EPISODE 6: Let’s Play, Promotional Animated Shorts!

EPISODE 6: Let’s Play, Promotional Animated Shorts!

[grunting] Uhhh… I am so. SO. Sorry. Is everything okay? I had no idea that my fans trashed your rating. I contacted the site and asked them to restore your account. Until then… here. Huh? That’s what I earned from the Ruminate review. Holy smokes! From one [email protected] What are you doing with your life? And I want you to know that I took the review down. It’s done enough damage. [sighs] Your apology means a lot. Thanks, but no thanks. No, no. I insist. Look, I don’t want your money. Take it back! I can’t do that, you take it. Sam: No… You take it. Marshall: No… YOU take it! Sam: Then why don’t you go donate it to charity? Marshall: YOU go donate it to charity! Grrrr… Sam, that’s more than most indie games ever make. With a bigger budget, you could make a GOOD game! [Marshall’s words echo] [papering ripping] SAM! WHAT ARE YOU— Ruminate is good. And if you actually cared about games instead of using likes, you would have taken the time to play it correctly. SAM! Please wait! You’re not sorry You just feel guilty and I don’t need your pity OR your money. [door slams] [sighs] Oh man… Ah no! Take that! omg are you kidding me? come on! Ha! Yes! Perfect victory!! Wanna play again? No way. Look at you you’re glowing. Did you maybe stop and see Link on your way over? No, actually I don’t know what to do about that… Go out with him… Have the sweetest boyfriend ever.. Exactly, he’s so thoughtful Remember the stickers he made me for my birthday? Of course! Uhm, I got him socks that year. That’s practical. Yeah.. it wasn’t great.. What if I let him down?.. You got here fast. How is he? He’s in pain, but we got him stable. Today I learned what not to do with a pasta maker. What grab a drink and hear all about it? Hmmm…. Maybe another time? Oooo~ you finally asked that girl out? No she’s— forget about it. Are you ready Bowser? [SHING] I missed you my precious! [kisses] [giggles] You’ll follow this story on WEBTOON right? Read Let’s Play only on WEBTOON!

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  1. People on webtoons need to make more of these they need to make an option on the app to watch these and read the comic as well

  2. 1:09 I’m just looking at the dog like “He’s gonna eat it he’s gonna eat the money”

    Edit: Damn he didn’t eat it

  3. It was kinda funny she shut him down like that but if you watched the most recent ep. On webtoon you would feel very guilty

  4. You guys changed some bits of the story! I used to read this story last year and let me just say……


    If you guys want to see the official story. Go watch it on webtoon,like right now.

  5. A LOT of things in this animated promotion series is different to the webtoon comic. Just letting you guys know. Cause I also watched the first 4 episodes before I began to read the comic, and was almost chocked about how many changes there are ?

  6. I really like this!

    Are there other Webtoons that have been animated like this one. I really love it.

    I'm willing to do some voice over for some characters in this series or (if any) other series. If you are interested in a voice over for a male character. Email me at [email protected]

  7. Sam has awesome dignity! It takes alot self respect to not accept pity money. She knows that her capacity in her skills are enough and doesn't need charity to make something great that she can do for herself.

  8. I pretty sure there not gonna do anymore of these let's play promotional animations since there only promotions to get people to download the app. Still was a good short Animation series

  9. I dont know, I love the thought of an animated serious but I just feel like these episodes aren't portraying the characters in the same way as the actual comic. At all. Not dissing, it's an amazing promotion and I support it, I'm just a little disappointed in how the characters are being displayed.

  10. watched the first two episodes here before immediately going to read it on webtoon!! XD I like it! It's not as detailed as in the webtoon but still, we know what's going on while seeing both of them!

    Great job!!

  11. THIS IS WHAT I'VE CRAVED EVER SINCE THE AUTHOR WENT ON HIATUS!!! I'm so glad more is being made… Also, I seem to hate two characters more now that I can hear them…

  12. Sam I'm sorry This guy is such a jerk and said Make a new game and Give you money… I'm glad You playing games with your friend

  13. I love yoo, Unordinary, Underprin, God of High School, Tower of God, Ghost teller… Im excited for the next promotional videosss. ?

  14. Is no one gonna talk about how massive Sam's ego is??? Most indie devs (myself included) would be thrilled to be reimbursed by a streamer like Marshall! We're hardly rolling in dough, after all.

    I get that those crazy fans harassed her (which was awful) and Marshall was kinda rude at times, but she is just SO thin-skinned ?

  15. Sam is 100% in the wrong here. Marshal never intended harm and any harm he did cause he’s gone above and beyond to remedy. I’m not going to like when the story finally decides to begin their romance, am I?

  16. Decided I'm going to read this and am making a bet with myself that blonde emt gets super max prison friendzoned and marshall dbag gets the MC. ( im on blonde dudes side though)

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