Flash Animation: A Step-by-Step Course to Animating with Flash

Flash Animation: A Step-by-Step Course to Animating with Flash

– [Voiceover] Welcome to Flash Animation, and all-inclusive step
by step video course made specifically for animators. But that doesn’t mean you
have to be an animator to take this course. We’ll show you everything
you need to know. We’ll cover all the animation
tools and drawing tools. We’ll go over constructing
a character in flash so it’s easy to animate it. We’ll see how to combine bone animation with frame by frame
animation and motion tweaks. We’ll do a lip sync,
understand camera work, and even create an
entire animatic in flash, and then see how to transition that into a fully animated scene. This course is truly a one stop shop for everyone who ever wanted
to create 2D animation, whether you wanna make short
funny videos for youtube, or learn the tools to become
a professional 2D animator, everything you need is right here. If you have experience animating
in a different software, we’ll show you everything you need to make the transition
to flash super easy. If you’ve never animated
before, we’ll go over all the steps from start
to finish, so don’t worry. Flash is a great place to
start your animation career, so let’s go.

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  1. Hi! could you please make a video on how to make pose to pose animation?
    please make that video. waiting for your reply and video

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