“Escape” –  Cartoons about tanks

“Escape” – Cartoons about tanks

Previously How dare you disgrace your family? You are guilty! You are sentenced to exile Never come back! And now My lord let me tell Your brothers are merciless They will destroy us soon, and you know that Well, now it’s time to leave my home planet forever Launch the quantum generator Do it! Yes, my lord Well, a new world, a new life I will enslave this world or I will destroy it This monster was saddened He understood that he could never return to his world The hellish anger overwhelmed his iron body and his mind

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  1. Hi Guys! Thank you for your Likes and comments! Write bellow what tank you wish see as a rival to Monster Dorian in new world

  2. create a tank named berry meet him and allys with him then he tells him that will help me destroy these useless trash cans

  3. to reduce kv 44 for unfair fight and something that can make smell for germans we have take the tiniest bit of super steel lol how you make a super machine with just that much

  4. Valhalla toons please new league in subtites in türkçe and my two counters your animations and you in google and change English words /=/Türkçe words

  5. Could dorzilla use 2014 Godzilla roar if he eats more radiation also what happens to the dorzilla babys

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