Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Movie [Complete Edition]

Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Movie [Complete Edition]

The events depicted in this
movie are fictitious
and not considered canon Inspired by F.N.a.F. lore
created by Scott Cawthon Elza… Promise me… That you
will get us out of here… And will make him pay… For everything! This story starts with a tragedy. When 5 innocent children were kidnapped
from Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria and no one could find them. Time flew, but despite their efforts the police were still unable
to find any information about the missing children. And then, one day. 3 strangers, who were driven
by the same desire to uncover the truth, decided to start their own investigation. It was hard to say, was it a coincidence or
it was intended by fate. But on the same day in the same place these 3 strangers met each other. And that place was the pizzeria, from where the children were kidnapped. Among th ose strangers was a police detective by the name Brian Clark. The person, who couldn’t just witness
the unsuccessful work of his colleagues and decided to start his own investigation. Off the book. Another stranger was a private detective by the name Jeremy Fitzgerald. A master of his craft, who was hired by a mother of a missing child. And the last stranger was me. Linda Jones. A news reporter from Arkham Advertiser. The person who was planning no matter what, to discover the truth and
find the missing kids. And also, to find out, what really happened to my colleague and good friend Ben Richard. Who was brutally murdered,
while working on this case before me. Since we all had the same goal, we decided to join our forces. And discover the truth behind the
children disappearance together. Yet there are secrets, doors to which, should never be opened. In total, our team consisted of 4 people. There was me, Brian, Jeremy and Vincent. Vincent was a humble and
quiet unsociable man, who was working for Brian. While being undercover he was working as a day shift security guard at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. And was providing us with useful information. Our target was the owner
of pizzeria Daniel Smith. Or rather to say his office. Based on Vincent’s information there was a secret room
located in that office. Behind which we were expecting to find the missing children or at least some information about them. To get in that secret room you had first to press a hidden button beneath the Daniels table. That would set off a mechanism which would open a way to the locked door. A key to that locked door was always
with Daniel Smith on his neck. Yet that was not a big problem for us. As almost every lock could be easily broken. And luckily, i was specialist in that. As for Daniel Smith himself. Not much was known about him. Only that a few years back he inherited the family
business from his father. After he died. Daniel Smith also had a younger brother, by the name Fritz Smith. Yet he had gone missing several months ago and nobody had seen him since then. According to the Brian’s words. Daniel Smith was a true evil in the flesh. The person whom we should all be afraid off. Brian used to interrogate him several times in the past. And based on his words, never in his life he has seen such an evil and dangerous look. As he witnessed in Daniel Smith’s eyes. But Daniel Smith was not our main problem. Something else… Created by him. Was causing a bigger threat to us. And because of those things we were not able to simply
break in to the pizzeria, in the middle of a night. Hard to imagine, how Daniel Smith was able to
create those animatronics and make them freely move around the pizzeria during a night. But in case they saw someone, they would immediately attack him. Due to that, one thing was obvious. Getting in there during a night without any help from inside would be too dangerous. But we quickly managed to find
a solution to this problem. Through entire week, every night.
We were actively making diversion
near the pizzeria. And those kind of actions, eventually would achieve their goal. As it forced Daniel Smith to hire a night shift security guard. To look after the pizzeria and straight away inform
him if anything happens. And thanks to our efforts Jeremy was hired to this position. As a night shift security guard. Yet, even though,
we now had our people inside. Still getting in to the Daniel Smith’s office turned out not to be an easy task… Starting from the first night,
everything went not according to plan. Jeremy said, that it was too dangerous
for me to get inside of the building. As he still could not understand how exactly those animatronics were moving around the pizzeria and with what time frame. Oh…I hope, he is okay down there…
Well. There is one way to find out. Hey Jeremy, are you still alive down there? Of course! Do you already
expect me to die so soon? Who knows…Who knows… So.
How are the thing down there? Well… Right now I look at the monitors, drink coffee. And play with the mask of a… I think it is a Bear… Yep… With Mask of the bear? Yeah! I know. It might sound funny, but according to the pizzeria owner’s words. If those animatronics see me. I have to put it on straight
away. Since then they will
consider me as one of their own and will not try to attack. Of course, it does sound s tupid,
but just in case,I keep it close to me. It does sound funny. Anyway, keep us informed,
if something happens. Will Do! Over! What do you think? Will we find those 5 missing
kids in there? I hope. And by the way. There were actually six of them. Six? Yes. The boy named Timmy. It was quite old and very complicated case… Way before me… All I know. Is that missing kid… how to say this properly… He was not mentally healthy and due to that almost zero information was
presented to the public. That is weird… I had done some research before, but haven’t seen anything
about the sixth one. This is strange… Trust me, I know the feeling… But we live in Arkham, and here,
strange things are common… But don’t worry. I bet soon we
will find those kids or at least some information
about their fate. We just need to get in that room. We will! That’s the spirit! Have a good night at I’ll talk to you
tomorrow. Thank you for your advice
Vincent. I’ll be sure to do so. Okay. Let’s see…
What is going on down there. Hm… Where did you go? Turned out, Daniel Smith was not lying. And the mascot mask did help. But… as we soon will find out. There was something else in that pizzeria. Which would not be fooled by that mask… On the second night things went smoother. As I was able to sneak in. Yet, as soon as got in… new obstacles appeared in my way. Despite the fact, that Jeremy was assured, that he accurately learned the behaviour and movement routes of those animatronics. As soon as i got in… They all began a targeted hunt for me. Alright Linda. It seems to
be clear. You may go. Linda, are you alive down there? Yeah, i am fine. It is impossible to convey the shock I felt, when I saw them. I was certain, that I was doomed. Yet, to my surprise. They stayed motionless. For more than 3 hours I had to be in that room with them. All the time staring on
their terrifying appearance. While being afraid to look away. And at the same time
hearing constant footsteps behind the door. Can’t imagine how I didn’t
lose my mind that night. In the end, when it all went quiet, Jeremy helped me to get out
from that horrible room. As later on we would find out from Vincent. Those were the old models of animatronics. From the previous pizzeria. Who were kept here for spare parts. In the end, I was still not able
to reach Daniel Smith’s office. But at least now I had some knowledge of what to expect for this place. At least I believed so… But I was wrong… As on the third night we had faced new, and more serious problems… Alright, if think you are clear to go. Just wait for my signal and then
rush towards the door next to you. Okay! Ready, steady and… What in the world… Common… Go away already… Good! And who in the world are you? So Jeremy, is it clear? Can I go? Hey guys. What is going on down
there? Do you need my help? No…It is better for you to stay in the car and make sure that we don’t
have any unexpected visitors. I’ll try to find out what is
going on down there on my own. It is hard to describe… What we witnessed that night. Was it just an malfunction. Or something else… That made the
older versions of animatronics to start a hunt for us. Based on Vincent’s words. There was no way, old animatronics could be activated. As there was not a power source in them. Yet… We were certain in what
we witnessed that night. And those visions of the girl… She was among the missing kids. What was really going on in that pizzeria? Yet, despite all the difficulties and fears, we were still not planning to give up! But… on 4th night… Things went even worse… Jeremy, how are you there? More or less fine. Those things
are trying to break inside! But I manage to hold them off. Hold on there! I’ll try to distract them! I think, there is no need in that. I managed to build a small barricade here. So it should withstand. You better try to get to the Denial’s office. Okay. We did manage to survive that night. Physically… As for our mental condition… Well… Here everything was worse… It was already hard to understand, what was real and what was just a trick
of our imaginations. For some reason, animatronics in pizzeria were acting differently. Those who were a newer models,
were simply wondering in pizzeria at night. And only tried to attack,
when they notice a human. While an older versions of animatronics, where purposefully trying to get to Jeremy. And it seemed that only he
was interesting to them. This all had to do something with that weird looking animatronic
in the form of a puppet. Who was definitely in charge of the others. And those visions, that it showed me. In all of them I have seen a missing girl by the name Elza. That same girl whose mother
hired Jeremy to find her. All of this was so confusing… But on the other hand… There were 5 missing kids and the same amount of animatronics right now were trying to get to Jeremy… What if… But that would then mean that
we are already too late… No! No! I do not want to believe in that! The fifth night was expecting us ahead… The night, when we were finally achieved our goal. …Brian… …help… …Brian! Where the hell are
you! We need your help… …Brian…They are about
to break in here! I need… …Jeremy, hold on! I am on my way to you… Linda, listen to me… Most likely I will
not be able to get out from this one… So here is what we should do… Straight
away go to the office of Daniel Smith and finish what we started… What? No, I am not leaving you! Listen to me…Don’t worry… Just… Use the opportunity you have right now and finish this… This is the most right and important thing to do right now… I am sure you understand that… And tell Elza’s mother, that I did the best
I could to find her daughter… Jeremy! Jeremy! Goodbye Linda! Elza! Stop! I know this is you! And that close to you is Emy, Felix, Thomas and Karl! End all of this! Please… We are not your enemies… We only want to find those who are
responsible for what happened to you… And punish them… Your families have not forgotten about you… And they still hope that
you will return home… Elza, your mother hired this man to find you! moootheeerrr…. So please, stop this! We are on the same side. Hard to believe this… But sadly, my theories turned out to be true. Those were souls of the missing kids in the animatronics… And not only did they allow us to go. But also helped us in clearing the path to Daniel Smith’s office. Without any kind of complications I was able to pick the lock. And finally we managed to
get inside of that room. But as it turned out… We were not alone in there… Damn it is dark in here. I’ll try to find the light switch. Okay. Linda, are you okay? Yeah… I… am fine… How in the world did he get in here? What…Another door? Why hasn’t Vincent mentioned
anything about it to us? No idea… Look, he is still alive! What are you doing here… Leave at once! I have already called the police! Jeremy, grab the key from
his neck and open the door. I’ll press the button beneath the table
at the mean time. Alright! What… No… What are you doing… Stop… By no means… do not open that door… Death awaits us all behind it… Please… Please…
Stop until it is too late… You have no idea what you are doing… Stop… No… You have to stop! I beg you… If you need money… There,
take from the table… Just do not open the door! There are moments in this life… When you are so confident in
the rightness of your actions. That not even for a second
do you consider the option that you might be wrong. And this kind of blindness… Sometimes might lead to a
very tragic turn of events… Alright, let’s see,
what is hidden behind this door. Linda it is better for you to stay here
and keep an eye on Daniel, just in case… As you say. Jeremy, what do you see in there? Any signs of the kids? No… There is just a table with
some sort of chest on it… And there is some creepy
looking animatronic as well… But it seems that he is motionless… We are on the same side
with them now, correct? Looks that way… Please…Stop
until it is too late… Okay, I’ll try to find out
what is inside of this chest… What in the world!? No! I never told anyone the story about this kid. But considering the fact, that you are unconscious and most likely we will not be getting out of here alive… I will finally reveal it. As no longer can I be silent about their crazy actions. They have locked him in the dark room. Where was nothing but him, the old model of animatronic Freddy and pure darkness. They kept him there for 3 days without food and water. And then..They released hungry rats in there who immediately attacked the poor child… But that boy was not planning planning to give up without a fight… He managed to kill the rats… And then…he ate them… With each new day, he was becoming weaker while my crazy brothers were constantly releasing new hungry rats into his room. It all ended after two weeks. In some way… As that child was no longer alive… Yet neither he was dead. He became something else… Something that has started this nightmare… Jeremy! No… No… No… No…No…No…. Hold on… I’ll cover the wound… And then we will get you out of here… I… I never wanted anything of this… After all, I was never like them… This mad thirst for violence and cruelty. This believe in the old once. Why did my younger brothers had to follow the footsteps of our father… Brothers? What are you talking about? You only have one brother. There is also a step-brother… The one, who used always to clean after Fritz… Listen to me… We have to try and stop him, before he gets outside… Otherwise, dozens will die… Bullets will not stop him… Only fire can… Please… I need your help… As I am not in the condition to fight him… Up there on shelf you may find alcohol bottles… Out of them you may create a Molotov cocktail… You will find lighter fluid there as well, near the ashtray. I suppose you understand what I am asking you to do… In the mean time I’ll look after your friend… Alright. I’ll do it. Thank you! If you knew how to stop that thing, why did you keep it in that room? It is not that easy… Only he could stop my brothers from entering that room. As there is something in there, that by no means should get in their hands… Hurry up… Until more innocent people die! I’ll look after your friend… And as soon as you return, I give you my word, I’ll answer all of your questions… Daniel, we have to take Jeremy and get out of here… Brian? But how? Oh, Linda… Please be so kind to wait for a moment… I have to end something… Brothers? What are you talking about? You only have one brother. There is also a step-brother… The one, who used always to clean after Fritz… According to the Brian’s words. Daniel Smith was a true evil in the flesh. What do you think? Will we find those 5 missing kids in there? There were actually six of them. That is weird… I had done some research before, but haven’t seen anything about the sixth one. Hey Jeremy, are you still alive down there? Of course! Do you already expect me to die so soon? Who knows…Who knows… So. How are the thing down there? Linda… I am so glad to see that you are alive… Why? So you could kill me yourself? What!? I would never hurt you… Yet… I cannot say the same about my younger brother… Don’t worry. You are just paralyzed… I just… I couldn’t let you go, before I confess to something… You see… I am not who you think I am… Daniel Smith was never a bad guy in this story… We Were… We kept Daniel here only for fun sake. Just like his father back in Circus Pizza Baby World. But the time has come to get rid of him. By the way, don’t worry about Jeremy. He is still alive and very soon will be held responsible for everything that happened here. I have to admit Linda. I am surprised see that you made it so far… You also managed to end that golden beast that Daniel kept around, to maintain us. Impressive… But as far as I understood you had some help from local inhabitants. Elza and her small gang… Those sneaky souls who still refuse to give up
and continue to fight us back. Elza’s soul is innocent, that is why we can’t control her… For now… But, we will find a way, how to change that. And you know what… You might help us in that. That emotional connection,
that you and Elza managed to establish… It might just do the trick. But first, you will have to die… Good bye Linda… And… Don’t get cold in here… Who would have thought… That our story will have such a horrifying and sad end. That, when pursuing right goals and only having good intentions… You may achieve completely the opposite results… When not a good triumphs over an evil but the opposite… But sooner or later they will pay for their crimes… They have to! As there will be those… Who will put an end to this evil… Once and for all… Unfortunately… I will not live to see that day… Linda was a kind, honest and sincere person. Who believed in good. Yet on that night it was evil that had triumphed over good. And in that moment when Linda’s last breath left her body. Also with it vanished all the kindness and trustfulness that was in Elza. And instead of those feelings came anger and cruelty. The events that happened after were merciless and bloody. But let’s hear about them from Elza herself. And for us to have a full picture let’s travel back to that day when Elza and other children were kidnapped by the so called “Purple man”. I still remember that beautiful day. When me and my mom came to this magical place! What a day it was! Happiness, joy and laugh were everywhere! It was the first time I saw Freddy, Chica, Bonnie and Foxy. Oh how miraculous it all was! And then you showed up. True evil in the flesh. The cunning devil… who kidnapped me… and many others. The monster… Who we started calling… The purple guy. Pizzeria’s play room. That was the place, where you kidnapped us. And that was the place where you had your secret room. I always knew that people were searching for us. For days and nights we were screaming and calling for help. Help us! HEEELP! WE ARE HERE!!! Hoping that someone would hear us. Mama! Help us! Help! We are here! But no one heard us… And help never came. However I didn’t lose hope as I always knew that I would get out. No matter what. And then one day, by some miracle, you forgot to lock the door. And we managed to escape. Yet our freedom didn’t last for long… As it was all just a part of your sick plan. All the doors were locked. While you were calmly perusing and capturing us. Once again you locked us in this room of torment and suffering. And when all other kids lost their hope and accepted their fate. I still was not planning to give up! Anger and hatred filled my soul towards you. Because of everything you had done to us. I knew that I would get out of this room and get my revenge no matter the cost. My soul will not rest until you receive your deserved retribution. Hours turned to days, days turned to months… months turned to years… We did not manage to escape… And no one rescued us… My body had been long dead. But my soul was still alive. The soul which was now driven by only one desire… Revenge! And I was not alone. Through decades our souls tried to get you. But you always managed to escape. There were a lot of deaths during this time. Some caused by your actions… And some by ours… Because of you, we became monsters ourselves. Monsters…who brought horror… and death. You thought that you were invincible. Yet with every year our powers got stronger. While you were getting older and weaker. And in the end we managed to get you. Finally you got what you deserved. You always used to laugh in the face of death when you tortured and killed others. Yet now, when you face the death yourself, where is that smile? There is none. There is only fear and pain in your eyes. And while your body is bleeding out and you are almost at the last breath, I finally feel that our souls can rest in peace. At last we are free. As for you, your soul will never find peace. Eternal torment and suffering awaits you. And the dungeon you created for others will become your prison from now on. Goodbye, our torturer and murderer. That does sound beautiful. But Elza. You are not going anywhere! Do you know, that once again you took away
a life of an innocent man? I suppose you don’t. As you were so blind with your rage
and a desire of revenge that you completely lost any sense of clear thinking. And I like that. As that is what we need. A coldblooded weapon at our disposal. You know, it took me and Brian quite some time to figure a way, how to force your souls
to leave their animatronic bodies. And finally… Now your souls will be ours! I wonder what would Linda say
if she saw you right now. About who you’ve become… Well, it doesn’t matter. Time for you to join others. Very soon Elza, we shall speak again. As we have an important role prepared for you. Michael… You fulfilled your task perfectly. No only you managed to destroy
their animatronic bodies but also made them to believe that you were me. I am proud of you. Now rest and get used to your new body. As something special is about to start soon! 2 years later… Good day Miss Scott. I am Ben Richard,
reporter from “Arkham News”. I was informed that you are ready to talk, about the events that happened last night in the place called “Fazbear’s Fright”. Is that right? Yes. I am… Though I am not so sure,
that you will believe me. Most likely, when I finish my story, you will think that I have lost my mind
and should be locked in Arkham Asylum. But I don’t care. One way or another, people
should know the truth… Yet, before I start, give me your word, that you will print everything as I’ve told you. Word by word. Despite that fact, that some details you may find weird and unrealistic. Of course Miss Scott. You have my word. You may begin. Yesterday in the evening I
received a mysterious phone call from unknown person to me. He introduced himself as Mr. William Afton and told me that presumably he had information about the whereabouts of my partner Jonathan Schmidt, who went missing 2 years ago… Isn’t it that the same Jonathan… Whose brother, I believe Mike Schmidt. Got brutally murdered in the old
“Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria”? Yes, that is him. 2 years ago, his younger brother Mike started working as a night shift security guard in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. For 5 days, he used to tell Jonathan, that it seemed to him, that animatronics that were in that pizzeria, used to become alive during a night and were trying to get him. Of course Jonathan used to think that Mike was just imagining things, due to a lack of sleep. Yet… after 5th night… A torn apart body of Mike was discovered
in the maintenance room. It seemed that someone of something was trying to put Mike inside
one of the animatronic suits. Which didn’t have proper space for a human body. As for the animatonics themselves. they were motionless standing on the stage… All covered in Mike’s blood… In the end we did not manage to find any signs of someone breaking in into the pizzeria. Neither there were found any
malfunction signs in the animatronics. Only now I know the whole truth. And what really happened that night. But soon you shall understand everything yourself… After Mike’s death, Jonathan became abscessed with the desire to find those who were
responsible for this tragedy. Through days and nights he was doing interrogations, checking archives and gathering
all possible information about Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. He became so closed in himself and eventually fully isolated from others, including me. And then, one day, he just disappeared… And was never seen again. And In that moment, when I already lost any hope of finding him. I was contacted by Mr. William Afton. Who said that he knew where Jonathan was. Based on his words, it was dangerous to have this conversation over the phone. And due to that, he asked me to meet him in person. And even though it was too foolish
and reckless from my side. I straight away went on this meeting. As far as I understand, something went wrong? Yes… You can say so… Come on! Open up! I can’t get a signal. Why can’t I get the signal!!! Common!!! Same here. No connection. No internet. It seems that someone really doesn’t
want us to leave this place… Hey bro, let’s try to lift it up together! I don’t think that will be possible… You will only waist your strength. This door weighs about a tone. There is no way you can lift it… At least without proper tools. Well in that case we will have to find
another way out this place! Sounds like a good idea! When I arrived to the meeting spot. Instead of William Afton I met a group
of people unknown to me. Who were also invited here by Mr. Afton. But as soon as all of us gathered inside… Without any warning… The main door closed behind us. There for locking us inside. At the start we thought that it was just
some sort of joke or a spoof. At least we used to think so… Until in a search for answers
we’ve reached the security room… Whoever lured us in here… Definitely wasn’t planning to let us leave this place alive. There was also a message left on a wall. It stated that 6 of would die that night. And starting from midnight,
every hour 1 life would be taken away… This kind of threat of course sounded weird. Considering that there were 7 of us and I was armed. Yet still, I decided that we should be on the alert. Also, I had to find out who the other 6 people in the room with me were. And what connection did they have with
William Afton and this place. May I have your attention please. As we are stuck here for some time. Let’s introduce our selves to each other
and tell how we ended up here. I’ll start. My name is Fiona Scott. I am a detective from our Arkham Police Department. Today I was contacted by Mr. William Afton who promised to provide
me with important information about one person, who disappeared 2 years ago. And was never seen since then. That is the reason why I am here. Now I want to know, why all of you are here? I am a journalist. Right now I am writing a big article about
Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria and its dark past. Today Mr. Afton was planning to share with me some details about mysterious murders that
happened in this place many years ago. Yet it seems, something went not according to the plan. By the way, my name is Ryan. Hm… This is strange. I was also invited here by Mr. Afton. Based on his words, in the old maintenance room he had found a letter addressed to me
from Joshua Smith. He was the founder of Freddy Fazbear’s restaurants and a good friend of mine. Joshua Smith? Didn’t he die many years ago
under mysterious circumstances? You can say so… My name is Henry by the way. Since all of us talk about Mr. Afton, allow me to introduce my self. My name is Emma Green. What I do and where i work, is non of your business. Lets just say I am the person who has the power and the money. And today… Yeah, we definitely can see that… Please do not interrupt me. As I was saying, today I was going to close down this place. Once and for all. And then that “Fazbear’s World Theme park” as well. I do this due to my personal reasons. I was supposed to meet here with
my assistant Kevin, so we could hand in the notice to Mr. Afton that this building will be closed and demolished. Yet instead of my assistant I met all of you here. This is actually good, since this means that Kevin is outside right now and definitely has called for help already. You sure don’t like this place Madam. Well… My name is Nathan. I am a mechanic. Mr. Afton called me here to insect
some old animatronic model which he had discovered in the abandoned warehouse. And if it is possible, fix it. As for the glasses. I had a serious eye injury back in the days… I see. What about you two. Why are you here? My name is Eva. I am a designer. William Afton hired me, so I could help him to give a new look to this pizzeria. And that is why I am here today. I am Max. I was hired by Mr. Afton to work
as a night security guard. I was suppose to watch the security cameras
and make sure, that no one is stealing anything. Today is my first day here. Yet considering what happened
to the previous security guard… I am definitely not planning to work here… Have any of you actually seen Mr. Afton in person? No, I only talked with him over the phone. Same here. Over the phone. Same… That is the point. This Mr. Afton appeared out of nowhere and no one knows anything about him. Yet somehow he managed
to become an owner of this place. Hm… Does anyone know what happened to
the previous owner of this place? His name was Fritz Smith. He disappeared a year ago and there was information heard about him since. Yep, this all sounds interesting… All this conspiracy theories. But maybe we should stop chatting and start searching for another way out? There should be definitely another exit. Since I really don’t like this place… As soon as we get out. You can chat and have discussions
about this place. As much as you want. I agree! I really fell scared from this place… Not to mention, that midnight is almost here. It is already midnight… I might know where we can find an additional exit. There used to be another restaurant
here, right below this… What a hell is that? Alright! Everyone stand behind me! I always carry it with me, just in case. There are reasons to that… Don’t worry detective lady. I got you covered. We’ve got you covered! Whoever you are, put your hands up in the air
and state your name! I am from the police. So don’t make any sudden moves! Listen pal! There are 7 of us here so you better listen to the lady
or this might end up badly for you! Oh no! Everyone stay on your places. Do not panic! I need light! Does anyone has a flashlight!? What light! Screw this I am off before he gets me! Everyone, don’t move! Light! I need light! Yes! Just a second! 7 of tried to fight that thing… We used pistols, axes, even our bare hands against it. But there was no effect. That thing was simply ignore
all damage it received from us. And then… It grabbed Max and in a split of a second… Broke his neck… And then just turned and walked
away with his body… I shot whole mag in its back… I shot that thing it in the legs, back, head… But again… No effect… And that was just the first death… More came after it… Every hour it was returning back
to take away one of us… But let’s follow events in the correct order… As soon as that thing went away,
lights went back up. Everyone was shocked and scared… Including me. Yet despite feeling fear I knew that we had to get our self together
and find a way out of this place as fast as possible. Before that creature returns again. Did you manage to figure out, what attacked you? At that moment – no. There were a lot of theories and guesses… But all of them seemed weird and unrealistic. And some even crazy… So what was it then? Not now. You will understand everything
yourself through my story. So… As soon as that creature left
and we recovered from the shock. A decision was made to return
back to the security room. Cameras were already working in this place so at least thorough them
we could get some understanding of what was going on around us. I purpose we stop discussing what that thing was and start thinking on how to get out of here. Henry I believe you mentioned something about second exit from this place? Yes. At least I hope it still exists. In 87 there was a huge fire in this place and lots of stuff was rebuilt after… We should check it out anyway. As I don’t what to sit here
and wait until that thing returns. We still have 45 minutes left! How are you so confident about it? Anyway. We should act! I agree. Yet it would be logical
if someone stays here and through cameras track down
the situations in this place. Any volunteers? Even though idea to separate is
not the best one, it does sound wise. I am ready to say here. But not alone! I’ll also accompany you. It seems to me, that it will be safer to say here rather than walking through those dark corridors. You sure are a brave person Mr. Ryan. In one of the boxes I managed to find
these walky-talkies. With them at least we shall be in contact. Good. Alright then. Henry, lead the way. It seems that Henry used to know
this place really good… At the start I also found that suspicious. But as soon as I’ve heard his story,
everything made sense. I suppose you are wondering how I do know the structure of this place so good? Truth is… I was among those people, who built it. Well… the original version of this place. As I told you before, Joshua Smith
was a good friend of mine. And when he asked me to help him with the realization of his dream,
I straight away agreed to do it. And that dream was to build the best
pizza – attraction in town. To his beloved daughter Anna. Yeah I know… It might sound a little bit absurd. But after Joshua tragically lost his wife. Anna became his only source
of happiness in this life. Even despite the fact, that Joshua had
2 older sons as well. By the name Fritz and Daniel. It’s just… Seeing Anna’s happy smile was the best cure to Joshua
in handling those hard times. For a year we were enthusiastically
building his dream. While Joshua was dealing with construction tasks. I was creating first prototypes of the animatronics. Which were expected to be
the main feature of our Pizzeria. Oh… And you should have seen
how Anna was happy about it. And with her, Joshua, me
and the whole construction team. It seemed that Anna’s happy smile could charge with positive energy almost anyone. Well… expect for her bothers. For some reason Fritz and Daniel were not sharing that same happiness as everyone else did. And then, one day, that second tragedy in Joshua’s life happened. It was hard to say, were the children
responsible for that or it was just an accident. But one morning while playing
hide and seek with her brothers Anna decided to hide inside one of the animatronics. That model was still unfinished
and springs inside of it were not stable… This new tragedy… Well I suppose you can imagine yourself. What it did to Joshua… Straight away he isolated himself
from everyone, even his kids. He fired all the staff. And for days and nights he used to stay locked inside
of the our unfinished pizzeria. Sometimes he was only seen in our local library. Where he used to take books, with a very strange and even terrifying content. This kind of behavior lasted for half a year… And then one day… Joshua
unexpectedly contacted me. He told me that he wanted to finish
what we had started and open the pizzeria in Anna’s memory. At the start I was really happy
to hear this kind of news. As I thought that Joshua
finally recovered from the tragedy. But things were not as simple as I had assumed… When I saw Joshua, straight away I noticed… That something had changed in him… Yes, he was still that same looking Joshua. Yet his eyes and the way he spoke,
it was very unlike him. What was also weird, he adopted
a child by the name Brian. Who seemed to be always near Joshua
and almost never left him alone. And even though that boy was around 8 or 9 years old… If he looked at you. You would feel straight away
a sense of horror and danger. Once I was going to the Joshua’s
office and overheard how he was having a conversation with someone. Or something… The voice that talked to him… I don’t even know how to describe it… Let’s just say… It was hard to call it a human… While being driven by anxiety
and curiosity I went inside… And to my surprise I only found
Joshua and Brian in there… But the way they looked at me… Even now I still see those eyes in my nightmares… With every day the situation was getting worse. No longer was I feeling safe inside of the pizzeria. Right after Joshua something happened
to his younger son Fritz. He also changed… And now whenever he was staring at you… You felt a fear and danger of evil presence. Also for some reason a lot of strange changes were made in the pizzeria’s construction plans. Additional rooms, underground premises
and hidden chambers were added. Not to mention, that Joshua asked me to make so many adjustments to the design of the animatronics. Some really strange adjustments… It was hard to say, with what kind
of intentions this pizzeria was being built. But definitely not for pleasure
and fun, as it was originally intended. And definitely not in the name of Anna. One day I decided that I can no longer be
a part of this madness. And i left. And I broke all ties with Joshua. Yes, you might think that I acted like a coward and left my friend alone in that nightmarish situation. But to be honest. That was no longer a person I used to know… That was someone else behind his face… And that letter, which was allegedly
left to me by Joshua. I guess, in some way I was hoping
that it would explain… At least a little bit… What really happened to my friend. But anyway, here we are. This is the place. Are you sure that second exit is here? Yes, that door should lead
to the old premises of pizzeria. Alright, let go there then. You go, I’ll stay here and cover the exit. Henry, can you please come over here! Is that what I think it is? Oh no… This is bad… We should leave this place as soon as possible. Guys! I am afraid I have a bad news… What kind of additional difficulties did your group face? As it turned out, the second exit
from the pizzeria, was immured. Of course, it was foolish of us to expect. That everything would be that easy. And although it might have seemed
that we were doomed. Henry once again purposed
a way out from this desperate situation. It the same room with immured exit door,
was located an elevator. Which led to old maintenance rooms. Of course there was no power in it. But luckily we had a mechanic
in our group who could fix that. At that moment we had 2 tasks before us. We had to activate power to the elevator. And also eliminate the gas leak. As some of us already felt prostrations, head pains and started seeing hallucinations. And it would only get worse. We divided in to 2 groups. Me, Emma and Henry went to eliminate the gas leak. While Nathan, Ryan and Eva
went to deal with electricity issue. Be careful. We have been exposed to this gas for quite a while. So visual and auditory hallucinations might appear. I guess we are already old enough, to distinguish what is real and what is a hallucination. EMMA…. Olivia!? Why did you leave me Emma? It is so cold and lonely in there… Why did you allow this to happen? You were supposed to protect me… It is your fault… It is your fault!!! Emma is everything alright? Yes, everything is fine, I just… I think I saw someone… But it doesn’t matter…
Let’s catch up with Henry. Hold it! Just hold it! This thing is strong! I think…I don’t think the door is not going to hold it! Don’t worry, this door should hold! I… Oh god… I think it is going away… Then let’s not waste time. We should fix the electricity supply in that room as fast as possible and then leave this place. Before that thing returns… But if that thing no longer is trying to get to us… That means it is on its way for others! Good call, we should warn them! Henry do you hear me? That thing is most likely on its way to you! Please be careful. Copy! We will be prepared. Did you managed to fix the electricity problem? I need around 5 more minutes and then it is done. Copy. We shall meet you near elevator then. Alright. And once again, please be careful there! And the same to you to Eva! What if… What if it is a trap and that thing
actually did go anywhere… And just waits for us behind the door? If it is so, then we will have to fight our way out. As there are no other exits. And considering the fact, what this thing
already managed to do with the door. We will not be able to hide here for long. Perhaps, there is an additional exit. What do you mean? Hm… This might work. Help me with the ladder. I’ll see what is in there. Just be careful there Eva. So? What do you see in there? Hard to tell… It is too dark… I’ll try to use the lighter… Don’t just stand there! Help me Ryan!!! Damn you Ryan!!! Help me!!! A little bit more… And done! I know that look Emma. Guilt haunts you. What’s wrong? We all are in the same boat right now. And the best thing we can do
is it to cheer one another up. Now if something worries you you can share with burden with us. And perhaps we will be able to help you. Olivia… That is the name of my younger sister. Eternal fidget, who always liked to be naughty. Several years ago she went missing
in one the Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzerias. And it happened, due to my inattentiveness. Since I… As always… Was too busy in my thoughts about work,
tasks, future projects… That I didn’t pay attention to anything else around me… And due to that, didn’t notice how Olivia
slipped away from me… Whole town was looking for her… I’ve used all my of connections to find here. Even your police lieutenant Brian Clark was personally leading the search operations… But with no luck… And then, a year later… They finally found her… Since then… Every day I live with an incredible sense of guilt… That I let her down. I also swore, that until I am alive not a single Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria place
shall open its doors to any new visitors. As soon as we get out of here,
it shall be like that. I’ll personally make it happen. And also I’ll make sure that Mr. Afton answers for everything that happened here. You can count on me as well. I’ll raise all of my connections. We will not let this go unanswered. And trust me Emma, one way or another
justice will prevail. And whoever is that person is. Whoever caused the evil to your sister. He will pay for what he has done. That I promise. Thank you! To both of you! Alright, leak is fixed. Now we can go to elevator. The others are probably waiting for us there. Good then. Let’s go! That creature sure acted strange. Based on your story,it could
easily kill all of you at once. Yet for some reason it only took away
one of you at a time. Did you manage to figure out why it acted like that? Yes. Emma had a theory about that. She thought that this creature
was hunting us not based on his own will. And that most likely someone was using him. Like a trained hunting dog. The question remained… Who was giving out the orders? I am glad to see that you are alive! Sadly, no all of us… We know about Eva… How did it happen? That thing… It attacked her from the ventilation shaft… We didn’t even manage to do anything… Didn’t manage to do anything!? Instead of standing still and staring on how Eva was pulled away you could have helped! If not for your cowardice, we could have saved her! Maybe if you yourself tried harder,
then maybe she would be… That is it! Gentlemen! Please save your strength. Let us first get out of here. And then you are free to settle your conflict
in any way you find suitable. Sadly we can’t help Eva anymore. But we still can help each other
and leave this place together. Before that monster returns. Doesn’t this sound reasonable to you? Emma is right. Let’s first leave this place. Before anyone else is taken away by that monster! Follow me gentlemen! Alright, let’s go down to our freedom. I am surprised it still works… And haven’t fallen apart. Well, back in the days, they knew how to build stuff. No need to worry… This elevator should… definitely… I hope that everyone survived that fall? Almost… Hold on Henry! We are almost there! Thank you friends! And now, the best thing you can do… Is to find a way out of here… And bring help. No need to worry about me… I’ll just rest here for a while… And gather strength… What!? No way!!! We are not going to leave you here alone! Don’t even count of that! I’ll stay with you! Thank you for your care… But you understand the same way as I… That I don’t have much time left… And sadly… I am… And sadly… I am not gonna make it. So the best thing you can do right now… Is to save your selves! Please… I ask you… Let me go away peacefully… With the thoughts that at least you
managed to get out of this hell hole… And now… Please… Go! There is no need for extra words and tears… Henry, don’t you worry. That person who lured as here. I’ll do all that I can, to make him pay for everything! Thank you… And now go! Just let me have… Some rest… What are we going to do now? Let’s spread in 2 teams again. And check all the rooms here. There definitely should be an extra exit here. Good idea. I am definitely not going anywhere with him! I’ll go with Ryan. Are you sure about that? Don’t worry Fiona. If something happens, I can stand up for myself. Alright, then let’s not waste any time. Me and Nathan shall check the workshop room. And you can then go check the control module. Okay. Joshua?… I don’t know… If this is a hallucination…. Or if it is really you… But it doesn’t matter… For years I dreamed to tell you… Please forgive me… For abandoning you… In those hard times… Forgive me… My old friend… It seems that it is another dead end. Though there is some strange looking ventilation shaft. It might lead somewhere… I suggest we don’t go there! It may be dangerous! You are brave as always Ryan… Do you have a family waiting for you back home? And that is why you avoid all kind of dangers. So you could return back to them in one piece? I have a wife… I mean… I had a wife… She is… No longer… I am sorry… No worries… Wow! It seems that Nathan managed completely restore electricity in this part of the building. I wonder, what does this button do? Damn… I don’t even want to know for what
kind of purposes this feature was used… Definitely, not for fun… Henry… No… How did this thing get here!? It does not matter, how it got here What matters, is that we have less than an hour, before it comes back for another prey. We need to warn others and find exit fast! I think I know how we can stop it! How? Are you thinking about luring this creature
into that room… And then try an electricity trick? Hm… It is a good idea. But how will we lure it there? I have an idea… You know Ryan… It turns out you are not that bad… Hm… Based on this draft, some animatronics where created with the goal of kidnaping children. And hiding them inside of their suits. Damn… What a hell was going on in this place? Obviously, nothing good. It seems that we will not find any exit here. Let’s check other rooms. Do I imagine things? Or there is actually a small animatronic standing in front of us trying to show something? I’ve already seen him before. He is the one, who warned us about the gas leak. We should follow him. Are you sure about that? Yes! This night is only getting weirder… Finally you have arrived. I’ve been waiting so long for this moment. I understand you have a lot of questions. But we do not have much time left. They almost managed to gather
the needed amount of souls. You have to stop them! And I know how to do that! Hold your horses. Before we do anything. First tell us who or what are!? And what a hell is going on down here? We don’t have… Nathan is right. Without answers, we are not going to do anything… Fine… My name was Linda Jones… A long time ago I was investigating… a case about missing kids from this pizzeria. But my desire to learn the truth and achieve justice Only got me and many others killed… Since evil… That is responsible for all the horrors here. Has no limits in its cruelty, meanness and lies. And all it is interested in – is human souls. Which it successfully gathered
for several decades already. I don’t quite understand, what are we
dealing here with? While being heartbroken by the death
of his beloved daughter Anna. Joshua Smith decided to take extreme measures. And started studying occultism. For days and nights from the darkness
he was trying to summon forces that would help him bring Anna back… And then, one day, something responded to him… And from the deepest corners of the darkness… They have arrived… They? Yes… Those who do not have permanent names… Neither permanent forms… And can only be distinguished by their purple eyes. No permanent form? Correct. They may take form of any victim,
whose soul is in their possession. All of this sounds very confusing… One thing can be said for certain about them. They are the personification of pure evil and cruelty. Two brothers, whose souls are so dark… That they can overshadow the sun… With lies and deceit they possessed
the mind of poor Joshua… And then started this nightmare… For decades they used to torture and murder people. In order to imprison their exhausted souls. Children especially… As their innocent souls were
for some reason more valuable to them. And then all of these souls were trapped inside one of the mysterious chests that they brought with them from the darkness. What is most terrifying… Is that those trapped souls never achieve peace. Instead of it the continued to be endlessly tortured. By experiencing their worst nightmares. Over and over again. Without end. But why are they doing this? That I don’t know. It is hard to understand the motives of their actions. Even that animatronic, who is pursuing you right now. Is also a victim of their treacherous plans. He is being manipulated and forced to kill… But truly, that person used
to be a good and kind person. Who was only seeking the love
and recognition from his stepfather… Who used to ignore him for years. And then by deceit sent him to a certain death… Let me guess. That stepfather is one of the aforementioned brothers. Yes… His previous name was Fritz Smith. Now he names himself William Afton. Afton… That is what they do in this place… At first they make you suffer… And then turn you in to their evil puppets… Through all the time I was here I only managed to save one soul… But then they spotted me. And trapped me here. Inside of this
motionless animatronic body… What Is weird… I am not the first soul that
was locked inside of this animatronic… Yet that soul, have left this prison a long time ago… Who’s soul you manage to save? You know him very well detective Fiona Scott. It is your old partner – Jonathan Schmidt. As many before him… By a deceit he was lured into the pizzeria… Only to face his inevitable death… And then his soul was trapped in its personal hell… Where as a kid, he was locked in his parents’ house. And used to be attacked
by nightmarish looking animatronics. Who would repeatedly tear him apart… Over and over again… For days, months, years Through all that time he spent in that hell. Sadly most of his personality was lost. And the part that remained, stayed on a childish level. Jonathan… But partly, he still remembers who he used to be. And what is being good means. And that is what is most important. He is willing to help you to put an end to this nightmare. You got your answers, now please… I beg you! Help me put an end to this evil! Of course! What needs to be done? You need to destroy the vessel,
where all the souls are stored. By that I mean the mysterious chest. It is located in a big hidden room,
in the office of Joshua Smith. The entrance to it you will find behind Anna’s picture. Yet when you get inside, you have to be careful. Since that place is guarded by another animatronic… She is another victim of this nightmare. Her name used to be Elza… She was the first one, who decided
to fight that evil back… Even after the death… But after decades of desperate struggle… The evil brothers still prevailed
and not only took over her soul.. But also forced her to follow their commands… Yet I believe that I might be able to help you with her. I just need to get freed from my Imprisonment. How can we help you in that? You need to destroy the body in which I am trapped. The best will be to use fire for that. And then you will have to do the same with the chest in which other souls are trapped. Also it would be better to completely
burn this place down. So that souls would definitely be able to leave this place and achieve peace, once and for all. But how would we be able to get out from here? You will find exit door in the same room,
where the chest is located. I’ll show you the exact place. Don’t you worry! I’ll not allow any more death
in the walls of this terrible place. But you have to hurry. At any moment one of the brothers
might show up and try to stop you. So as I was saying you will need… Your friend is in a mortal danger! Emma!? One of you should immediately go help her! Jonathan will show you a way! While the other one, should set me free. I’ll go! Nathan you are the smart mechanic. Help Linda and then try to find a way
how to burn this place to the ground! Fiona wait! Good luck! Thank you! Oh no! This is bad… This is really bad… Emma! Fiona! Stay Clear! Oh no… It is bullet proof… Emma! It is time… I am waiting for you big sister… Fiona. I know my request might seem hard to you. But please, fulfill it! On the panel there you will find
a button with electricity sign. Press it and do not release it until that thing dies! Once and for all! As you can’t allow that monster
to kill anyone else after me! What!? No! There has to be another way! I can’t do that!!! I am afraid this time there is no other way… I don’t know what you are and wh you are doing this. But know this… I am not scared of you! All my life I used to live by my own rules and on my terms I shall end it. And I will take you with me! I am not scared of you or death! Do it Fiona!!! Goodbye Emma… Why did you do this Ryan!? Why did you locked Emma with that thing? It had to be done… I do not expect you to understand me… But believe me, I had no choice… I had to do it… Reasons why I do this are more important
than even principles of morality… And what now? Now, I’ll have to kill you… You know, there is still an alternative
way out of this situation. We have found another exit from this pizzeria. You can come with us! I can’t leave this place without her… I am sorry… I really am… All I wanted was to return her back… That is why I made this desperate deal with Afton… But I should have figured out… That it all was a lie… What are you talking about? Afton asked me to make sure… That none of you would make out of here alive… How fullish and stupid I was… Forgive me Fiona… I honestly did want anything of this… All I wanted was… Just to see her again… Good news! I damaged several gas pipes,
so it should be sufficient to… What happened here? Where is Emma? I truly feel sorry for you and your friends. But did you manage do find that secret room? Yes… As soon as I told Nathan about Emma’s and Ryan’s faith. We straight away went to that hidden room. But what we found inside of it… Nothing could have prepared us for that horror… That we faced in there… Elza stop! It is me, Linda… Everything is fine now. You are no longer alone… Finish what you came here to do! Alright, it is time to end all of this! Jonathan… Forgive me… All of you… That I didn’t manage to protect you… This is what human life means to those monsters… They made this place as a treasury of death. You have to burn this place. Over there you will find a door,
which will lead you to your freedom. What about you? As soon as you destroy the chest and this place We shall be free as well. It is all done. We can set this place on fire. Well, who wants to start the fire? Bravo! Braavvooo! It has been a while since I have seen
such a spectacle… Usually people would boringly die. Without even trying to give a fight… But you! You are good… I even see you managed to join your forces
with Linda and Elza. That… is impressive! Elza and Linda… You have no idea how happy I am to see you again. Brian… Oh, I see you were even able to
recognize me in this form. Impressive. Well in this case, let’s show you a familiar face. Not sure if you know this. But Elza was the first soul, that
decided to rebel and fight us back. She also managed to unite others
and for years they actively tried to stop us. And were sabotage our work here… Same can be told about you Linda as well by the way. And that is admirable! But ladies you had your fun… Now it is time for you to return back to your friends. Kids souls… They were always ten times more valuable
than adults ones… Yet there is so much fuss with them… What have you done with them? I returned them back to the place,
from which they impertinently managed to escape… Their souls belonged to me anyway… On your place I wouldn’t rush to burn this place down. You see, all those souls that are locked in that chest. They have nothing good left in them. Now there is only desire to make others
feel the same pain and suffering as they felt. And if you set them free… Well… Nothing good comes out of that… Not for you or anybody else. But especially for you! As most likely you would be torn apart instantly. So instead of that, let’s make a deal. Good try, but meaningless… What are you? I am afraid your human brain
will not be able to understand that… Let’s just say… A long time ago Joshua Smith summoned us in a hope that we will return him his daughter… That fool thought, that he could ask something from us… But he was wrong… As we were not genies from a magic lamp
that would grant 3 wishes… Oh no… We do not give, we only take away… But it seems that fact was not mentioned in those books that Joshua used to summon us… And where is your bother now? Sadly, William is occupied with other tasks right now… As you might have guessed. We gather souls from many places… And your souls were supposed to be
the last ones for this place. To be fair, only one more soul is needed. Why do you have to spoil all the fun! Nathan! No!!! Alright then! I think it is time to show you! With what you are really dealing with… It is time to end this and add your soul to others… You will still not win! Oh, you can’t even imagine…. How many times people told me
exactly the same words… Yet for some reason all their souls
still are mine now… For years you have been feeding
on human pain and suffering and used to think that you can get away with it… You were ruthless. You even became a living nightmare
to many of your victims. And you delighted every moment of it. Nathan! Can you move? Yeah. Let’s get out of here… You didn’t even show a shred of mercy. And that is why it has to end like this. Your terror, which lasted for decades… Will end now! And you will learn yourself What it feels like. When your life and soul is taken away… Against your will! It is wrong! And now, together we will put an end to you… Once and for all! Noooooo!!! Don’t worry Fiona If something happens, I can stand up for myself. Based on this draft, some animatronics where created with the goal of kidnapping children. And hiding them inside of their suits. I am ready to say here. But not alone! I’ll also accompany you. I am Max. I was hired by Mr. Afton to work
as a night security guard. But sooner or later they will pay for their crimes… They have to! As there will be those.. Who will put an end to this evil… Once and for all… It is over… They are finally free! Jonathan… Thank you Fiona! Now. We are finally free! I can’t believe It is over… We’ve made it! How are you holding out there? I’ll be fine… Just need to rest a little bit… Damn… Never in my life have I seen
such a big and beautiful fire… It sure is beautiful… And that is the whole story. Hope you will print this word by word as I told you. Of course. But I have one question. There used to be a second brother. That Fritz Smith… Or correctly to say William Afton. What happened to him? He is still out there… But don’t you worry! I’ll find him and put an end to his crimes. But how are you planning to find him? As far as I understood,
he can change his faces and appearances? Doesn’t matter how. But I shall not rest, until I find him! That is good to hear… But perhaps you will not have to search for him. As the person you are looking for… Is already here. I have to thank you Fiona. As now I know what really happened that night. And believe me, these mistakes shall not be repeated. You know, due to your actions Fiona… Not only my brother is now locked down
in a very horrible place… But also my superiors are now
very unhappy with the results of our work… And I’ll have to work very…very hard to fix that. Which mean I’ll need souls… Way more souls! And try to guess… From whom I shall start…

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