EPISODE 9: Let’s Play, Promotional Animated Shorts!

Will you help me? Hmm… Foolish boy, you dare seek the help of the one who you have so vastly wronged? Please yes. Yes. Yes. Oh great one, please Oh-ho, this will be fun. Yes, I’ll help you on one condition— Thank you, thank you, whatever you want! I’ll do it Ugh, stop! Listen. I want you— I want you…. to replay my game for real this time. But I can’t do another video. No recordings, no reviews. Just you and your honest opinion. I don’t think that’s a good idea Fine. Good luck fixing your game. Wait Okay, I’ll play it and tell you what I think but what if I don’t like it? Then I want to know why. With everything that happened, I never got an actual review of my work and I’d like the feedback Deal. Deal. Just read the instructions this time, okay? How’s it going? Well, is it hopeless? I’m having to code things the long way since this game decided to build their save files like cavemen. But I think I cracked it. Oh, yes. You’re a genius! You’re the best Hahahaha You seriously don’t find lava terrifying? Sure it’s not great, but you really wouldn’t take a free trip to Hawaii? Mah-hell no. I quit No no no! I’m sorry. Okay, give it a try. Huh? [music begins] It’s working! It’s working! I saved the game and you have saved my life. Thank you. It was no big deal. So I’ve never actually played this one maybe you could show me? Oh Uh, yeah, sure. I’ll give you a call tomorrow Oh, tomorrow? Sorry, I kind of have this thing tonight, with Monica. Oh– Yeah, it’s called a date. I get it have fun See ya. This is awesome, you’re really not gonna follow the story on WEBTOON? Read Let’s play only on WEBTOON.

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