Film Theory: No One Survives Disney! (The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Bambi, Pinocchio…)

Film Theory: No One Survives Disney! (The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Bambi, Pinocchio…)

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  1. welcome to the kill count, i’m matthew patrick and today we’re covering…your childhood. (dead meat reference ❤️)


  3. I bet its gonna be something obscure like Atlantis or Hercules (Yes I know its actually Herakles so you haters can shut up) -TheChesireCat

    (P.S. Also DarkLight you're a Frickin' Genuis(but MatPat doesn't want to calculate half of all Life in the Universe))

  4. 0:41
    If you re-watch the first one it says because of the “pranks” in melody time there’s a death number in the “double if not triple digies” (11:21) so surely the death count would be more that just 44

  5. Technically you would have to count Pinocchio as well as he dies in the end of the movie but then is brought back to life by the blue fairy

  6. 4:04 This… This Is…
    My Favorite Movie Of All Time, I Can't Believe I See It Again.
    I Saw The Movie Maybe Like 22 Times as a Kid. But Jeez I Love Everything About It…

    The Treasure Planet Or How's It In German Called "Der Schatzplanet" Is Still One Of My All Time Loved Movies.

  7. I think if you added marvel I think the death count would would be easy (cough) half of the universe a.k.a infinity war.

  8. Ok so let me get this straight in one version ariel turned into sea foam and in the second version she commited suicide just to be the color of the sky?!?!?! Disney is so messed up

  9. uh, if the horizon is 9.9 miles from pride rock, in each direction, wouldn't the area they can see be ~308 square miles? Cause we're not going for a square square mileage, right? Because the perspective should be … round, right? So if the horizon is 9.9 miles from a mid point, and we're talking a circle, that would be 307.9 square miles. If we're working with 9.9 miles as the diameter, we're at 76.98 square miles. Only if we're going for a geometric square do we get the ~100 square miles :3

  10. Im saying the fish in brother bear don't count. You didn't count the bugs in lion king, and many, if not all the animals there are sentient. And the salmon just seem like normal fish

  11. 12:28 Dude, did you even read the original version by Hans Christian Anderson? The Mermaid doesn’t become sea foam nor does she stab herself. She is given a choice to stab her love interest to become a mermaid again but she doesn’t do that out of her love for him. She then jumps into the ocean thinking she is about to become sea foam but instead becomes a child of the air. She is then told that if she does good deeds for 300 years, she could get a chance at having an immortal soul and going to Heaven.

  12. Oh gosh Home On The Range was ny childhood film that I completely forgot about. Thank you so much. Im one of the only people who liked this movie

  13. What about the brave little toaster it was in theaters and and a lot of cars died in the junk yard , also a blender died in that movie

  14. Saw levels of deadly? Saw isnt actually a series with lots of deaths, and im pretty sure you know james so you should know that… 😂

  15. Alice in Wonderland is a dream, those deaths shouldn't count. Pinocchio's fish aren't easily argued to be sentient either.

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