Fast Food Hot Sauce Taste Test

Fast Food Hot Sauce Taste Test

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  1. Ok the time when link said I thought that was a real finger I could SWEAR I saw the finger mover right before he said it

  2. After watched most of the taste test in GMM I just found I am more like Rhett, diffidentt and overwhelmed, afraid of something wrong.
    Every time Rhett used his logic and the consequences are always better than Link.

  3. Just take the blindfolds off… I mean… if you can SEE the difference between hot sauce, you have our permission to “cheat”, that’d just be more impressive.

    In fact I think most people would prefer to use their taste to decide what sauce it is rather than their eyes…

    …I think they really just wanted to say “as you can see, we can’t!” 🤔😊

  4. Diablo sauce from Taco Bell is my favorite. Everytime I go to taco bell I grab a bunch, like I literally completely clean out the sauce tray.

  5. That Texas Pete hot sauce from Bojangles’ is at the Chick-fil-A near me! I thought that’s what they would call the Chick-fil-A hot sauce! Anyone else?

  6. #QTMBA If you had to pick a celebrity to be your mom, who would you pick?

    My Answer: BEYONCE because she's Beyonce

  7. Rethinking my life choices. I want a career in which my boss says “we need you to make a crown out of hot sauce packets”

  8. I wish the microphone was a kilometer away from link's mouth when he eats
    I like the guy but that makes me wanna punch him

  9. It would of been funny if the crew put the sauce on their actual finger after Rhett and Link put on the blindfolds. lol.

  10. i love literally every single one of these sauces.
    also taco bell and del taco aren’t mexican restaurants😫

  11. When you think you’ve watched every episode of GMM, especially the food ones, and then every once in awhile, one you’ve never seen pops up in the recommended after you’ve rewatched all the other ones … 🤬🤬🤬🤬

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