Evil Professor | Totally Spies – Season 5, Episode 3

Evil Professor | Totally Spies – Season 5, Episode 3

Looks like another quiet night in the world of high-tech security Not a bad entrance for spy reject Not a bad entrance for a spy reject Is in college life the best shot is not only do we have a killer new pad But thanks to our totally relaxed schedules. We also have a ton of freedom. So what should we do first? Hit the beach cruise the mini mall taking a freaky student art flick. I Vote for all of the above right after we check out our new mailbox How are you today? We were fine dear until you scare the hell out of us Ah, yes, I’m here to collect this month’s payment for room and board Room and board. What are you talking about? I’m talking about your penthouse suite. You didn’t think you were staying there for free. Did you? I’m afraid your perky days are over girls you have until the end of the week to pay up brawl That’s the way it works in the real world. Cheerio Wow who knew college living came with such a hefty price tag I hate to say it, but I think we’re gonna have to get part-time boy Alex is right clover unless we want to give up our roomy room. It’s goodbye freedom. Hello job We’re gonna register Alex walk the tables over friendlies any questions. Yeah, like when do we get paid? When you actually do some work Hello bossy taskmaster much look on the bright side at least we get all the free drinks we want Yeah, I’m sure new jobs won’t be that bad But the bigger why are you here we’re supposed to go to some lame peaceful and aspect Really Okay, now that’s what I call seriously disturbing But we’re gonna have to leave work early leave but it’s your first day exactly why we shouldn’t overexert ourselves Now he’s gonna deal with two of them and like the second one has a totally annoying accent If only we could do some spying and get our minds of all this campus chaos It’s a new course called espionage 101 No way a class that actually teaches you how to spot a little considering or actual spies Maybe we should sign up and get an easy. Yeah And whenever the class is being held in such a strange location I’m sure it’s just a gimmick, you know to give it a more authentic I feel well, it’s totally working the hairs on my neck are in porcupine mode Maybe our easy-a won’t be so easy after all on account It looks like our prop didn’t show perhaps you might want to recheck your fat spy wannabe Welcome to espionage 101. I’m professor Fremont world-renowned secret agent now prepare for your first lesson Excellent apprehension if I didn’t know better, I’d say you three were old hats in the world of espionage Please we don’t even wear hats Movies Still I think you’d be the perfect team for a little class exercise. I have planned Um, what kind of exercise will be recreating a famous spy event from the past are you in? Whoa, that sure is a fancy-schmancy recreation professor your mala’u tuition dollars hard at work. Now, let’s begin. Shall we? 20 years ago in an event dubbed Operation Vulture a double agent breached security at a compound similar to this one and stole a lethal weapon without being detected Which is why this is considered the most impressive undercover job ever executed You’ll play the infiltrators and attempt to retrieve the weapon though I doubt you’ll be as successful as the real spy was I wouldn’t be so sure about that Okay girls time to face this assignment. Well, let’s start with a little workout Talk about realistic the pusher didn’t miss any details in his recreation Really good actors, too Now all we got to do is flip inside The fakie weapon must be an upgrade but how do we get it past those baekje guards I’ve got an idea Clover yup for a little wardrobe change You kidding. I was born ready capable professor Fremont is watching us remember? Right guess we’re gonna have to do this the old-fashioned way This is too easy Professor HAP’s really gonna have to step up the effort on his recreation. Tell me about it. We barely even broke a sweat Hmmm no, that’s what I call an a-plus effort Totally misses like way fun when there’s no pressure Ollie was kind of weird that Fremont seems so happy when we gave him the crate like he really believed there was something valuable inside He was probably just stoked to have three students like us in his class. Stop what you’re doing and put your hands in the air Clover tells me those aren’t poop agents Not so fast ladies, who are you and what do you want with us? I’m mr. Franklin Dean of Students These government agents are placing you under arrest for stealing the inflaters project You don’t play dim with me girlie now, where’s the weapon Honestly, we don’t know what you’re talking about Unless you’re talking about that crank. We gave professor Fremont last night professor. Oh There’s no such professor or course at this university now Believe this you three are officially finished at malli you Hey what gives the fashion police finally catch up to you losers I Got dibs on that zippers the weak Dharma, no doubt I am completely stressing out about all of this Tell me about it the thought of Mandy and her little crony trying to weasel their way into her fab new digs makes me want to hurl actually clover I think she was talking about us getting arrested for stealing and the worst part is we didn’t even do it Oh the more I think about it the more I’m starting to think that maybe we did See, um reality check we were doing a recreation as a designer imposter mission much Or maybe this was all just an elaborate setup to get us to steal a real weapon for a fake professor. Good point I mean why would a world-renowned secret agent be teaching a class at Malley you And if he’s so renowned way that we heard of him before because we got duped which is why we need to call Jerry a Virtual we’re like really sick and can’t make it work today Sorry the doctor will be here any second Wow, I hope he’s not too mad we’re just seemed pretty hyper we can worry about that later right now we’d better dial whoop Hello spies ready to wire me the rent money forget about that Jerry. We’re in big trouble Oh my big trouble in the big house. Don’t move girls. I’ll be there in a flash Don’t move. We’re gonna go Finally the tool to help me carry out my revenge a little And then it was all like there’s no professor free-market this university is Like cup your couple with us That’s utterly remarkable, but not all that’s remarkable according to whoop records operation vulture. Never existed So we were actually just doing operation Sam clover Alex it would appear so Hmm, you’d better check this Fremont characters background. Looks like our world-renowned spy is really a spy reject Agency in the world Get the F and Professor AB stands for failure So now the question is what exactly did Fremont have a steal the inflaters project? Wait anything at once it was designed as a top secret weapon with the capacity to expand objects of any mass to hundreds of times their natural size Well now we know what was in the crate But what would Fremont work with a weapon like that – he’s planning on inflating his seriously sagging ego That was no earthquake our terrestrial whoomp sensors have detected that the planet has just expanded by 2% Which means Fremont’s using the device we stole to enlarge the planet Trust me clover. This is not a good thing I’ve located the origin of the disturbance Malibu University then we better get over there before. It’s like a balloon You’ll need some gadgets take the self-propelling exploding ink pen the ever expanding bubble gum and the keys to the woop jet Which is equipped with a party source The jet is for official business only as in no joy rides to Paris Thanks to RF wha T’s we didn’t even get her hair wet And Just as we thought Freemont gave it a test run. No wonder you were so adept at yesterday’s mission My top spy students are real spies You never told us you had a PhD and phony Your costume lying 101 or better yet? Why don’t you take a nice long sabbatical in the woof prison and abandon my revenge mission to expand the earth until it explodes no chance, so You’re willing to destroy yourself in order to get revenge Negative. I’ll be carrying out my plan from the safety of the ultra hi-tech spaceship I’ve built More like scrap ship. So if you’re not a professor or spy and you’re definitely not a space engineer, what exactly can you do? Acquire your assets you are kid, you know I would not get on his bad side. If I were you he’s annoying enough when you’re on his good side. Don’t worry. Mr Underachievers plan will never get that far There you turn a cutesy creature against this let ourselves now He’ll be out if your misery soon enough if the effects of my device don’t get you first the rising tide will over now Which makes me wonder how clams don’t totally get claustrophobic I Have my hand on the ever-expanding bubblegum clover open your mouth Okay, ill this gum tastes disgusting like Limburger cheese, whoa guess chair invented a new flavor that only he would like There’s no time to waste Rossi flavor or not. You gotta keep chewing Eventually the chair owes me a new toothbrush Come on girls, let’s get the speaker Fremont attack theme flatus to the bottom of our jet Attacked me a rope forest. That’s worse Those pies are good, but they’re no match for my mail-order spy training and imaginary expertise The situation is dire you must stop the inflators immediately or the world will explode in mere minutes Spinning skyscrapers eat matures hologram is annoying Right as if things weren’t bad enough now we have to worry about getting singed Well don’t cuz I’ve got just a gadget to stop that being the self repelling exploding ink pen That one coming, let me try my penmanship Nice shot Sammy no rival agents gonna sabotage my mission time for little spy versus spy I’ve got an idea that will shut Fremont down for good Who knew the woop jet was vulnerable to a chair better work on that Excellent work girls now that we’ve managed to deflate the planet we should promptly return this device to its rightful owners We’ll take it back Jer since the Dean booted us from school. We have plenty of time on our hands You’ll be pleased to know that I’ve already smooth things over with your Dean and you can return to Mel at you immediately Why do you think you mean whoop erases memory, um No comment, but I will say that whoop has officially erased the rent on your penthouse consider it my gift to you Get back to Molly you and make sure Mandy Mindy haven’t taken it over Taking girls because we’re not giving up our posh pad without a fight Over nothing We’re here now and we’re ready to work. Oh, I’m not worried. In fact, I’ve already found replacements for you Here Virgil, we got you a little present Little this is the biggest beam I’ve ever seen you three are officially rehired In that case later Lima You

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  1. Hoping that, there would be new season of Totally spies again because I had finished to watch all 156 episodes already. Please! Produce a new season, alot of us are waiting!😇😢🙏

  2. I’d Still Totally Would’ve Like To See Scooby-Doo And The Gang And Especially The Equistria Girls Enjoy Fighting Crime With The Totally Spies

  3. I know this is a cartoon (plus one of my favorites!) But, considering that they are actual spies that the first alarm bell should've gone off since the class was posted on a college campus! Number two would've been the fact that the most classes taught would've been Criminal Justice! Of course, if they figured it out from the get-go, we wouldn't have our plot! LOL! 😉

  4. Wish I can’t belie there releasing all the episodes on YouTube!!! But why? I love it becouse I can’t find it anywhere else

  5. For an international spy, the 3 of them doesn't get that they really are doing the real thing for their so called spy teacher in this episode hahahaha.

  6. I just realized this entire episode is about a guy obsessed with spies (like how I was) and took it too far. They made an episode about a crazed Totally Spies fan😂

  7. I’ve literally never seen this show before and I’m a 16 year old male but dear god I’m obsessed with this now
    Also Alex’s voice actor is the same as Julie from bakugan

  8. "The earth inflated by 2%"
    Earth is 5,974,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 kilograms
    2% would be 1.1948e+23
    Kilograms. Basically Septillion kilograms.

  9. No wonder they do not get paid.
    Not covering their faces. – which is why they get catch so easily
    Saying out loud one of their group members real names -another reason they get caught
    As soon as they jump the fence they get found even faster than the professor was found.
    Doing missions for random people without their spy agencys approval so that a background check could be made.

    Without the main character plot armor they would have failed their first mission.

  10. I think it’s wrong that they don’t get to be spies. Like seriously college and being a spy and a part time job is way too much. They at least need some benefits

  11. “World renowned secret agent”


    “World renowned secret agent”


    Yeah this ain’t right

  12. So are they working in Whoop for free? Like they have to go on all those missions to save the world and can’t even live in the place for free

  13. So Jerry, doubt he even got permission to, built a penthouse within a night and just expects the girls to pay for it after all they've done not to mention they don't even get paid for anything. WTF Jerry?!

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