Exotic Egg Taste Test

(singing) Who let these eggs out?
Who? Who? Who? Who? Let’s talk about that. ♪(theme music)♪ – Goooooood Mythical Morning!
– For centuries, people have been asking the question,
“Which came first? The chicken or the egg?”
and my answer to that is, “Well, that’s presumptuous and
chicken elite-ous because chickens are not – the only animals that lay eggs.”
– That’s right! They are usually the eggs that we eat,
but that’s all about to change today because we’re going to be trying all kinds
of different eggs, and we don’t even know what they’re
gonna be ’cause it’s time to play: ♪(game show music)♪
What Eggcellent Egg-Laying Lady Animal Laid These Egg-Zotic Eggs? As you can see,
we can’t. Okay, here’s how this is gonna work:
A Belvedere is gonna fly in here on both sides.
He’s multiplied himself, and he is going to lay an egg into
our hands. – We will then–
– He’s female! – Today he is.
– Mhm. And then we will taste that egg and
then determine which animal we think it came from.
All of these eggs will be hard-boiled because we thought that was the best
way to have them laid gingerly – into our hands.
– And then into our mouths. – Let’s get ready for round one!
– (cow bell) – (both) Round one.
– (goose quack) – ♪(short game show music)♪
– Here, Belvedere. – Belvedere, Belvedere, Belvedere, Belvedere.
– (makes chicken sounds) – Oh. Woah.
– Oh, that’s a– – It’s teetering here.
– That’s a much bigger egg than I – (Rhett) I expected to start with.
– (Link) Wow. – Super Chicken.
– It’s definitely an egg. – Hey.
– There’s nothing in the world that – feels like this that’s not an actual egg.
– Let’s dink it and sink it? Dink! And bite.
Seems like a normal egg eating experience to me so far except that it’s
roughly twice as big as a chicken egg. – It’s got a nice, very silky-smooth taste.
– Mhm! – Better than chickens!
– For reals? Better than chickens.
I swear this is better than a chicken egg. – Giant chickens are better than this.
– This is gonna be the rage! – Mm. I typically only eat the white part.
– This is gonna be the rage, Stewart! – Who’s Stewart?
– You! You’re Stewart! Oh! Sorry!
I wasn’t paying attention to what my name was! Okay. So,
what are we gonna do? Guess? (Stevie) Three. Two. One. – Turkey?
– Goose. I mean gooses are big!
Turkeys are also big! – (Stevie) It’s a goose!
– What?! Aaah!
Can I take my blindie off and look at it? – Here we go.
– Wow. Link, that’s–
Does it smell goosey to you? No.
That’s great. – (cow bell)
– (both) Round two! – (quail tweet)
– ♪(short game show music)♪ – Enter, Belevedere.
– (does pig call) – Oh. Ew.
– Is it in there? – It’s a little one.
– (Link) (high-pitched) That’s a cutie. – That’s a cute egg and I can’t even see it.
– There’s a flat piece on the bottom of mine so it can stand up perfectly.
Look at that. Anti-rolls? Mine doesn’t have that.
Mine has a deformedness on the bottom. Now, I’m going to bite half of mine in
order to show the mythical beasts what the cross section looks like,
but if you wanna totally sink it– – No, no. I wanna just bite half of it.
– (Link) I can feel the color I think. – (crew laughs)
– Definitely a bird. Definitely a bird. – Alright, you dinking it?
– Oh I’ve already– – Oh, you’ve already eaten it?
– Yeah! – Oh.
– We don’t have to dink our eggs. I’m afraid we might, like,
accidentally create another bird. Hold on, do all eggs taste the same?
I mean– I wonder if it looks different and,
if I saw it, I’d think it taste different, but, you know, with the benefit of the
blindfold, I’m just enjoying this as a cute, – little hor d’oeuvre.
– And you gotta wonder. I mean– I wanna say this is definitely a bird egg,
but would I know if it was a reptile egg? – I can not think that this is a non-bird.
– It’s gotta be a bird. It’s too chicken-centric for to go outside
of the bird kingdom. Yeah, yeah.
And I think I know exact– – Do birds have a kingdom?
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. Birdville. – I think I know exactly what this is.
– That’s a town. – That’s the suburb of the bird kingdom.
– I have my guess. I am so ready to guess. (Stevie) Okay. Here we go.
Three. Two. One. – Quail!
– Robin. – Robin.
– Quail. – Is it blue? Is it robin’s egg blue?
– (Stevie) It is a quail egg. – (ding sound)
– Yes! – Awh. For reals?
– Yeah. – Now, I love a little quail egg.
– Oh, I thought you only ate half of it. – All of it.
– Woah. – But you only ate half of it.
– (crew laughs) – (laughs)
– It’s like, “Hold on. Wait. – The universe is at my end right now.”
– (cow bell) – (both) Round three!
– (squishy sound) – ♪(short game show music)♪
– (Stevie) Okay, guys. For this one I actually need you to put
down your hands and open your mouths. – Oh no.
– What? – (Stevie) Alright. Mike. Chase.
– We’re gonna have an egg laid in our mouths? – Oh.
– (crew laughs) (gags) You poured it down my throat!
And that wasn’t a gag– Oh goodness. Literally. One’s already gone down my
esophagus, – and there’s seven more soft ones.
– That is not an egg, people! That is–
There’s a dozen in my mouth right now. It’s a liter. He laid–
Oh! One just came out. Okay.
I get to feel it now with my hand. – Somebody laid a liter in my mouth.
– Salty. Very salty. Very gelatinous
I haven’t bitten any of them yet, but they’re dancing all
around my tongue. – I don’t feel right about this.
– I’m trying to bite them. – I can not bite them.
– I think I’m popping them and there’s – so many. They keep returning.
– I literally can not bite them. – (gags)
– Stewart, we’re gonna have trouble – selling these.
– Something tells me, if I knew what this was, – I would be grossed out.
– You know what it tastes like? It tastes like when you’re a kid and
you got a blister and you bite it. – Mhm.
– (crew) Eww. – That’s exactly what it tastes like.
– On what? Where do you– Where you got blisters you’ve
been biting? – I did stuff as a child.
– Don’t make this a– You just said,
“Where you get blisters?” So, I mean, like,
anywhere you get blisters. I want to know where you’re biting
yourself. How can the guy who bites his own
blisters as a kid shame the guy who doesn’t have blisters?
I don’t know what’s up here. I get, like, a blister on my finger,
and I would bite it as a child, and it tasted like this egg here.
So I’m just gonna go out on a limb and say this is actually one of my blisters
from childhood. – (Link and crew laugh)
– I wanna say fish eggs but they seem too – big for fish eggs.
– It’s so salty. – I mean, how big do fish eggs get?
– (Stevie) You go in three. Two. One. – (whispers) Salty. (normal) Tuna!
– Snake! – I know it’s a fish.
– (Stevie) Guys, you’re both wrong. – (buzzer sound)
– It’s snail eggs. – Oh.
– For real? How big is that snail? ‘Cause those eggs are bigger than
I thought a snail could be. – What?
– (cow bell) – (both) Round four!
– (growling) – ♪(short game show music)♪
– Belvedere. – Please.
– Gah! – Oh–
– What in the world? – Is this an actual baby?
– Oh my gosh! Ew! (Link) You know what?
When I squeeze it, – I can feel the hard yolk in the middle.
– Oh gosh! Oh! The yolk is so hard! – (Link) Ew, it’s like–
– This is a human egg, isn’t it? – This is an actual human egg.
– No. You did not do human eggs. You took an egg out of a human.
Oh. No you didn’t. – Awh.
– You know what? If ladies laid eggs,
the pregnancy would be a – very different kind.
– I’d show up for that. – You could–
– (laughs) You just go in–
You go into the bedroom and your – wife would just be, like,
– (crew laughs) – sitting on the egg.
– I was wondering– “Hey baby, want to come watch
House of Cards?” “Okay, just bring the laptop in here.
I’ve got to sit on Junior.” I like the idea of having a big nest
for a bed. That’s one of the advantages if a woman
laid an egg. – The man could share the responsibility.
– Oh! Say, “Hey, honey!
I’ll come sit on the egg tonight!” – Let’s clink it.
– Well, I think we’re bonk it and chonk it. – (Rhett) Bonk it an chonk it.
– Because this thing is huge! – Bonk it.
– Oh. Woah. – Is that your face?
– (crew laughs) – Nope, that’s my hand.
– Bonk it and chonk it. Oh!
Well, once again, it just tastes like an egg.
Again, my theory of all eggs – tasting exactly the same.
– Oh. I’m getting a difference. – And it’s not a good difference.
– There’s a little heartier? – Maybe a little gamier?
– It’s meatier. – It actually tastes like chicken meat.
– (laughs) – The yolk–
– The yolk tastes like chicken meat. (Link) It doesn’t taste like a yolk,
it tastes like flesh. – Really?
– It’s so– Too much. Okay, okay. Yeah.
It got a– Oh. Mm. – Did it get fleshy for you?
– No, no. It didn’t get fleshy, – it got kinda metallic.
– (gags) – Oh gosh.
– Like liver. – (gags)
– (Rhett and crew laugh) Stop saying words that
are gonna make me gag. – (crew laughs)
– It tastes like an organ from – another animal.
– There’s so much yolk and not enough white stuff.
What’s the white stuff called? – White.
– Egg white. – Mm. That is not– Oh gosh.
– This is very savannah tasting. Like Savannah, Georgia or
savannah-Africa? Well, I don’t wanna inform your guess any
more than I already have. – (crew laughs)
– (Stevie) Okay. Here we go. In Three.
Two. One. – Emu.
– Ostrich. – Ooooh! You took the bait!
– (Stevie) Very close and Link, – you’re correct with Emu.
– Yes! – Aah!
– Woo! – Good gosh.
– Oh man. – There actually is metal in here!
– (cow bell) – (both) Round five!
– ♪(short game show music)♪ (Stevie) Okay guys,
this is another – open-your-mouth-put-down-your-hand round.
– Oh, man. – Oh no.
– That means it’s gonna be real tasty. – (Link) Okay.
– (Chase) Here you go. – (disgusted) Mm-mm! Oh! Oh!
– (disgusted) Aww! Nooooooooo!
Noooooooo! (Link) Nuh-uh.
Is this edible? – (Stevie) Yes.
– Oh, gosh. – Eugh, it’s salty.
– This is, without a doubt, – an ocean creature.
– I haven’t bitten into anything. – Have you opened the seal on any of these?
– Oh, I broke two or three of them, brother. They all taste the same.
Think of it like this. You’ve got little balls of
ocean in your mouth, – Oh.
– and you just release the ocean. – Eugh!
– We could sell this to people who can’t – make it to the ocean.
– Ocean babies. – Ocean balls. Ocean balls is better.
– (crew laughs) We’ve got ocean balls!
A dollar a dozen! – (Link) Ugh.
– Put them in your mouth and – take a trip to the sea.
– Who does this? You’re not supposed to eat the eggs
like this. You’re supposed to, like,
pop them. Make them a topping on something. It’s so salty!
Nooo! – I don’t wanna swallow. Oh gosh.
– The lining on these are much harder. I’m popping the ocean balls,
but then there’s an ocean ball lining. – Mhm.
– Like a deflated beach ball that’s just – in my mouth.
– I got a bunch of deflated balloons – floating around my ocean mouth too.
– Yeah, they are so– It is so meaty.
The lining is so meaty. – (Link) Agh.
– This is a bigger animal. – (gags) Go down! Go down! Okay.
– I’m really really working it. Take ‘er down, man.
Take ‘er down. – (both sigh of relief)
– Alright. – Okay.
– (Stevie) Mkay, here we go. – Three. Two. One.
– Octopus. – Sea urchin?
– (Stevie) It’s Red Salmon. – (buzzer sound)
– Aw. – Red Salmon?
– Oh, look. Ooh. They’re purple.
They look like the inside of our mugs. – Purple?
– (crew laughs) They look orange to me.
“Ooh! They’re purple like the orange mug – that we have!”
– (laughs) I’ve been teaching my kids that that’s
purple this whole time. – (crew and Rhett laugh)
– Dang. – (cow bell)
– (both) Round six. – (hiss)
– ♪(short game show music)♪ Please be a chicken egg.
Please be a chicken egg. – Please!
– Yea– What? Oh. – Ploppy-plop-plop.
– That was little. Oh, come on. What?
This is a dinosaur egg. What? It’s got skin, guys.
Oh, I know. This is not from the bird kingdom. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Now, do I have to peel this? – (Stevie) Nope.
– I think this is a deer egg. – Now–
– (both laugh) Don’t put stupid answers in my brain
’cause I’ll end up saying them. – Please say deer egg, Link.
– (both laugh) – It’s got wrinkles on it.
– Yeah. It’s leathery. – Like–
– Man, they got a leathery cover on it. – Did you de– Oop–.
– (crew) Oooh! – (crew laughs)
– Wait. Where is it? – I heard it!
– (Stevie) Mike, we need some help in here. Did it land in my vomit bag?
I heard– There ain’t nothing that’s gonna crack
this egg. (Stevie) It touched the floor,
but it’s really clean. – Oh, our floor is immaculate.
– (crew laughs) I mean, the smell.
How would you smell– – (laughs) How would you smell that?
– Well, I’d put it up to my nose like this. How would you describe that smell?
Like a barnyard almost. I don’t think so.
I think it’s pleasant. Now, I–
How are we gonna do this, Rhett? – Are we gonna–
– We’re gonna put it– – Bite it in half?
– We’re gonna open and we’re gonna bite and we’re gonna chew and then
we’re gonna guess. – So we’re gonna bite a cross-section?
– Yeah, Stewart, and then we’re gonna – sell it to the masses.
– Alright, let’s dink it. – Where you at?
– Dink it? – Oh, that was it.
– There we go. – That was a–
– That is acceptable. – And si– And bite it. Ugh!
– Oh gosh. (Rhett) It’s like biting into a tire.
It’s like a sponge. Yeah.
I was afraid something was gonna gush out. It is a deer.
It’s a deer egg. – Nobody knew deers laid eggs.
– (Link) You know what? It’s like something you would pluck
off a candy manufacturing line before they added any flavor.
It’s just spongy consistency. – Like taffy without flavor?
– (Link) You know what? – It taste a little like pasta.
– Is this a pasta egg? Or this is something so heinous
that when I knew what it was– I’m gonna hate myself for loving it
so much. How could it have so little flavor if it
was from something really nasty? (Stevie) Okay, guys.
I’m gonna need an answer. – Three. Two. One.
– (both) Alligator. – What?!
– (crew laughs) – Spit. We both said alligator?
– (Stevie) This is an iguana egg. – What?! Iguana egg?
– What? It’s yellow!
What on the earth? – It’s like a fruit.
– Yeah. This is amazing.
Are you sure it’s not iguana poop? – I think its a kumquat.
– (Stevie) Fairly certain, but it does mean that, Link,
you win the game. – ♪(celebratory music)♪
– Oh! Congratulations, Link.
You get this other half of this – iguana egg.
– No. You also get a super omelet
that we’re gonna make from the eggs in Good Mythical More.
Congratulations. I highly recommend this.
You’re welcome. Thanks for liking, commenting,
subscribing. – You know what time it is.
– Hi, I’m Anecia from Pheonix, Arizona and it is time to spin the
Wheel Of Mythicality. We don’t currently sell eggs at
RhettAndLink.com/Store, – but we do sell hats, t-shirts,
– Mugs. – mugs.
– Lip balm! RhettAndLink.com/Store.
Click through to Good Mythical More. We’re gonna get the crew to sample
these eggs and I’m gonna eat the – ultimate omlet.
– Oh, I bet that’s gonna be great. – Y’all gotta taste that iguana.
– Rhett and Link go back in time and – accidentally build the pyramids.
– (makes time traveling sounds) – Woah, here we are!
– We made it, man. – There’s a lot of dirt here.
– What do you feel like doing? – Oh, building something out of the dirt.
– Let’s take some sand. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. Look.
– Do this. Do this. – Do this. You have to do this for
– Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. – a really long time.
– Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. – Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
– Cut to seven years later. – Woah.
– Wow. Wow. – Look what we accidentally did.
– We have accomplished a wonder. – What do we call them?
– Hmm. – Like, pointy house?
– Pointy house. Yeah. We’ll work on it. [Captioned By Hayleigh:
GMM Captioning Team]

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