go now, or else I’ll beat you to death. I won’t go. How dare you? Go…or I’ll devour you. Fine, I’ll go. Mother, please take rest. I’ll get fruits and flowers
from the jungle for you. This is a Demon Jungle.
Demons rule this jungle. We’ll be fine during daylight. But we will have to be
extra careful during the night. Yes, because I’ve heard that
demons grow more powerful at night. That’s even better. I like battling opponents
that are strong. Lord, why are you treating us like this? Crying doesn’t suit
the mother of such brave sons. That python left a
foul stench on my body. I should take a bath. Let me go. Spare me. Go. But don’t dare trouble me again.
Go. Oh my, that human is so handsome. Strong body.
Strong arms. I won’t let him be my brother’s meal. Let me go arrange for our meal now. Wow…my mother and
brothers love mangoes. But how do I take the mangoes. I have no basket or
anything to carry them. I’ll take the entire tree then. No doubt, he’s some gallant warrior. Who are you? And what are you doing
in this jungle, lady. First tell me, who are you
and what are you doing here? I am Bheem, son of Pandu. I just arrived in this jungle
with my mother and brothers. Why? – Duryodhan and the rest
of his brothers tried to kill us. He made a house of wax
and tried to char us to death. But our uncle, commander Vidhur.. ..had made a secret
passage in the palace. And we escaped through that. And we arrived in this jungle. But this jungle is full of dangers. It’s full of wild animals,
who can make a quick meal out of you. That’s true,
but the real trouble are the demons. Demons? Where? Did you see a demon?
– Not demon, but I do see a demoness. Where? – She’s right in front of me. So you recognized me? But how? Those birds,
animals, monkeys are scared of you. So be honest now, who are you?
– I am Hidimba. But you’re not in danger from me. I am in trouble myself. – Trouble? My brother Hidimsur rules this jungle. He drinks liquor all day and troubles
me and all the animals in this jungle. He wants to kill you and eat you. It’s best that you all leave. Thank you for your advice, Hidimba. But Bheem never runs. I will teach that demon a lesson. Hidimba, you traitor. I sent you to bring this human.. ..but you’re getting
cozy with him instead. And human…
you’re getting so romantic with her.. ..but let me show you her real face. Now I will eat you two. Take that. However he was, he was my sole support. But he’s no more now. I am completely alone now. Don’t worry, Hidimba. I’ll support you. Come with me. Nakul, Sahdev, go and see
why Bheem hasn’t returned yet. No one can harm brother, mother. He’ll be here soon. Mother, please bless us. She’s the princess
of this jungle, Hidimba. She’s a demoness. But she’s very gentle by nature. She’s all alone after
the death of her cruel brother. I want to marry her. That’s good news, son. Bless you. Mother, you don’t need
to live in this cave anymore. Come and live in our palace. We don’t want to trouble you.
– What trouble? It’s my duty to take care of you all. Then? What happened next? Then we all lived happily. I took care of your father
and his mother and brothers. Time flew by, and one day.. Congratulations, Bheem.
It’s a Prince. Wonderful. He’s a handsome boy. His head is like a pot. So I will call him Ghatotkach. Yes, that will be the right name. Bless your son..
so he’ll be known for his valor. Bless you, son. Congratulations, Bheem.
Congratulations. Our nephew is very sweet. Just like a sweetmeat. Bheem, we’ll have to go now. Our duty calls us. If we stay away too long,
the Kauravas can usurp our kingdom. And anyway, we’ve fulfilled our duty.. ..of staying here and
blending with the demon race. My demons will always
be at your service. Hidimba, we’ll leave now. I don’t want to leave you, son. But I am helpless before my duties. Hidimba, promise me that
you’ll make Ghatotkach a warrior. A warrior who’ll be remembered
for generations to come. Of course, beloved. I promise you. Our blessings will always
be with you and Ghatotkach. So will father never come back? He will come after he fulfills his duty. But until then you’ve
to become a brave warrior.. ..and make your father proud. Or your father will say
I never taught you anything. So…from tomorrow you should
start training with weapons as well. Sure, mother. We start tomorrow morning, so sleep. Yes, mother. Well…you eat a lot. Let’s see whether you’re strong
enough to lift weapons or not. Lift this multiple handle mace for me. Try harder, son. You’ve to make your father proud. Mother, you’re too much. Will you lift that now or.. Son, remember, the most important
lesson in warfare is alertness. Stay more alert than a cat. He’s strong, and alert. Now lift this mace. It’s alright.
Your pain will suffice soon. Will you tell why
I hit you with the mace? Because I was looking at the mace. One needs brains as well
as strength while fighting a war. And you have it. So now.. If someone smiles during a fight,
it means he’s not worried. He’s got faith in himself. Don’t ever attack someone who’s unarmed. Come now. During a sword-fight,
you should always look.. ..into your opponent’s eye, son,
not at the sword. Then you’ll know where
he’s going to attack next. Yes, mother. Now stop my arrow with yours. Very nice. Now I’ll teach you
few magical incantations. But don’t ever use them on the weak.
– Yes, mother. Don’t ever use them to trouble someone.
– Yes, mother. Listen carefully and remember.. Now repeat. What’s the incantation
to be normal again, mother? Now repeat.. Watch…can you see where I am.
– Yes, mother. Mother, where are you? Here I am. Where am I? Bless you, son. It’s all your grace, mother. Can I go play now, mother? – Go on, son. But don’t bother
the tigers and cheetahs. Don’t tickle the bears.
They feel irritated. Yes, mother. And don’t jump into the river. It scares the fishes and crocodiles.
– Yes, mother. And don’t make a rope
of pythons to swing. He’ll get wounded. – Yes, mother. I’ll do as you say. Naughty child. I wish his father Bheem could
come and see him. Mother didn’t say
don’t run with the deers. Let’s run. I’ll go in that village. Let’s see what’s in there. Catch. Catch. – Take, take. They look like human children. Let me ask whether
they’ll be my friends. Give me.. – Pull. Pull. Will you let me play with you? Pot-faced…we belong to a higher-class. You’re not fit to play with us. Any one of us can defeat you.
– I see…let’s try then. All of you on one side,
and I’ll be alone. Come, friends…let’s drag
this pot-face all over the village. Come on. Oh my…no one can defeat this bull. He does not look like a human child
but I think he’s a demon child. Yes, I am a demon.
My name is Ghatotkach. But my mother says I am a good boy. Run away. We’re humans. Go play with other demon kids. Help. Help. Demon child, help us. Save our friend. – I will. But if you make me your friend. – Okay. Forgive us, friend. We mocked us. Let’s show you around our village. Glory to.. – Ghatotkach! Glory to.. – Ghatotkach! Glory to.. – Son of Hidimba! Glory to.. – Son of Hidimba! Why did you bring a
demon child in our village? Get rid of him.
Or he’ll devour you when he is hungry. No, no. I won’t eat them. They are my friends. Demons befriend humans first. Then they take them to the
village and then eat them. Yes. Hidimsur used to devour kids,
adults and cattle. We got rid of him,
but now he’s becoming a menace. Run away. If you ever come back here again,
we’ll curse you with our chants. That’s enough. If you utter another word, I’ll..
– What will you do? I’ll chant the mantra now.. What happened? How did Shastri lose his voice? It’s okay. I’ll turn him into
water and get rid of him. Priests,
now I’ll show you what I can do. Oh my…my back is broken. My tooth’s broken. Eat the sweetmeats, prince. “His face is like a pot…
and dark complexion.” “..and dark complexion.”
– Drink your milk. “He’s the son of Bheem…
strongest of all.” No milk.
– “Mischievous and innocent.” Drink your milk, Ghatotkach,
or your bones won’t be strong. Yes, mother. “His name’s Ghatotkach,
and he’s one of a kind.” Tell me mother, are demons so bad,
that humans disgust us. Why? Did any human say anything? I won’t spare him. – No. No, mother. Don’t worry. I can deal with such people. I don’t think Ghatotkach
will ever come back. I don’t think he’s some bad demon,
and he’ll devour us. Let’s think about him, he might show up. Here I am. – Where are, Ghat? Find me. You’re hiding behind the buffalo.
We can see your legs. Here I am. Here I am. Here I am. This won’t do, Ghat. We’re humans, you’re a demon. The priest is right. If we play with you,
then we’ll turn demonic as well. Let’s go. – Don’t go. I swear…I won’t use
my powers in front of you. Ghatotkach! My son is stuck in quicksand. The entire village has given up. Come and save him. How can I save him?
– I just promised my friends. And anyway
I’m not allowed in the village. It’s the question of my son’s life. Try to understand the
plight of a mother, son. You called me son
and overwhelmed my heart. Let’s go. I will see. Ghatotkach. Friend…save me. How do I save him? I just promised not to use
my powers in front of my friends. Hurry up, friend. I am drowning. Fine, don’t move. Or you’ll sink faster. I’ll do something. Come with me everyone.
We’ll climb that tree. Our friend is dying and
you want to climb that tree. Do as I say or he’ll drown. Higher.
We’ve to climb to the top. Now get down one by one. Ghatotkach not only has
a big head but a big brain too. We’ll forever be indebted to you,
Ghatotkach. Glory to.. – Friend Ghatotkach! Glory to.. Friend Ghatotkach! Friends, you all go back home. I’ll head home too. It’s raining really heavily. Mother must be worried. I wish I could find a ride home. Horses. Nothing can be better than
a ride on a horse. That black horse will be the best. If I ride that home,
mother will be really pleased. Let’s go, horse. Who is that? How can he enter our
jungle without permission? Stop, sir. Who are you? What are you doing here? Don’t you know, this is our jungle? Turn your chariot around and leave. I see.
I won’t go, what will you do? I see…you’re really brave, aren’t you? If I tell you who I am,
you’ll be speechless. I am Ghatotkach,
the prince of this jungle. Now what do I do with you? Do I crush your chariot under
my feet like an ant? Try it. I see.. Challenge? Take that. Forgive me! Lord, forgive me. Lord Krishna is before me,
and I couldn’t recognize you. Mother has narrated
your divine plays to me. But I recognized you instantly. You are Bheem and Hidimba’s son,
Ghatotkach. Get up, son. But how did you recognize me? Nephew, your father Bheem told
me about you many times. Father? How is he? I am yearning to see him. Don’t worry, son. You will see your father.. and soon.
– Really, Lord? Come.
Come to our palace and rest. Mother will be pleased to meet you. Not now. Right now I am heading to
Hastinapur for an important task. But give my regards
to your mother. – Yes. If you see my father,
tell him I miss him a lot. Bless me, Lord. – Bless you. Friend Ashwana,
you went for a long run today. Eat this spinach. It strengthens the body. Eat. Ghat…why don’t you ever
enter through the door, son? I see. The sweet potato and bamboo shoots. Prepare them for me. I am hungry. Son, I am observing a fast today. According to demon culture.. ..we break this fast
by devouring human meat. You frequently visit
the human settlements. Go, get someone. Mother, my friends live in that village. I can’t bring any human from there. Don’t worry. I will get
you human meat from somewhere. Shiv! Shiv! Shiv! Shiv! Shiv! Shiv! Shiv! Shiv! Shiv! Shiv! Shiv! Shiv! Shiv! Shiv! Shiv! Shiv! Human scent. Yes, they are close-by. O demon child, spare us. – I can’t. Because my mother will break her fast.. devouring human meat. One of you will have to come with me. Come, take me. I am old now anyway. I’ll be dead in a few years. – Fine. No, take me along. A woman that dies before her husband,
is the fortunate one. Come, demon prince. No, mother. No, father. I am your eldest son. It’s the duty of the eldest
son to protect the family from trouble. So I will go. What are you saying? After the father,
the eldest son takes care of the family. I won’t let you go. Then I will go. I am the youngest of all. It’s my duty to serve my elders. Come, demon prince. No, no. The youngest son
is always closest to the mother. My son, I won’t let you go. Never. So it’s decided then.
I am your second son. It’s my duty to protect
the young and old. Demon prince, I will go with you. – No. Mother, father,
the decision’s been made. I will go with you. With your permission,
I’ll bathe and pray at the river nearby. Then I will go with you. Come soon. Or else I will eat them all. I wonder what’s wrong. Ghatotkach hasn’t arrived yet. I want to break my fast. Your son hasn’t arrived yet. Maybe he’s too lost in praying. Take me along. – No, I will go. No, I’ll go. I can’t endure these sufferings anymore. Stop arguing all of you. I will go. Me. Me. – I said.. me. Not you.. – I will go. I said I will go.. – No, I will go. I will go. – You all will not go. Shut up.
I’ll take the one who’s promised me. Madhyama. Madhyama. Madhyama. Who’s calling me? And he’s calling me evil as well. Madhyama, are you coming or not? I think that coward has fled. I will take all of you with me. Help! Save us. Help! Anyone there? Save us. What’s wrong? Who is calling me? You? Who are you? I was calling Madhyama. I am Madhyama. So…what is it? He wants to take one
of us for his mother’s meal. Save us. Demon boy, take me if you can. Stop troubling these weaklings. So you come along. Not like this. First defeat me and then take me along. Okay come on. ‘Who is this warrior?’ ‘He averts all my attacks.’ Bheem Dev. What’s this? A war between father and son.
No! Who is this brave warrior? So much strength that
he’s made me sweat. Who is this human? He’s over-powering me. Hey, what are you doing? Hidimba?
– Ghatotkach, let him go. He’s your father. Father? My father? Father, forgive me. I made a big mistake unknowingly. Get up, son. Hidimba, I am pleased to
see that you kept your promise. And you made my son a brave warrior. He was making things difficult for me. And you pinned me down too. Forgive me for my delay. Let’s go, demon prince. No one needs to go anywhere now. Priest, my son troubled all
of you for the sake of my fast. Please forgive us for our crime. Come, I’ll escort you out of the jungle. Father, please don’t take the trouble. I troubled them,
so I’ll take them to their village. But…Ghatotkach,
we might not meet again, son. I’ve to leave right now. But why is that, father? We met ages later and you.. Yes. Please spend
some days with us, Lord. Ghatotkach always thinks about you. You two dwell in my heart. I want to stay too. But I have to leave now. Otherwise I and my brothers
might have to face a new problem. As you wish. But please bless us with your grace. And if you ever need me, call me. I’ll appear instantly. – Of course, son. I am proud of you. Come, Brahmin sir. “His face is like a pot…
and dark complexion.” “He’s the son of Bheem…
strongest of all.” “Mischievous and innocent.” We’re going through a bad phase,
Hidimba. What’s wrong, Lord? Uncle Shakuni used his deception
to defeat us in the game of dice. Dushashan and Duryodhan tried
to humiliate us in the royal court. Thankfully, our well-wisher Sri Krishna
came to our aide and saved our respect. Not just that, the Kauravas
have sent us to 13 years of exile. And so we’re wandering in the jungles. So what’s the problem Come stay in our palace. Call your brothers too. – No. 12 years have passed by. This is the 13th year. We’ve to observe anonymity. If anyone recognizes us, we’ll
have to serve another 13 years of exile. And that’s exactly what Duryodhan wants. He has sent his spies to find us. So I better leave. – Fine. Then it’s best that you leave. I don’t want you to get
into anymore trouble, dear. That’s exactly what I
expected from you, Hidimba. I just have one request. Make my son Ghatotkach
brave and valorous. Of course, Lord. Who are you? How can you enter this
jungle without permission? Turn the chariot around and go back.
Or else.. Not even Lord Indra can stop Abhimanyu. I’m in a fit of rage right now. Don’t invite your death. Delicate prince…you don’t
know who you’re challenging. I warn you again. Go back. You won’t listen.
I’ll teach you a lesson, evil one. Did you see my strength? Watch my strength. Careful Abhimanyu,
this demon seems very powerful. Don’t worry, mother. I know how to deal with demons. Now I will use my divine
weapons and destroy you, demon. My son. My son…in this state? Bheem’s son, who did this to you? Bheem’s son? Pandava’s son? – Yes. But who are you? Who dared to wound my son? I will kill you. No, no, they are both brothers. This is Abhimanyu,
great archer Arjun’s son. I am his mother. Oh, they are brothers? See…they fought with each
other on their first meeting. But no need to worry. Abhimanyu,
he’s your elder brother Ghatotkach. And she’s your aunt Hidimba. Bheem’s wife. Brother. You’re very brave, brother.
I must admit. Your archery is wonderful too. But where were you two going? Come home, you can talk all you want. We’ll also get your wounds treated.
Gallant brothers. I and Shashirekha love each other. Who is Shashirekha? She’s uncle Sri Krishna’s
elder brother Balram’s daughter. Oh…uncle Krishna’s brother’s daughter. Balram had given his consent
for Shashirekha’s marriage with me. But he suddenly broke-off the marriage.. ..and fixed Shashirekha’s
marriage with Duryodhan’s son. This is very bad. But why did Balram
break-off the marriage? Because the Pandavas
are no longer in power. Arjun and his brothers
are now penniless.. ..and wandering in the jungles. Yes, I met Bheem. He told me. Uncle Duryodhan has wealth and power. But although Balram is a scholar,
he still doesn’t understand.. ..that fortune never stays with one man.
It keeps changing hands. Did you try to explain to Balram?
– We tried our best. But when he refused to listen,
we came back. A place where there’s no respect,
and only wealth is regarded.. no place to stay. But I don’t understand one thing. Why did uncle Krishna suggest
us to come to the Demon Jungle? I get it. I get it. Abhimanyu, Shashirekha will
marry only you. And no one else. But how? Uncle Krishna sent you two here.. I can arrange your
marriage with Shashirekha. Krishna’s playing his melodious flute. I’ll go meet him in Dwarka right away. Be careful, brother.
It’s heavily guarded. Don’t worry. You’re here, son of Bheem? Welcome to Dwarka. Greetings, Lord. You’re omniscient. You know all. Abhimanyu and.. – Slowly. Don’t let anyone hear. I am pleased to meet you. Tell me your plan. Okay, Lord. Since these are your orders,
I’ll do exactly that. If I don’t get to marry Abhimanyu,
I’ll consume this poison.. ..and give up my life. Suicide is a sin. Who are you? How can you speak like humans? I am Ghatotkach,
Abhimanyu’s elder brother. I am an illusionist,
hence I can change forms. I am pleased to meet you. Don’t waste time, come with me. But where? You want to go to Abhimanyu, don’t you? Yes. Wow! Even the grass
of Dwarka tastes sweet. Ashwana. Fly and take
Shashirekha to Demon Jungle. But if I go missing,
father will be furious. Soldiers will set out to find us. Don’t worry, Sri Krishna is with us. Yes, I guess he sent you to help me.
– Of course. But now which one will go with me? Me. Please take a seat. Thank you, Ghatotkach.
May the Lord protect you. Shashirekha, what have you decided? Will you marry Lakshman Kumar or not? I will, father. Of course I will. I cannot refuse your orders. Dear, you’re very cultured. I’ll fix the marriage date soon. Come, Krishna. Brother Balram,
Shashirekha’s wedding is tomorrow. And you haven’t opened the treasury yet?
– Treasury? Make a public announcement
and distribute money amongst the poor. By Shashirekha’s hand. – Of course. Shashirekha. Distribute wealth amongst
the poor and take their blessings. Of course, father. I will distribute all
the wealth amongst the poor.. ..and empty the royal treasury. Don’t donate everything away,
Shashirekha.. ..or brother might get in trouble later. The wedding procession arrives tomorrow. Wonder how much wealth
the groom will demand? Mother, what are you thinking? Let’s take a stroll around the jungle.
– Shashirekha. We’re comfortable here. But I hope Ghatotkach
is not in any trouble. If that’s worrying you, mother,
then I’ll go to Dwarka and take a look. No need to go there. I’ll show you right here where’s
Ghatotkach, and what he is doing. How, sister? There’s Ghatotkach. Look at Sri Krishna smiling. And Balram looks worried. Look at what he’s saying. Glory to.. – The Princess. Glory to.. – The Princess. Glory to.. – King Balram. Glory to.. – King Balram. Glory to.. – Sri Krishna. Glory to.. – Sri Krishna. Stop, dear, stop. Just a little more, father. Shashirekha, Ghatotkach
looks more stunning than you do. Yes, but I don’t deck-up so much. The real fun begins when
Lakshman becomes the groom.. ..and brother Ghatotkach
will be the bride. This is inauspicious, father. What’s inauspicious, Duryodhan? Tell me. A cat crossed our path. Nephew, its considered inauspicious
when a black cat crosses the path. What color was that? – White. As if it was some divine soul. Son of Ganga, Bheesm.
What is your advice? All the beings are created by God. The Lord resides in all his creations. So how can a cat be inauspicious? This belief should be dismissed.. ..that if a cat crosses your path,
it’s inauspicious. Pitama is absolutely right. I think, nephew, the Lord himself.. ..came down to bless the couple,
in the form of a cat. Take the chariot forward. But how did that cat appear suddenly? Mother, it was brother
Ghatotkach in the form of a cat.. ..trying to stop the procession.
But his plan failed. But what’s this? Why are your maids running
helter-skelter, Shashirekha? The wedding procession has arrived.
Where’s the princess? Let’s go take a look on the roof. Maybe she wanted to
get a glimpse of her groom. What? What happened? The groom fell down from the horse. Soldiers, behead the horse that
dared to drop my son from his back. Lakshman, come sit in the chariot, son. Where were you, princess? I couldn’t control myself.
I wanted to see the groom? How is he? Everything else is okay,
but he has a big stomach. Big ears like that of a donkey. And a long mouth like the stork. Demoness… What demoness? There’s no demoness here. Garland her quickly. Serpent. Don’t sting me. Where’s the serpent, son? In the garland. What’s wrong with him? – Nothing. The groom was so pleased
to marry your daughter.. ..that he drank too
much liquor last night. He’s still under the influence,
and joking around. Does he drink? He doesn’t normally. But he was gambling
with uncle last night. And he kept drinking all night. So he gambles as well. He’s bound to have all
the qualities of a Prince. Come on, get on with
the wedding quickly. The auspicious time is passing away. Lakshman Kumar,
quietly garland her. Very nice, Ghatotkach. Drive Lakshman Kumar crazy.. that father sees his real side,
and.. – And what? Speak up, Shashirekha. Say that you get to marry Abhimanyu. What rubbish. I won’t sit here. Now the bride will
feed sweet to the groom. No, I don’t eat frog. No, son, it’s a sweet. Brother, I think Lakshman Kumar’s
mental state isn’t quite right. Now take the bride’s hand in your hand. We’ll begin the water ceremony. No! I will not marry her. She’s not a princess, she’s a demoness. Duryodhan, tell your crazy son
to stop humiliating my daughter. Your daughter has been
humiliating my son. I think she’s surely a demoness. Enough. Please leave before I
am forced to pick up my weapon. No need to lift your weapons. Think calmly. No, I am taking my son’s
wedding procession back. Let’s go. Shashirekha is very hurt. Go and explain to her, brother. Dear…don’t be sad. I’ll get you married
to the one you want. You took the right the decision. You shouldn’t delay any more
in meeting Subhadra and Abhimanyu. Fine, I’ll apologize to Subhadra.. ..and propose to
Abhimanyu for Shashirekha. All the best. Don’t delay a good deed. Okay. – The marriage dais is ready. I’ll call Abhimanyu and Subhadra. What’s this? If she’s Sashirekha, then who is she? This isn’t Sashirekha,
he’s the son of Bheem, Ghatotkach. Greetings. I didn’t understand, Krishna. I gave Ghatotkach this task.. you would know the
real intentions of the Kauravas. Krishna, Ghatotkach,
if it wasn’t for you.. ..then Sashirekha’s life
would’ve been ruined. Mine too. Brother Ghatotkach helped save my love. My blessings are with you. I will always protect you. As long as I am alive,
no one can harm you. Please allow me to leave. My mother must be waiting for me. Not yet. Once we take the nuptial rounds.. ..give us your blessings,
eat sweets and then you can leave. Sweets? Then get on with
the nuptial rounds quickly. Faster. Faster. I’ve to narrate the
entire incident to mother. Faster. Don’t scamper. Run faster. Yes, Prince. Is this how you jump? Forgive me, master. Forgive me. I failed you.. – Ashwana. Ashwana. Forgive me, friend. You died because of me. Our friend Ghatotkach
is very sad these days. Why? Are you dumb? Don’t you know? He’s in deep shock
due to Ashwana’s death. Yes, his dear friend is no more. He has nothing to ride. We’re all ready to be his ride. But he doesn’t like anyone. I think we should call Gajju,
he can solve this problem. I see. How? Just watch. First climb on that peak and call Gajju! Gajju! Gajju! Gajju! Why have you called me? We want to change friend
Ghatotkach’s mood. We want to give him
a chance to pick his ride. Will you help us? – Of course I will. Let’s go. Lord, please help our friend. We always want to see you smiling. Why don’t you make Gajju your new ride? Yes, just like Ashwana.. ..I will stay by your
side until my last breath. If required, I’ll run as fast as him. Thank you, friends. White Gem, from today you’re my ride. You called me White Gem. Thank you. Come, sit on your new ride. You are still awake, Ghat? What are you looking at, mother?
– Nothing, son. I’m using this divine mirror
given to me by Sukracharya.. look in the future. I want to see…
your and your father’s future. What did you see? There’s a fierce war between
the Kauravas and Pandavas. Krishna is with the Pandavas. You’re helping your father
as well in the war. Who is winning?
Pandavas or Kauravas? What is my role? I don’t remember the
incantation entirely.. ..and so I can’t see
the entire future, son. And this makes me worried. No, no…if such a war ever takes place,
I won’t let you go. Mother, when the brave
Pandavas and Sri Krishna.. ..take part in the war, what’s to fear? I am a mother after all,
I am bound to be worried. What will be the reason
for this war, mother? The greed of the Kauravas.
Their hunger for power. 12 years of exile and
1 year of anonymity is over. Now we should go back to Hastinapur.. ..and ask for our kingdom back. Will they return us our kingdom? Of course they will. We won’t give you a single
piece of land! Run away. – Why won’t you? We’ve completed our exile. No, nephew.
You’ve returned a day earlier. Now you’ll have to spend
13 years of exile again. – No. We’re returned after
serving 13 years in exile. We’ve invited scholars and
mathematicians from far and wide. Sir, please enlighten us. Great mathematician Bhagvad,
what do you have to say? Pandavas have returned a day earlier. You tell us, Shashtriji. They had to return
after completing 13 years.. ..which gets completed today. They should’ve returned tomorrow. This isn’t right. These scholars and
mathematicians are your slaves. We don’t believe them. Yes, right. Your intentions aren’t right. You don’t want to return us our kingdom. Yes, we don’t. You can do anything you like. If you want to get anything,
then go form an army. Fight us. And win your kingdom back. So be it.
Come, brother. We’ll see them in the battlefield now. Don’t fight amongst yourselves. Duryodhan, return to them their kingdom. Or there will be a fierce war. Millions of innocent
people will die for no reason. No, Bheesm Pitama. Only power will decide our fate now. Let’s see how strong they are. So be it. War only begets destruction
and nothing else. Pitama, war has been announced. If your vow to protect
the Hastinapur throne is true.. ..then you will have
to support us in the war. Or we’ll consider
that your vow is a fake. Tell us, are you with us or not? Fine, I will help you. Because you’ve challenged
my self-respect.. ..and turned this war a
question of Hastinapur’s honor. War is inevitable. They are preparing for the war. So…what are our orders? Conjure an army quickly. Call the demons and the Adivasis. They are experts in warfare. Call your ally kings
along with their armies. And Bheem, call Ghatotkach immediately. He’s a master of many magical powers. He’ll be crucial in winning this war.
– As you wish. Ghatotkach! Ghatotkach! Ghat! Yes, father. What are your orders? Leave immediately with your demon army. The war with the Kauravas
has been decided. Yes, father. Don’t worry. I and my demon army are prepared.. lay down our lives
to protect your honor. Go, son. Display your bravery in the
war and make your father proud. My blessings are with you. Don’t worry, mother. It’s better to die as a warrior,
than live like a coward. And then I am the son
of Bheem and a mother like you. No one can harm me, mother. Let’s go, my brave friends. We’ve to teach those
Kauravas a fitting lesson.. they will never think of war again. Come on. Glory to… – Prince Ghatotkach! Glory to… – Prince Ghatotkach! Glory to… – Ghatotkach, son of Bheem! Glory to… – Ghatotkach, son of Bheem! This war marks the beginning
of ‘Kaliyug’ (Modern age). This war will bring great devastation. Millions of warriors are going to fight. Arrows, swords and mace won’t help. Everyone’s going to
use their divine weapons. Then why do we fight at all. To protect the truth. To eradicate injustice. Pick up your bow, Arjun. Fight! I don’t understand why
Ghatotkach hasn’t arrived yet. Greetings, father. Forgive me for my delay. I had to visit many forests
and bring all the demons together. Thank God you’re here, son. The Kaurava army is more
than a match for us until now. Don’t worry, father. Tomorrow in the battle, if they kill one
of our soldiers, I’ll kill 10 of theirs. That’s what I expect from you, son. Come now and meet Krishna
and your other kin. When will it be dawn? Me and my demon army
are eager to fight the battle. Your wish has been fulfilled. Its dawn, Ghatotkach. Today, on the fourth day of the war.. ..I appoint Ghatotkach as
the commander-in-chief of the army. The Pandava’s honor lies in your hand. Thank you, Lord. Now watch what I and my army do. Bless me! Why did you get off the chariot, Bheem? Let me show some games to the Kauravas. Alambush, you go. Stop Bheem. – As you wish. I will behead Bheem and
his demon son Ghatotkach right away. He’s on his way to hell. Now for the rest. Greetings, King. Who are you? Friend or foe. The enemy of my enemy is a friend, king. I am Alyudh,
Ghatotkach killed my brother Alambush. I will not spare him. Alambush tried to kill Ghatotkach. And you know what Ghatotkach did to him. Now you claim that
you will kill Ghatotkach. Think about it. King, you are not aware of my power. Fine, don’t just talk…
show me what you can do. My brother’s murderer,
Ghatotkach, I will kill you. Let there be darkness! I will use my divine powers
to eradicate this darkness. Did you see? My many forms. Alyudh, I think you will
really kill Ghatotkach today. Great Alyudh. Ghatotkach is dead. Consider that we’ve won this battle. Here’s your brave warrior’s head. Arjun’s powers are growing
due to Krishna’s grace. We will have to kill Arjun. And Karan is the only
one who can kill Arjun.. ..using his divine weapon. Right, Karan? – Fine. Arjun won’t survive tomorrow. Arjun, you have to be careful tomorrow. Karan can use his divine
weapon on you tomorrow. What divine weapon? Lord Indra was pleased by Karan
and bestowed him with his weapon.. ..and said,
Karan I am giving you my weapon.. can kill anyone with it. But you can use this only once. After that it will return to me. Arjun, you will have
to protect yourself tomorrow. You all are worrying needlessly. As long as I am alive,
Karan cannot harm Arjun. So be it, son. Use your valor tomorrow
to protect Arjun. Arjun, see your death is
standing in front of you. We will see..
who is death for the other. Not there,
take me in front of him, Krishna. I want to pierce his heart. No. I think it’ll be
right to attack from the west. The soldier of a coward charioteer…
stop! Karan, deal with me first. Then you can deal with uncle Arjun. Clear my way, or else I will kill you. We’ll see. Who is destroyed and who is saved. Now you see how your head
is cut will my weapon. I think your arrows are strong too. That’s okay. Now face my weapons. O magical demon,
watch the strength of my weapon. Clear my path, I want to quench this
battlefield’s thirst with Arjun’s blood. Obviously you don’t know.. ..those who daydream are stoned. What do I do? I’ll use the weapon
given by the God of Wind. You dispersed the clouds, but how will
you escape the blows from the trees. He doesn’t stop at all. He might get to uncle Arjun. Evil Ghatotkach is dead. Karan, use the divine
weapon of Lord Indra. Now. What are you saying? I saved that weapon to slay Arjun. Fool, Ghatotkach will kill
us before we can get to Arjun. Yes, use the weapon. As you wish. Hail Lord Indra. Enough of your games. Now meet your death. No! My dear son! Krishna…what have you done? Ghat. My child. Open your eyes. Don’t wail, Bheem. Ghatotkach laid down
his life to protect Arjun. He fought like a brave warrior.. ..and even while breathing his last,
he killed.. ..many soldiers of the Kaurav army. You should be proud of him. But what will I tell Hidimba? There’s just one thing to say. Defeat the Kauravas. Destroy the Kaurav army. Ghatotkach’s sacrifice
shouldn’t be in vain. I vow…I won’t let Ghatotkach’s
sacrifice go in vain. We vow…we will win this war. What has happened, lord? All our 100 sons are dead. I tried explaining to
Duryodhan and Dushashan.. ..that this war will
only bring destruction. But they didn’t listen. Don’t worry, Hidimba. The body perishes, not the soul. The soul can’t be burnt or decay. Your brave son will reincarnate
again in many different forms. And he’ll show the courage
to fight against injustice. Eras will pass-by,
but every generation.. ..will be inspired
by Ghatotkach’s story. Lord Krishna, I am proud to be the
mother of a brave son like Ghatotkach. Your words have given me a relief. Mother! Maids! Maids! Look. My Ghatotkach is back. Queen, where is prince Ghatotkach? There’s no one here. Here I am. Look…there he is.
– There’s no one there. He’s mischievous and an illusionist. He comes and disappears. Look…there he is. Ghat, come to me, child. You must be hungry. “His face is like a pot…
and dark complexion.” “..and dark complexion.” “He’s the son of Bheem…
strongest of all.” “Mischievous and innocent.” “Mischievous and innocent.” “His face is like a pot…
and dark complexion.” “He’s the son of Bheem…
strongest of all.” “Mischievous and innocent.” “His name’s Ghatotkach,
and he’s one of a kind.” “His name’s Ghatotkach,
and he’s one of a kind.” “He’s mischievous and cute.” “Mother’s sweet boy.” “He’s mischievous and cute.” “Mother’s sweet boy.” “He walks with a bang.” “He walks with a bang.” “The earth sways, so does the sky.” “The earth sways, so does the sky.” “When he sets forth with his mace.” “When he sets forth with his mace.” “Obedient to his mother and powerful.” “And powerful.” “His face is like a pot…
and dark complexion.” “He’s the son of Bheem…
strongest of all.” “Mischievous and innocent.” “His name’s Ghatotkach,
and he’s one of a kind.” “His name’s Ghatotkach,
and he’s one of a kind.” “He assumed many forms..” “He assumed many forms..” “And performed many
divine plays in the world.” “Abhimanyu’s love story..” “Abhimanyu’s love story…
turned into the reality of marriage.” “He did penance hard and
acquired many powers.” “His face is like a pot…
and dark complexion.” “He’s the son of Bheem…
strongest of all.” “Mischievous and innocent.” “His name’s Ghatotkach,
and he’s one of a kind.” “His name’s Ghatotkach,
and he’s one of a kind.” “His name’s Ghatotkach,
and he’s one of a kind.” “His name’s Ghatotkach,
and he’s one of a kind.”

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