Fortnite Trios: Frenzy Farm & Toxin | Funny Fortnite Animation

Fortnite Trios: Frenzy Farm & Toxin | Funny Fortnite Animation

(upbeat music)
(gunshots) (grunting) – Sniper, 117 east-southeast, Barn Roof. – Build’s going up at 32 North. – Corn at five minutes. – Five minutes? Oh my god, Drip, focus! – Prepare to meet your doom. (gunshots) – Ron, take out that 117 snipe. – Who made you the leader? Though I do like a good tit for tat. (gunshots) – Drip, sneak around the side and take the North build from behind. – Sir, yessir! Through the corn hole I shall go. (groans) (dramatic music) – Tag, you’re– (screams) – Ron this is your best friend, Dripley Doo Dah Day, are you okay? – [Don] Help, Drip, I’m knocked. Is this what noobs feels like? – I’ll save you! Mama Llama’s coming for her baby! (gunshots) – Hey, don’t you think it’s weird that they’re all wearing Toxin– – I don’t care if they’re
giving away free v-bucks. For the love of all
brite bombers, revive me. – Okay, okay, God. (gunshots)
(dramatic music) (exploding) (cheering) – [Ron] So we gonna stay
here ’til the storm rolls in? Not to be that teammate,
but I am literally, dying. – [Jo] You’re lucky I’m a carry. (grunts) – Holy (beep). (laughing) – [Jo] What’s this mess? – The remains of a festive season. – Help me. – That’s unsettling. – He’ll shut up if you ignore him. – Rude. – [Dripley] Jo, you have to help Ron! – Drip! I totally didn’t forget about you. Yeah and Ron’s fine. I mean, a bit disturbed
by this snowman but fine. – He’s in bad shape. He’s lost a lot of HP but gained in looks! Ooo, such a handsome, young badass! I must save him with the kiss of life. – Flattered, but I’m at full health now. Could still use some shields. – Ow! – Two Rons? – Drip, you puddle of plop. This isn’t Ron. It’s an alter ego. – Oh, so that’s why his hair is better. – Hey. – Please don’t shoot. My name’s Don, not Ron,
and I come in peace. – Give me one good reason
why I shouldn’t fill that pretty little head
of yours full of lead. – Pretty? – There’s an evil trio
plotting to conquer the island using Toxin clones. Only the four of us are
equipped to combat them and if they succeed, we all are doomed! – (sighs) Good enough. – Yay, two Ron’s are better than one! – Still here… still need help. (upbeat jazz music)

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