EPISODE 10: Let’s Play, Promotional Animated Shorts!

EPISODE 10: Let’s Play, Promotional Animated Shorts!

Mm. Sorry, buddy, it’s just so quiet. It must have been a good date Urhg. [sighs] I’m so nervous, I can’t even shop. When are you seeing her again? Tomorrow. This is just the first girl, I’ve really liked in a while, you know? Then she’s lucky and better be good enough for my friend. How about this? Mm-mm. I thought it was weird when you said you wanted to go shopping but this is the third store of nothing You don’t even want to try it on? I’m sorry Dee, really Are you okay? Ahh, so much better. So, you want to talk about it? I just started feeling weird about all my baggy tees and comfy pants and cardigans I stole from my dad. I used to like it But you don’t anymore.. Oh my god. Wait, just a minute. Are we doing a makeover? No, well, yeah, but then I realized it doesn’t matter. Maybe this is how I’m supposed to be like I know what I’m good at. Coding, at least I have friends like you Hmm. And Link. If he still wants to see me Hm. Good morning! Hey! Hey, when’s your next day off? Tomorrow, actually. Perfect I’m sorry, I couldn’t go with you to the movies that night So do you maybe want to walk Bowser with me in the park? Tomorrow just the two of us and Bowser Yeah, I’d like that. Me too see you then. Byeee [sighs] Miss Young, I had some questions about the latest prototype. Sure [munching] [knocking] [sighs and clears throat] Hey Sam. Look, I actually knocked this time. I see that What’s up? Well uh, I did it. Did what? I uh– well, I played Ruminate. Oh So do you want to come over and talk? You’ll follow the story on WEBTOON right? Read Let’s Play only on WEBTOON.

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  1. Ok seriously. This is so different from the actual webtoon. I still really enjoy watching this but it would make more sense if they actually stick to the story because it’s PROMOTIONAL. They are trying to get people to read this webtoon right? Well why would u change the story so drastically? In my opinion, I feel like it’s disrespecting the author and confusing the people that see this first before reading the webtoon. I know this is so common in movies and I still really enjoy movies that don’t follow along with the books and I still really enjoy this but literally CHANGING a character? As far as we know, Dee never came out as lesbian, at least not to my knowledge, and it just seems like it’s completely disrespecting the author. U are taking the characters, taking the plot, but then making it something different and it just feels like they are stealing the authors work. They might have gotten the authors okay in this but if it was me, I would not be okay with this. Again, I still really enjoy this, but I think they should have been more respectful and followed the story just a little more.

  2. This "episode" doesnt match up much with the comic because its the final trailer/ad to hook people in to read the comic. It can't give everything away

  3. I'm so happy for the artists!!! This is one of the first webtoons I actually related to.
    It brings my heart such Joy to see where this has gone!

  4. I got webtoon to try to finish the story but when I went to find the episode I noticed I missed a lot in the actual story.

  5. Man, this series really doesn’t do the comic justice. I mean I get that they’re shorts but this seems to be a different story

  6. I think it’s purposely different so viewers who haven’t read the comic will be more interested in reading the original script

  7. Ok so the comic and the promos are . . . Uhh slightly different but id like to this of it as possible outcomes like in the most recent comic upload i was absolutely heart broken for marshall but in the promo i find it as a what if he didnt have such an attack! Either way is going to get you a lovely story

  8. I wish they’d make this a full fledged anime like series. So many people would be happy to support it and make it something awesome! Longer episodes though. More in tune with the comics, even if it was a paid series, I’d be down.

  9. I want more of this, it's not the same on webtoons to read it when it's not a continuation of the same story. I want to see what happens

  10. Why it's so different? I think because it's promotion animated series, so it has to be interesting enough for people to read the comic, since it also limited for 10 episodes.

  11. wait has marshall finished the game in the comic? Idr- I take big breaks in between comics to catch up and read others so i don't always remember every detail…

  12. I am not hating on the efforts behind this because it's really impressive but I'm trying to think what is the objective behind making these shorts. If it is promotional shorts of the actual story then why not have the more important and memorable scenes in these shorts to get people interested in reading the whole thing. Just a thought I've been having.

  13. I really hope Vikki and Angela will appear in these episodes! I'd love to hear and see their characters! I can imagine Vikki's voice sounding like flutter shy ?

  14. It's a promotional video you RETARDS!

    Isn't it funny that the black lesbian works in a cheap coffee shop even though she and the rich white girl, who happens to be the daughter and heiress of a multi-millionaire CEO, both went to the same college?

  15. i guess being Promotional means we won't get to see much of the story it'self. . . . the style looks cute though. (i was reading it before the vids though so i'm also with the crowd a little ticked about the different-ish story)

  16. I like the way both of the paths the story is taking,, like I don't even know who to ship anymore but like I guess she can go over his place to talk ?

  17. The webtoon cartoon and these short clips dont correspond… It's annoying me. Then again the comic strips are better than the clips?

  18. I know literally everyone is saying this, but my gosh, this is SOOO different! I'm pretty sure.. Marshall, didn't see Sam in a romantic sort of way and actually really loved Monica. I could be wrong, but I feel so sure

  19. Guys they're tryna promote the comic without spoiling the plot. Don't say it's not like in the comics because it is intentional ?‍♂️

  20. Dang it! I didn’t realize this was the 10th one. I liked this version of he story as much as the WEBTOON version. I can’t wait for next week’s update 🙂

  21. I can't help but picture this story separate from the comic on webtoon because the stories don't sync, but i am enjoying them separately and it's nice to have a voice for the characters.

  22. What!? Happened? Seriously this is way different from the comic? Also it make sam look a little perfect and happy.. and she way more than a smiley face ? also just not enough Charles.. so sad.

  23. I can see they changed it
    Maybe for the sake of not Spoiling
    Or just to draw in new readers. 🙂 ?
    By a shorter Story version.
    I don’t blame them since making this and on going animation series could be very difficult.
    I doesn’t matter to me, since You can read the full story On WEBTOON

  24. Okay tout sauf une double vie!!!! Ça commence être hardore pour une relation sérieuse!
    J'ai peur pour le pire pour ses deux gars qui sont trop craquant et adorable à la fois d'être sexy.

  25. I understand why it's the way it is, with only one more episode to come out I think they needed to streamline the story. But I think if it does get picked up for a real animated series they should redo all the animated story they've done so far because imho they cut out some of the best characters and side story's. With the short screen time they made Monica seem like a total B and it seems like theres a real strain on hers and Ben's relationship.

  26. I don’t understand why, if you are trying to promote a story, you would change so much of it. Those who haven’t read it yet will head to the WEBTOON version and be completely confused ?

  27. Wasn’t Benjamin deathly sick while playing ruminate?? These shorts are how my fan girl heart would want the story to be but I love the original WEBTOON more. I love Sams innocence in the comic

  28. wow. i love lets play and the way the comic is written with the very clearly defined couples and their issues. i dont like how this is totally changing the story-line and relationships. I understand if this is what Mongie wants, but it is very very different. I totally support her, but ill stick to her original comic vs this animation. this episode killed me watching anymore.

  29. This is a bit different than the WEBTOON… and am I the only one who thinks Sam doesn’t look as pretty as she does in the WEBTOON? I mean this is nice but it’s deviating from the original story..

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