Flirting & My Stories

Flirting & My Stories

I promised you a flirting animation in the last video, so here you go. BURPITY BURRRR Big shocker…I don’t like it. *Chuckle* I’m assuming you all guess, based on my personality, That I’m not one to partake in (SEDUCTIVELY) “swooning” someone over with charming words of flattery…. I don’t think I have ever flirted in my entire life, come to think of it. Okay, well, I did this one time by accident, but I-I’ll get to that later on. I’m more of a, “Make someone feel good and just, overall let them know I care about them” kind of person. (=‐ω‐=) I have no courage to do anything else. All I can imagine is me just trying to approach someone, being like, “Hey there” ……… (what da) “I have a girlfriend………” “OH MY GOD! SAME!” “We have so much in common!” (not realy) … :I *D E E P I N H A L E* ._. Agh, O F F” And even if I somehow got past the initial “flirty introduction”, My low small talk skills won’t get me very far with anything anyway. Okay, so, the first time I ever tried to be a “confident flirty person” or whatever was with this one friend I had. I liked them at the time and we hung out a lot. And one time, we were just sitting on their bed, just chillin’ and talkin’. Just buds being buds. And my mind just starts going, “Okay, you’ve never done anything close to flirting in your entire life. Who even are you? Get your crap together,” “Just do something, let’s go, jeez, c’mon-” I basically bullied myself into submission, which, I didn’t even know was possible, but, congrats to me, I guess. 😀 I peer pressured myself without any peers. So, we were just talking and I just, wrapped my arm around them. Like, with no warning. They were just mid sentence and I was like, ANGH And I IMMEDIATELY regretted it. Like okay – no this is not what i want anymore, why did i convince myself to do this. I’m – god dangit! Cutting the story short, we just remained friends, and, honestly, I’m glad we did. I realized that I prefer this person much more as a friend and I’m glad we didn’t start a relationship. If anything, we just become closer as pals. They are literally, one of my best friends now. They also watch my videos, soo, hey You’re probably expecting me to say this is awkward, but you’re wrong! BUT YOU’RE WRONG!>:D WE’RE BEST FRIENDS! *swag intensifies* Sorry! you can’t laugh at my self-deprecation this time! HA! Just a side tangent, I don’t understand why people just stop talking to someone just because they don’t share mutual feelings with them. like ok so.. You like someone enough to possibly consider starting a closer relationship, Which means, You already enjoy their company, personality and overall, them as a person. And just because they don’t share the same romantic feelings back, you all of a sudden, don’t want to associate with them anymore? That makes absolutely NO sense. Minus the relationship, you two sound like you could’ve had a freagin’ BOMB friendship. Since you theoretically should be able to get along perfectly, I mean, if you consider them as an adequate possible partner, I dunno, it just doesn’t make sense to me. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh unless you’re a douche bag and only like that person for their looks and nothing else. Another part to flirting is, The texting, the messaging, the sliding in the dms-ing. And I don’t really do that either, but I have something to say about it. So, I guess I understand why you would want to wait a few minutes to text someone back, because you don’t wanna seem clingy or something. But, why do people wait, like, more than ten minutes? That’s such a waste of time! And it kinda comes off that you don’t really care that you’re talking to them. Which is the opposite of what you’re feeling. Why can’t we show when we appreciate someone anymore? Also, I know people who want to text someone they like as little as possible, because, I dont know. They’ll almost make it a competition to try and leave the conversation first. They’ll almost make it a competition to try and leave the conversation first. Like, “Congrats! You win on finding a way to make them be the last to text in your conversation!” “You know what your prize is?” “Not getting to talk to the person you wanna talk to!” Putting it that way doesn’t make it seem all that appealing, does it? So now I’m sure you’re wanting me to tell you stories that make me kind of die a bit inside, but provide you with entertainment. (Sarcastically Enthusiastic) Let’s start with awkward first date, shall we? (Sarcastically Enthusiastic) Let’s start with awkward first date, shall we? During my junior year of high school after our homecoming dance, My group of friends and I wanted to go bowling, because, fun. I didn’t have a date. Obviously. At the bowling place, next to our lane, were a group of people around the same age as us. And, out of the blue! One of my friends just goes, “HEY! WILL YOU GUYS TAKE A PICTURE WITH US SO IT LOOKS LIKE WE HAVE DATES!?” (Silence) “RACHEL!” So, we took pictures with these random people, And the one that was my date- “date” was like, “Heh, you should send that to me.” And me being freagin’ innocent and clueless, just goes, “Okay!” “Wait, I don’t have your number.” “wait” “did I just…” “how did I do that?” So blah blah blah I had this persons number now, And I was like, “Oh yeah, I totally meant to be all smooth like that.” To my friends. But, in reality. Ehh, technically, uh, NAH I have no idea what I’m doing. 😀 They end up asking me to the movies and I was like, “ok” But my parents didn’t want me to go alone, so they made me invite Kate and her boyfriend at the time to go as a double date. So we all go to the movies, and since I literally don’t know anything about this person, we didn’t know what to talk about. The whole time. It was all just, “flop” conversations like, “So how was your day?” “Good, how about you?” “Good.” “What’s your favorite color?” uuhbtt AAUGHH It was really… UUUUUUGH I can’t, uhbbt. auggh. It was, scarring. Like, I’m serious, I will never accept any movie invitations unless it’s with close friends or family. All that comes to my mind when I think about movie theaters are just, flashbacks… Like, I don’t wanna relive that! I already lived through it once. That’s quite enough. No more please. So that story wasn’t too bad, just awkward tension- COME ON LET’S BUMP IT UP A BIT! Awkard first kiss! (Oh dear god) so hey my first date was with someone i literally didn’t know you think i’d learn my lesson and would kinda get to know someone before i accepted date invetations, right? W R O N G (hint i’m bad at saying no to people) Also, this is my second date ever. Just putting that fact out there. During my freshman year in college, this person invited me to go on a date, and yeaah, I didn’t know them either. like at all. I’VE LEARNED MY LESSON NOW, OKAY!? We meet up and decide to eat at a restaurant, and heyo, I’ll save some time just by saying, It was going VERY similar to my first date. EXPOSITION TIME! My college has this mountain near it called, “A mountain” and people liked to hike it. Well, I- umm, it’s really not even a hike, more like, walking up at a mild angle. So we wound up walking up “A Mountain” and sitting on a rock platform at the top. And we continued attempting at a normal conversation *not really succeeding.* At one point they put their arm around me Come to think of it, all these stories are kind of coming full circle and I never realized and I’m kinda freaking out And I kinda start just panicking to myself. *Okay, I see where this is going, but I don’t know if I want to end up kissing them.* *Like, I literally know nothing about this person- AGAIN* *And I haven’t kissed anyone yet, what is even happening right now? Oh golly jeez* And all of a sudden, they grab my face and turn it towards them And I’m going, *I SEE WHAT’S ABOUT TO HAPPEN BUT CRAP I DON’T KNOW IF I WANNA KISS THEM YET!* “Oh, well I ran out of time.” So anyone who just happens to take a date up to the top of “A Mountain” and sit on the platform thing, You’ll be sitting on the same spot I accidentally got kissed by someone. And if you’re there, Take a picture and tweet it at me. I’d say preferably if you guys kissing but that’s kind of weird, and I mean, unless you want to. This last story isn’t really about flirting or dates, but I think it’s kinda funny. I was hanging out with an ex-friend, and we were walking along our colleges main strip, It’s a street called “Mill” and it’s got a bunch of stores and restaurants along it. And just because I like how all these stories are kinda connecting, the restaurant first kiss and I went to was on this strip too. We sat down at a bench outside a shop and these two passersby go, “Awwww, relationship goals.” as they walk into the shop. We kinda looked at each other and laughed and just kept talking. Then, a few minutes later, the same people left the store and walked by us again and were like, “so how long have you guys been together?” And we were like, “Et-Umm” Like, we froze. And after a bit, I just go, “He’s gay.” Their faces were like, *INHALE* “WE MADE A MISTAAAAAAAKE” So, moral of the video, don’t overthink relationship stuff or dates or kissing or whatever you’re overthinking. If you like someone, tell them. If you want to date someone, ask them. If you wanna kiss someone, give them more thinking time before you yank their head at your face. Just be cool about it all If you can’t be a couple, then show the world how BOMB you guys are as friends! ALSO! SUPER SPECIAL SECRET ANNOUNCEMENT! I’m gonna try and whip up a video explaining this a bit more, but basically, THERE’S BEEN A REVAMP TO THE SHOP! A bunch of new merch stuff but more importantly, PLUSHES! YEP-YAHP! There is Jaiden plushes, just, AWAITING YOUR PURCHASE NOW. More details in the official announcement video. But if you’re still here, that means you have early access to the new Jaiden merch.>:D I highly suggest checking that stuff out especially since everything’s on sale for a limited time right now WUUUUUUUUUUUT Anyway, new shop, go peep it out and yeah UUUUHHHH JAIDEN OUT! *hah*

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  1. i already know what you guys are gonna say and no, none of these stories are about james so you can take off your detective hats thankyaverymuch

  2. 2:12 Lost like 10 friends cuz of that.., (That makes 1/2 of my class)
    I liked a girl, but she didn't like me back and she/Her friends didn't want to be my friends anymore ._.

  3. I think the reason people cut contact after showing their feelings to their crush is because they're embarrass or because they need time to get over it before they can be proper friends again.

  4. If you want to date some one cry in the Corner until the person comes in and ask you if you're ok.
    The you start bilding up frindship.

    Sorry for my very bad Englisch.

  5. Ok listen. Ppl get varry uncomphterble when talking to someone who turnd you down. Just emajine haveing it done for the first time after like 7 FREAKING HART BRAKES!! i mean… not that it ever happend to me…

    Oh asgor….. embaresing….

  6. so this is an interesting videoI don’t like love or people liking people but if Jayden is saying it I Ike it one percent

  7. My crush: hey

    My mind: ok maybe try to combine “hows it goin” with “hi” to show how cool you are

    Me: How

    Mind: * facepalm *

  8. A long documentary of my life
    Though anime fans shouldnt expect gfs.

    Crush: what's up
    Me: the sky
    Crush: …
    Me: cough I'm doing just fiNe what about you
    Crush: I'm doing good, nothing much
    Me: That's NICe.
    Crush: yes it is
    Crush: yeah…
    Me: yeah
    Crush: okay um what's ur favourite colour
    Me: 7. And yours
    Crush: purple
    Me: yeah I like purple too just like you
    Crush: WHAT?
    Me: um JK lol hahahahahaha
    Crush: oh hah
    crush:let me tell you a secret
    Me: …
    Crush : …. I told random kiddo that I want you to be my bf
    Me: Haha
    Crush: hahahahahaha
    Me: that was a good joke
    Crush: yeah.. it was wasn't it
    Crush: ._.
    RANDOM KIDDO: entered the chat
    Me : we should date
    Random kiddo: exhales
    Me: I mean I like dates the fruit
    Crush: oh ok then
    Me:yeah I love them
    Random kiddo: leaves the chat
    Crush: anyway where do you want to go for the date
    Me: wait wtf
    Crush: ?
    Crush:*leaves the chat*

    Basically I dont take chances and then I regret that.

  9. I think people went on dates with you becuase youre beautiful and pretty becuase 1 thats my opinion( I'm only 9 don't think that I'm also a girl. I swear I'm not gay) and 2 you didnt k own them at all!

  10. Does anyone realise that she never said the gender of the first person?
    (That’s fine 100% fine just saying xD)

  11. Ok so u know how some people when they find out you like them are like "EW NEVER TALK TO ME AGAIN!"

    when i find out someone likes me i just go ok……idc

  12. So like what about the horns-ish look that gives off Adam vibes around 3:12-ish? Asking for a friend. I mean cuz you stated that this video wasn't about James before I saw in the comments as I went to comment and you were denying it being about James but the animation was pointing more so into Adam's… Whatever. If it isn't James… Is it Adam? A woman must know. Regardless, if it isn't Adam why make your characters hair have the appearance of "Adam's spikes"? Again… Just asking for a friend.

  13. I have a girlfriend, and we met over the summer, and I knew she liked me, and I liked her, and I texted her and was like I like you. I knew she liked me, and I was still worried about was she would say. So I was like sorry if it's so abrupt, and she was like AWWWWWWW and I was like yay life is happy now.

  14. I love your videos, but i cant keep watching them. Cause eventually ill be in love… And thas not healthy for a person! I mean, fall in love (only you) with a youtuber! That's so…!!!
    -.- your'e greaaat!!!!

  15. I think the issue with one person having stronger feelings than the other is the pain of not having it reciprocated. Sometimes you can’t shake that lovey feeling and it hurts more being around it knowing it’ll never become more.

  16. 1:55–2:01 Lol this reminded me of this one time my crush rejected me on Valentine’s Day and she stopped talking to me since 1 week after 5th grade and we were friends most of 4th grade soooo it’s the opposite

  17. Crush: How was your day?
    Me: in my head ummmmmmmmmm
    Crush: Hello?
    Me: in my head uhmmmmmmmmm intensifies
    Crush: are u ok?
    Me: uhhhh
    Crush: I’m gonna go now…..
    Me: wait, no don’t leave! Wait nevermind! Wait dont
    Crush: What?
    Me: stares blankly into the depths of space um… good??
    Crush: cool
    crush: see you later •turns around and leaves•
    Me: •diverts my continuous stare into space towards them•
    Crush: looks back
    Me: my head at this moment, he knew he messed up. •turns around• • runs •

    Stealth 100 has been unlocked

    (No joke this actually happened)

  18. I've had three loves in my life (with the occasional few week crushes mixed in). I told two of them that I had feelings for them. The first one just ended pretty much everything and I think he's the reason I was getting harassed in high school because EVERYTHING happened after I told him. (He's a jerk.) The second one got a girlfriend and he's now one of my best guy friends so it was worth not telling him. The third likes me back, but I haven't heard from him in a month . . . That's way more than 10 minutes . . . Should I be worried?

  19. I have had olny two crushes. one likes me back and the other well lets say…… I GOT DUNKED ON.

    She said she hoped that i didn't like them

  20. 2:12 Yeah that is dumb. When I was in the 5th grade I told my crush that I liked them and it was the day before Christmas break. When Christmas break was over we didn't talk for a day but now we are buddies! But I didn't really stop ? I asked him out in the 6th grade so, NOW WERE DATING. YAY

  21. People, have you learned nothing?
    It’s better that Jaiden and James aren’t dating cuz then they can be


  22. Person jaiden hates: hi jaiden!

    Jaiden: silence

    Jaiden: I SUMMON YOU ARI

    Ari: ?

    Jaiden: ari use screech!

    Ari: inhales.


    person jaiden hates: goes deaf

  23. Wait a minute

    Wait a minute

    First of all, nobody like this comment because I don’t want Jaiden to see this

    Buttttttttt, if none of theses stories are about Jamesssssss theeennnnnnnnn Jameden still has a chance!!!!!!!

    Nobody like this please

  24. So I'm binging Jaiden's videos and I never saw her comment saying that none of these stories were about James ? and I just love that she knows we were all thinking it ?

  25. He's gay…

    No one:

    Me: and that fellow kids is why you should never talk to strangers that you think are dating (this is a joke I dont really mean it)

  26. I have a friend who’s like a brother to me and I used to have a crush on him and really loved him but he didn’t. And know we’re best friends

  27. My best friend just told me she liked me, I’m confused at what I should do

    Edit: I know what I’m gonna do! I’m gonna flirt with her entill I’m ready to date

  28. This is a story about me when my crush asked me out. You can probably see where this is gonna go. IF YOU DO NOT CARE ABOUT MY PROBLEMS, DO NOT READ THIS

    *I'm on the school field with my friends and my other friend Iris is hanging out with my crush, Forrest, like ten yards away, probably talking about me, when suddenly…*
    Iris: *Waves* BRYNN! COME OVER HERE!
    My Brain: Alright. You know that Forrest wants to ask you out because you know he likes you (thanks to Iris). But what if something goes wrong? Why can't he just approach me himself? AAAHHH ANXIETY
    Me: *Walks five yards further away*

    *This happened many more times, until suddenly…*
    Forrest: *Approaches Me, basically strutting*
    My Friends: Oohh~ Look who's comingg~ *They surround the both of us*
    Forrest: . . .
    Me: . . .
    Iris: C'mon, dude! Just ask her out!
    Forrest: What am I supposed to say, just "You have been asked out"?
    My Brain: *Microsoft error noises*
    Me: Pffft…
    My Friend Jasmine: *Says something stupid* (sorry I forgot what she said)
    Me: *Attacks her with water bottle*
    Jasmine: *Steals water bottle*
    Jasmine: See? You two are the perfect couple!
    Me: . . .
    Forrest: . . .
    Also Forrest: *Suddenly approaches closer to Me*
    Me: *Takes a step back*
    Forrest: Do you even wanna do this right now? Or…
    Me: Well I dunno I mean I guess so… *Mumbling*
    *Bell rings*
    My Brain: SAVED MY THE BELL!
    And that is all. Thank you for dealing with all my crap.

  29. I have liked someone sense pre-k, in first grade I found out that my BFF like the same boy, so in second grade we both told him that we liked him, and a week later he said that he liked my friend, so in third grade me and my mom moved to Florida, now I'm 10 and in fifth grade. (Before I moved I lived in Syracuse new york, which is far away from home)

  30. Stranger:So how long have you been together?
    Jaiden:He's gay
    Stranger:I've made a mistake
    Jaden's Friend Internally:But I'm straight

  31. Sometimes when I’m chatting up boys (emphasis on some times) after a relationship with a girl ends, I do that thing with the ‘oh me too! So much in common!’ And my brain doesn’t kick in and I don’t remember that my heart was broken… gorsh

  32. with me i just accept the fact that it'll never happen so i just don't say anything and continue being friends lol

  33. random person:hey how are u
    me (thinking): ok, someone is talking to me, i just have to anser with a simple, none threatining sentinese
    me: BOOK
    that is how good i am with people, jaiden,
    reply if u relate

  34. The reason people stop talking to someone when they don’t share the same feelings for eachother is because its awkward to talk to someone who rejected you or something. Its also lowkey depressing that someone you like a lot doesn’t have the same feelings for you as you have for them

  35. My best friend and I were talking about friends. And my best friend( who is a boy) said "My ex- me: "Your EX!? I thought you said you never dated!" My best friend: "My ex friend" me: "Ooooooohhhhh. My bad." ?

  36. (Srry for a late comment well really late.) Crush: hi can you help me with question fi-
    Me: yes I will gladly take you on a date
    Crush: erm my bf is behind you

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