Freedom Fighters: The Ray | Part 2 – First Five Minutes | CW Seed

Freedom Fighters: The Ray | Part 2 – First Five Minutes | CW Seed

it would really suck -if we kidnapped the wrong guy.
-(RAY GROANS) No, no, no.
We didn’t kidnap him.
We’re recruiting him. CURTIS: Would still
suck though. (LOUD SWISH) Where am I? What’s going on? I see he’s awake. I can’t believe
you tranq-darted him. It was
a tranq-flechette, actually. Wait a sec. I know you guys. Really? Was it the masks
and colorful outfits
that gave it away? Don’t mind him.
He likes to bust
the chops of the rookies. Rookies? We keep an eye
on emerging heroes. Metas. Seemed like a good time
for us to meet. What he means is you’ve
been using your powers
in public quite a bit. You know about that?
How do you know about that? We do our homework, Mr. Terrill. Raymond Terrill.
Born March, 1995, graduated
Central State University 2017. His brother, Michael,
died in 2009. Lives with his mother, Grace,
and father, Richard. You still live
with your parents? We’ll come back to that. It sounds like you could still
use some training in the proper
use of your powers. And we’ve got some
experience in that area. (CELL PHONE BEEPING) Whatever training
we’re talking about, it’s gonna have
to be on the job. What’s going on? That was Mari McCabe. Trouble in Detroit. (RUMBLING) (SWISHING) That never gets old. I think I’m gonna be sick. Keep it together. FLASH: Um, guys. When Cisco said
military prototype, I think what
he really meant was… CURTIS: A giant robot. Isn’t this like the coolest? VIXEN: Well, that’s
one way of looking at it. (SCREECHING) But that thing’s already
destroyed three city blocks. Well, we need to keep it
from being four. -(SCREECHING)
-(SWISHING) Waiting for an invitation. Yeah. Right. (EXPLOSIONS) (SCREECHING) You guys probably run
headfirst into danger
all the time. But, like, uh,
how often do you make it back? I’ve never run
a statistical analysis. I’ve also never
the cable’s gonna hold? I made them. They’ll hold. We need to herd it
towards the web. And now are we
supposed to do that? I think I got an idea.

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  1. What a load of SJW socialist-Nazi propaganda shit as soon as that made an appearance. nope no more not watching this indoctrination bollocks . So, sick of this racist misandrist shit…

  2. On the Arrowverse watching order this season is set before season 4 of the Flash but shouldn't Barry still be stuck in the speed force

  3. They didn't scale the T Spheres compared to the robot properly… I mean they would be about the size of a watermelon the way they were flying around it

  4. since when is The Ray Gay? I have the comic books serie and he wasn't gay, and his powers came from his dad, not some fuckedup bomb…WTF is wrong with this world…

  5. I'm tired of Green Arrow interfering and telling other people that they need help/training from him and his "crew" in the use of their new powers. First he did that with Vixen, and now The Ray. Personally, I'd be upset if I had powers and some guy who only shoots ARROWS came up to me and told me I need his help in learning how to use MY powers.

  6. 3:18 is a badass move. 200 ton dropped on one small location would k.o. anything short of Superman level. Damn robot must have some heavy armor.

  7. Pretty good this episode! Already a great live version! I would have liked however that the producers of Arrowverse place the plot of this story at the end of season 2 of the Flash series. What rather in a crossover. And that they introduce the characters Black Condor and Phantom Lady in the live version with and that's a pity an introduction of the characters of the JSA

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