Full Movie HD Cartoon – Robinson Crusoe 3D Animation Short Film

Full Movie HD Cartoon – Robinson Crusoe 3D Animation Short Film

Got it ! I got one!
I got it! I got it! You!
Which one? You? No you! Soon, soon! Pretty-pretty! Come here!
I’m not going to hurt you… Oh damn! Got it! Got it!
Come Come here! I won’t eat you… Yes, I will!
Hey guys! I’m here!
Wait! Don’t leave! Guys! Guys!
Noooooo! Lunch time! But… but, no! You remain an egg! No! No no nonono no no!
But don’t look at me that way… It’s not my fault you know It’s Darwin!
It’s natural selection… That’s going to be good! I’ll give you one, but that’s all! Careful, enjoy it!
Don’t stuff yourself you Darwin! But… He ate it all!
You wanna eat! Good! Why! You can eat it that!
What? But… How did you do that?
Show daddy how you did open the little tin !
This can’t be true, you’ll open it! Hooh ho! They are back!
Pfff, you’d put an iceberg right in front of them they wouldn’t even see it…! Don’t you think I cannot see you coming with
your little sly eyes! Come here!
Where is it!? I want my fish!
Give it or I will roast you with it! Oh perfect, it can’t be true! I Couldn’t get
any better! And now! An iceberg… One only damn iceberg!
Food! Come over here.
This time I swear you’re going to open it! Oh no! It can’t be!
No! No no no!

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  1. ये तो लल्लाताला का मोहम्मद लग रहा है।
    धरती चौकोर है 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  2. Il a trouvé un couteau pour ouvri la boîte après avoir dit bientôt, bientôt à la boîte qui a ouvri la boîte?😀😀

  3. Надо торцом банки потереть об камень ,и она бы открылась. Лайвхак из армии

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