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  1. That was hilarious and well done. Can I ask for malf's theme song used in this, I only know the uther's track (call to arms)?

  2. Me and my roomate (On her PC) both subscribed to your channel. I didn't have time to check other videos, I saw the blackthorne one on the thumbnails, will check them later. Keep it up ! Oh by the way, the thing about subs VS views is to promote people making their own channels with themes or flavors that create content and stop viral videos from getting monetized, so that people don't randomly upload all kinds of videos hoping they get viral. It's to create YouTube community with good channels, not a site with just crazy videos. 🙂 And… At the end of your video it says suscribe, not suBscribe, IDK if it's intended. Bye and GL and stuff 🙂

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