Flip Flips Out | Ballmastrz: 9009 | adult swim

Flip Flips Out | Ballmastrz: 9009 | adult swim

♪♪ Hey, gang, look! [ Laughter ] It’s Flip Loser! Actually,
my name’s Flip Champion. You know they only let you
on the team out of pity, right? You’re barely even
the team mascot. You should do us all a favor
and quit. You’re pathetic, Flip. Me, pathetic? Ha! I have spent a lifetime
of sacrificing my flesh, training my body, and aligning
my abdominal chakras to achieve a level
of physical perfection you could never understand. [ Screaming ] Crayzar: Cease simulation! What the hell was that? Clearly, Flip is a much larger
asshole than we anticipated. Level one is typically reserved
for people who are merely jerks. Perhaps we should skip
to level three. Level five, bitches.
Come on. [ Whirring ] Woman:
Please, we seek asylum. The Wasteland Gangs
will kill us if we go back. So you’re clearly
just lying so you can get out
of the Wastelands. When will you scum learn? Separate the child
from the mother! -No!
-Get in there, worm! [ Crying ] You’ll never see
your mother again! Yeah, well, that’s fine. You’reokaywith the way
we’re treating you? If I wasn’t,
you’d be dead! So then, you’re okay
being separated from your mom and being put
in a small cage? As long as I have
enough room in here to… train with Umbilicus,
I’m good. Jesus, what an asshat.

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  1. they are retarded for making this show political a lot of right wing people watch too I don't understand why they have to go and reinforce leftist propaganda with the kids in cages bit considering obama built those cages and it's just generally safer to have the kids with kids and adults with adults BUT SAVE THE CHILDREN TRUMP IS RIPPING FAMILIES APART OH THE HORROR! fucking morons.

  2. Recently started to watch this show. AND I LOVE IT!!! it's like a huge love letter and tribute to all things anime.
    Favorite parts have gotta be those fight scenes.
    A single color and just the character drawings. I love those!!

  3. Somebody should’ve never let Christ’s Karacas make an anime what the fuck is this? This seems like something I came up with while daydreaming in class during a math test

  4. Oh wow. They had a alternate for every Lepton except for Flip in that first simulation. That's detail.

  5. Ok this is my guess on crayzars backstory.He was once a scientist of some kind before the rad wars but changed during them changing his body and expanding his lifespan.he may of hide in a bunker of some kind waiting until the rad wars have ended.he then collected death orbs from old ballmaster corpses (he says that he used them to make game balls but I think he was going to build an army with them) but had an idea to keep people in line during the apocalypse by building some machine's or gadgets to look like a deity to others they started to worship him and then built "the game" as a way to stop another war to happen and so he can work on his shit

  6. Boss guy looks like Shin from Fist of the Northstar and the thugs looks like they're from Fist of the Northstar too.

  7. I'm surprised Crayzar is swearing now. He's been so (relatively) calm and well mannered up until now.

  8. Honestly I can sympathize with this man as long as I have enough room to flex and I'm not being like tortured it's all good

  9. Сука когда переведут уже второй сезон на русский? Я сижу премьеры хрен знает сколько жду

  10. Real subtle opinions here. These people most definitely hold nuanced views of the modern issues in our country.

  11. So they're gonna develop the rest of the team, not just focus on Ace and Gaz? Cool. The Gil approves. 😎👍

  12. it is the first time in a long time that I just…. stared at the computer screen for a hole minute trying to process what I just saw…….

  13. I wish that conservative people saying regular people like me look strange dream this in a loop every night.

  14. Oh, Life on the outside ain't what it used to be.

    Y'know, the world's gone crazy,

    And it ain't safe on the streets.

    Well, it's a drag, I know,

    There's only one place to go.

    I'm comin' home.

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