Game Grumps Animated – Game of Grumps – by PixlPit

Game Grumps Animated – Game of Grumps – by PixlPit

do believe it I am King you look like mm-hmm you want this crown I know you want this crown I know you want this ground can take is granny can take my crown look that’s not mattresses where you at no you can’t have it now I wanna do something well I don’t even know who anymore it shit I just get blown a thousand feet away yes okay run with it no I can’t get my arm out help yeah I’ll come help you oh okay I’ll steal you better not see you like red as you can get my crown up here oh my god dude I am The King but I’m tired I don’t care if you’re tired I need to go to a sleepy time Junction what watch you go down no no don’t get my crown fucking kill you no don’t look at me oh shit Suzi win no Aaron quiz Aaron’s clearly the winner does he want

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  1. YAY!! Robin actually animated something for the Grumps!! I was just looking at some animations on this channel and I seen Robins

  2. It was an animation set in Game Of Thrones, then Avatar, then Back to the Future, Then to Dr. Who, Then Star Wars, And finally, back to Game of Thrones.

  3. It would have been funny if the 10th doctor just pops his head out of the tardis quickly, then back in quickly. And takes off.

  4. the amazing frog video is the #1 game grumps video where i can't stop laughing also was that ross that got killed?

  5. 1:23 Oh my god. Two jugs of milk, a lemonade stand, and a sign for chocolate in the back.
    "Milk, milk, lemonade, around the corner fudge is made."
    Christ, almost three years I've watched this masterpiece and only NOW do I get that part <3

  6. MILK MILK LEMONADE AROUND THE CORNER CHOCOLATE IS MADE! Wow, you cheeky pixlpit. I see what you did there. XD 1:22

  7. As a student taking French linguistics classes, I think this videos subtitles will help with my practice over the Summer. Thanks, Robin!

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