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  1. "All the other bulls wanted most of all to fight at the bullfights" WTF disney WTF
    Just like saying all the other cows wanted to end up killed in humans plate but this one wanted to live longer than few years.

  2. Mama Cow: Now, Ferdinand… why don't you play with all the other little bulls and buck your head?

    But Ferdinand would shake his head.

    Ferdinand: I like it better not having brain-damage, and not being betted on and ultimately killed in a rodeo ring, Mama.

    Also with this color palette and style, it looks like it would fit in right with the movie, Pinnochio… even though that movie takes place in Italy instead of Spain. Makes sense, because this was before Pinocchio.

  3. Bullfighting is an atrocity and a disgrace to human kind. All bulls deserve to live like Ferdinand enjoying the grass and the flowers.

  4. Yeah. I don't see why Blue Sky decided to remake it as a crappy, cheap CGI film, and completely ruin this film''s legacy

  5. 2:22 Why is there a person with a Mexican hat in Spain? ._.
    Representaron a la gente de España con aspecto mexicano.

  6. I just watched the 2017 movie of Ferdinand and it's so awesome and cute! What a wonderful remake of this awful cartoon. Well, I guess the cartoon isn't THAT bad but the character design throws me off.

  7. ferdinando? hot dogos? toro ferocio? who translated the posters in this short? it clearly didn't speak spanish

  8. I just noticed most of the ladies look like Snow White and it’s pretty scary. Also, at 6:49 why does the guy speaking decide that because he’s the narrator and the matador he can just be lazy and say it all in one line? Literally it’s like the narrator is crying too. I could have done the better in one line too.

  9. Ferdinand is so high and apathetic that he literally doesnt care what happens and where he is , he just looks so stoned lol

  10. That was the astounding Oscar winning short 🎥 that inspired the Academy Award nominated feature 🎥 starring John Cena and Kate McKinnon and the reason why Disney purchase Fox and made it become part of the Disney family!!! It's truly a wonderful miracle to behold!!!!😄😄😄😄

  11. Reading many of the youtube comments always ruins everything. Too bad people can not just appreciate innocent and kind cartoons like this without having the need to try to find some badass, silly comment to write, trying to be funny and failing miserably. Honestly. How messed up the world is right now. Innocence and kindness and even a bit naivity is not childish, it is the complete other way around. Like we learned from a Pedagogy/psychology teacher in high school (age 17), you are never grown up until you know how to be childlike (not childish). Finding ways to be mean is childish, not childlike (childlike=grown up). Even children these days learn to be childish (mean or badass), not childlike. Also Jesus said: "Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children (childlike. not childish), ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven." -Matthew 18.3.

  12. A story in Spain. It's funny my mom told me when I was a very young child before Kindergarten I went to the library and kept checking out this book I didn't read back then but my mom read it to me and she told me afterwards that she knew why it was my favorite book I could identify with the Bull because I was like that.content to sit under the tree smelling the flowers. Let the world worry about the outside world.

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  14. Hey – just realized a visual joke at 1:51! Narrator earlier said Ferdinand sits under a cork tree, well look at all those wine corks hanging there! LOL! Except that in real life the corks are made from the bark of the tree itself, they don't grow like that 🙂

  15. This 🎞 is a rip snortingly good. I read the story aloud to some 👧🏻a and their mom. In fact, a 👧🏻 mooed like a 🐄 and I snorted like a bull. She engaged with me in October 2019.

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