Food Stylist Makes Ultimate Grilled Cheese from the Movie Chef + Cheese Pull Secret

Food Stylist Makes Ultimate Grilled Cheese from the Movie Chef + Cheese Pull Secret

– [Man] Doin’ a good job. – It’s just the food. It just needs me to be
here to talk nice to it and tell it it’s pretty. Come on now, work with me. Piece of (beep). Sorry, I’m supposed to be nice to you. I’m a food stylist. Consider me a make-up artist for food. I take boring, everyday average food and make it look amazing. Guys, I love the movie “Chef.” It’s one of my favorite
movies of all time, and most importantly, the grilled cheese from the movie “Chef” is
what we’re gonna do today. (upbeat music) But first, have you subscribed
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when there’s a new episode? And if you’re not, you should be. We’re making new episodes, keep up today. Come one, what are you doing? For a grilled cheese that I
was styling for a photo set, I would just use good old
fashioned white bread, and dun dun dun dah, you guessed it, singles in the cellophane wrap. It melts like crazy, stays
melty for a long time, yeah, it’s awesome. It’s an awesome grilled cheese product. We grew up eating this stuff, right? You just throw the cellophane
wrapper at your brother or sister and make them freak out. It’s completely different
than the grilled cheese we’re gonna make today, which
is made with real cheddar, real Parmesan, Gruyere,
and sour dough bread. Amazing ingredients to make
a delicious grilled cheese that looks as awesome as it tastes. In the movie he has a
super cool flat top griddle in his like shabby apartment
which is just amazing, I love it. We don’t have anything
like that here necessarily, so we’re just going with the
good old fashioned electric griddle, non stick,
obviously if you’re at home you’re making a grilled cheese in cast iron or non-stick pan, or maybe you’re fancy and
you have a gas griddle in your house too and I’m super jealous. So, I have my little
meased out stack of cheese for my “Chef” grilled cheese. I mean, it’s a pretty
hefty amount of cheese, but we’re going for like a pretty serious grilled cheese here. And then, four slices of
just the good old fashioned processed American cheese
for our OG grilled cheese. Just to do a side by side
comparison, because why not? Obviously the biggest thing
when making grilled cheese at home or in a professional
scenario is the regulation of your temperature on your griddle. That’s one thing that was
really awesome in the movie. It’s just this beautiful
dance almost of him buttering the bread and
putting it on the griddle and regulating the temperature. So I’m gonna start with
just my classic white bread. My butter is at room temperature. There is also a whole like
mayonnaise versus butter debate, and I’m not talking about mayonnaise inside of the sandwich, I’m talking about
mayonnaise on the outside of the bread to help toast the bread. If you have an opinion that,
you should comment below and let me know. I just go with good old fashioned butter. I think it gives the
bread a beautiful color, and I feel like mayonnaise
can be a little greasy, which obviously can be a good thing, when you’re making a grilled cheese, but the cheese is already kinda greasy. So, we’re just gonna go with
one fat today on the bread and then more in the middle. I’m kinda toggling
between like 350 and 400. I love sour dough bread, I
love toasted sour dough bread, it’s so delicious, it creates
such a beautiful crust and Roy Choi, the actual
chef behind the movie “Chef” talks about this grilled cheese being like just a flavor sort of explosion
from like beginning to end with the tanginess of the sour
dough and then the creaminess of the cheese and all the
other textures you get. It’s beautiful, it’s
golden, look at all that. You can see like all the
texture on the bread. Our OG grilled cheese is
hanging out on the griddle just to maintain a warmth while I work on the “Chef” grilled cheese. You can already see the like color change. It’s beautiful. Cheese is a wonderful thing. And butter, and bread, the whole thing. Gosh, there’s just not many
things that are better. I love the whole intimacy in the scene with the grilled cheese. It’s something that’s so simple, but it’s broken down and
it’s really thought out and it’s so intimate. He’s making this grilled
cheese for his son, the whole thing is just lovely. So I let the OG grilled cheese
hang out a little too long, the one side that was on the plate is a little dark, it
still looks really good, super crusty, but now
I’m gonna transfer it to this metal rack, it’s
gonna let the grilled cheese cool down a little bit without
making the bread soggy. If I was to transfer that grilled cheese like onto a plate or onto a sheet pan the contact with the bread to the surface is gonna create condensation. So this, is gonna keep the bread crisp. In the Roy Choi, the “Chef”
show, they talk about buttering the bread again, that’s
not something that I do, ’cause I feel like, like
there’s a lot of grease on this griddle, but maybe there’s a trick
that I’m just not aware of. But also butter’s delicious. Ooh wow, that looks gorgeous. Starting to get a little
crust here, where the cheese was like in contact with the griddle. That is not something that would happen on the OG grilled cheese necessarily. So now I’m gonna turn the
temperature down on the griddle. Ooh, okay, maybe the extra butter did help out a little bit. (laughs) I sorta put the extra
butter in this spot around the bread where it wasn’t
getting this darker brown color, and it looks great. It’s super crusty, the
cheese is coming out, which is amazing. Okay, so I’m gonna move
my griddle out of the way so I can transfer the grilled
cheese to the cutting board so I can cut it in half
and we’ll do a comparison. This looks bomb. I love everything about it. I don’t know that I’m
gonna go back to making OG grilled cheese anymore. So I’ve just warmed up
my other grilled cheese. I’m just gonna call it
the other grilled cheese. Okay, so we’ll do that one first. We’re not necessarily gonna
talk about a cheese pull in this moment, but we just are gonna
look at the difference. That’s a good looking
grilled cheese, right? Oh wow. That’s epic as (beep). I don’t even know what to do with that, other than eat it. So we have our classic
grilled cheese on white bread with American cheese and it’s so classic, it really does have a
beautiful look to it. This’d definitely be in
a commercial alongside a bowl of tomato soup. They are probably gonna be
selling the tomato soup, not the grilled cheese,
but it’s classic, gorgeous, I love it. Now this bad boy is just in
another league of its own. It is like the king of grilled cheeses. The bread is so golden, the cheese is just like unbelievable, the way it’s like oozing out, and it’s not just the front,
like I just need to flip this around so you can see the back too, because even the back to me is so yummy and delicious, because
it’s like crispy around the edges of the bread, and then gooey, ah, it’s just amazing. So obviously the “Chef”
grilled cheese like in its natural state did a beautiful cheese pull, and I think that’s just
the sheer amount of cheese in the sandwich creates
that beautiful pull. So, for instance, if I was
to do a cheese pull on set with this grilled cheese,
basically what I would do is have my grilled cheese
bread pieces already toasted and halved like this,
the way that I would cut the grilled cheese and then
you take your grilled cheese and put it back on your warm surface and just like leave it
together until you’re ready to make your cheese pull. And basically what that
does is it allows the cheese to fill into that cavity
where you’ve cut the bread, and so when you go to do your pull, you just pull it apart. Oh, look, there she is. Vindicated. We’re gonna make a couple
more grilled cheeses anyway, just because we got all this cheese and we got all this bread
and all this butter. If you have seen a movie
about food or a food scene in a movie and it has
given you a certain feeling or you’ve seen it and now you’re
super passionate about it, comment below, let us
know what that movie is. Let us know what that food is. And if you think about it
and if you’ve made it at home for yourself because that means somebody is doing their job right. Chefs and food makers alike
all have to think about it from a consumer’s perspective, and they did a really
good job in the movie. Oh, it’s hot as (beep). Look at it just (laughs). It just, it all just
came on out didn’t it? That looks great. This is not the sour dough though, so it’s not the like true “Chef” sandwich, but I don’t guess it
really matters now does it? ‘Cause this is the one that looks better. Now we’re gonna go over to set. Okay, we have got the grilled
cheese on our beauty set. It looks awesome. We replicated this scene
exactly from the scene in the movie “Chef”, the
propping’s very minimal, but that’s the way it should be. The focus is all about the food. Comment below and let
me know what you thought about this episode,
making the grilled cheese from the movie “Chef” and
make sure you’re following “Food Stylist Verus” on YouTube. Please, and thank you. (sandwich crunches) So good. So greasy. So good. (upbeat music)

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