Fluid Motion | Celeste’s Animation

Fluid Motion | Celeste’s Animation

There’s something just very nice about Celeste It’s down to a number of things but for me, it’s about how nicely the animation fits with the movement and gameplay The cute art style of the game undercut by its slightly sinister themes is reflected in the character animation Once you get going, there’s a true sense of fluid motion to all your moves, and this is down to a whole bunch of little things For instance whenever you land from jumping crouch or stand back up There’s a cute little squash to your character making her look and feel squishy and there’s the stretch as she leaps as well When you move around there’s some nice follow-through action in her hair, a delay as it flows behind you When you jump or make a big action you’ve got these nice little dust puffs Something akin to the likes of Mario when he jumps or something you’ve seen in Dustforce before As well as dust puffs, when you dash, you’ve got this lovely little arrow of energy that follows you consisting of a couple of after images which reminds me of the likes of Megaman X and Then you’ve got these little digital embers, which linger in the air once you’ve landed like a little reminder of your movements When she’s clinging on to walls There’s those little stress sweats, which show her effort, and then when she’s about to fall We got those extra stress marks as well pretty cute One little cute thing I noticed is how she stands when she’s on the ledge, makes me think of all those 16-bit games Which made a point of having a balancing animation of your character And then you’ve got all the environmental animations, such as the constant snowstorm, little plants swaying in the wind Lights which sway when you go past them, the internal mechanisms of the lifts and pulleys, and the winged strawberries have a nice bend to them whenever they swooshing The way this game looks and feels makes me think of Fez, Super Meat Boy and Hyper Light Drifter Particularly Fez with its intricately animated world that makes it feel alive And then you’ve got Mega Man references in there such as when Celeste dies she explodes into orbs What? Celeste isn’t her name? Celeste is the name of the mountain Madeline’s her name God, stop skipping the story, Dan Anyway, there’s absolutely plenty to love about this game. Retro styled indie games just seem to have soundtracks nailed these days I don’t know what it is I think of Rich Vreeland inspired everyone to give all you’ve got now, but seriously check out this game. It looks absolutely gorgeous Thanks for comments on the Limbo video Critical link says he prefers Limbo’s art style and feels that the the the monochrome aesthetics kind of lend itself more to the Ambiguous nature of the game, and he feels that there the more crisp appearance of them inside kind of cripples this art style so that’s an interesting interesting take and Subprogram 32 said it was circle and oddly relaxing video where I assume oddly as in you weren’t Anticipating to be relaxed why I mean I wasn’t relaxed making it so maybe that’s why sod and an interested in future vids Thanks very much Sato says this channel deserves more subs tbh. Oh no tell me about it Do all you can share it around you know share comment like subscribe and all that stuff Sonic Master Sword and Says it’s long been said that certain elements that black and white movies can produce that elements color movies cannot Certain scenes and designs simply don’t appear as well or even appear with color. Yeah, that’s true I mean, I’m sure there’s a whole them as I’ll study into the area of film and everything final really interesting and rubber ducky Says that bit where you explode a frame of Limbo is genius editing I’m glad a lot of people seem to like that and that’s quite. That’s quite fun to do it and I feel like it Anyway, clearly gets more getting my point across Thanks for watching. I’ll see you next time and should have a video out soon. This was a quite a quite a quick turnaround so There’s like an experiment see how quickly I dare you make a video you can spawn patreon You can like and subscribe see you later, bye

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  1. It's always a thing I do, reading descriptions that is. And yes, Dan, I don't think you realize how relaxing and trance-like your videos are. The music choice combined with your choice of video aesthetic, combined with your soothing voice makes for an excellent listen. If you ever had a Podcast about Video games, or anything really, I'd love it. Keep it up Dan.

  2. It's pretty impressive they got such a wide range of expression out of a minimalist character sprite. I know retro-indie style is in, but I'm noticing that these minimalist retro-style character sprites are becoming more common…not sure why that is, since Celeste is the only one I've seen where they still put a lot of effort into their animation. At any rate I really need to get around to playing this one of these days.

  3. Lots of really nice stuff going on in Celeste, yeah. Hadn't noticed the way the chain moves on the traffic light blocks before watching this video, so cheers for that especially.

  4. If you like the classic video game music you might like the undertale ost and a great game and a great game and soundtrack is crypt of the necrodancer.

  5. Gosh dang it, I was just thinking about buying this game and you're not making it any easier. I enjoy how your channel has gone from an animated version of you talking about games, to talking about the animations in the games themselves.

  6. I like this guy he has a nice great comfy style, with a voice that fits perfectly with this video style. This guy deserves more exposure and attention.

  7. Great video as usual!
    I also noticed how this game takes more of a pacifist route in platforming. Instead of using your abilities to get through a room you must use your abilities to get around a room.

  8. Celeste also emphasizes the speed in Madeline's Fast Fall by thinning her out a bit as she goes down. Her hair is also very reactive to wind currents, combined with her animation of pushing through the wind and how blusterous the wind blows the snow in the foreground really sells how hard the wind is going.

    It's cute to look at, blissful to the ears and hard yet gentle gameplay.

  9. As always, I appreciate the way that your editing lends clarity to your arguments. Based on the connections you were drawing, do you think Celeste purposely uses little nostalgic references and design tropes specifically to make the experience more warm and fuzzy? You know, by drawing upon all these little touches that people will recognise and feel fondness for? I think there may be something in that, since so much of the experience has been designed around creating the most comfortable and calming rage-game possible 🙂

    Keep up the great work, it's wonderful that you're communicating some of the genius that goes into these productions to a wider audience!

  10. Wonderful vid, I never thought to look at it in that much detail but I always noticed just how fluid celeste felt.

    This why it annoyed me when someone called this game "just yet another retro" game. The animations are too modern to have been able to have existed on old consoles and the game design and features are all modernized (in a good way). This isn't a throwback, this is progression, it builds upon the old and is something new. Just because it has gorgeous pixel art doesn't mean it's the same.

  11. Great Video but you should consider getting a better Mic. The hissing is pretty bad and did not match the visuals and content.

  12. Really enjoying your videos, watching through all of them at the moment and really giving me food for thought for our games.

  13. Hey, great video you got there! Love this game.
    If you don't mind me asking, what's the name of the music playing in the background? Sounds really nice.

  14. Love your voice it's soooo relaxing, and somehow makes me pay closer attention to your videos than I normally would ? if you ever did an audio book I would use it to fall a sleep, like for real ?

  15. When Madeline is left idle, she'll show a sneezing animation. I thought that was a really cute touch!

  16. Hey Dan I found a cool Easter egg for this game in this video https://youtu.be/X7VMdr7wcnw here at 5:50, it shows a part where She is talking in reverse during the mirror temple level and when you reverse it she has a unsettling message for you.

  17. Is it just me or does the beginning sound sounds like the teleportation sound effect in A Link to the Past? And the beginning of Celeste's music sounding like Breath of the Wild's beginning when Link looks into the landscape for the first time.

  18. Nice little video 🙂
    And a nice way you highlight the animation, with the blurred background and the zoomed in shots of animation in the scenery.
    However, the first 2:45 of this videos music is way to loud! I have to concentrate to hear what you are saying, and thats a huge shame. (also, why the intense level 1 remix music? It sends a completly wrong wipe of the subject matter IMO).

    Boom – criticism

  19. Watching for the second time. This is probably a terrible suggestion, but I'd love to see a video about animating dynamic hair in games!

  20. What is that other game with the dust puffs? I can only understand "Dust Wars", but Google doesn't seem to yield anything that looks like it. I think I misheard that title… EDIT: just scrolled through your previous videos and found "Dustforce" 😀 Anyway, thanks for this great channel!

  21. The character in the thumbnail reminds me awfully alot of Kim Pine's sprite from the Scott Pilgrim vs the World game.

    Which begs the question; have you played Scott Pilgrim vs the World and if so, do you intend to eventually feature the game in any of your vids whether it be a review or an animation analysis?

    I figured I ask since I feel the game is up your alley (colorful, fun, wild animations, it's a Beat 'em Up, it has tons of references to Sonic, Megaman and Mario among other games etc)

  22. FYI you can make your vocal audio sound better by using a High Pass Filter to remove some of the high frequencies that make it sound a bit too crispy. Not sure what editing software you're using but such a filter should be available as an audio effect you can apply.

  23. Speaking as someone who’s utterly fatigued by these retro indie 2D platformers, I can’t help but still love this game. They took the style and made it too cute for me to resist. I love the squishy animations, the character portraits during cutscenes, and even the digitized voice samples (which I usually don’t even like). So kudos to Matt for suckering me in one last time.

  24. I posted a comment correcting you on the character's name, but then I saw the part where you corrected yourself and immediately deleted it. That'll teach me not to comment before finishing the video.

  25. Its too bad you didnt make a longer video about the programmed animation in celeste for the environment (wich is not made of sprites), like the flags etc.

  26. "When Celeste dies"? Celeste is the game. Will the game explode into orbs when it dies? If so, I don't want to be anywhere near it.

  27. Celeste is one of those games I feel is under-rated no matter how many good reviews & positive pieces are made about it. Every time I try to recommend it I can practically feel the other person sigh and think "oh no another pixel platformer" even when you say, no no mate.. it's got great animation, tight controls, addicting gameplay and a motivating story.. then they look at you like "are you on drugs".

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