EP02 Drawing Eyes (From Different Angles) (Time-lapse)

EP02 Drawing Eyes (From Different Angles) (Time-lapse)

Draw the shape of the eye. Draw the details for the pupils, iris and eyebrows. Draw the details for the eyelashes, pupil highlights, iris and eyebrows. Apply light shading over the drawing to simulate light shadows. Complete the drawing by using a darker shade to fill areas with darker shadows. Now watch carefully how I apply these steps and draw the nose in different perspective. To know more about my drawing process, step by step tutorials, mediums I use, or if you want a video just for you, Visit https://www.patreon.com/sketchbolt (Link In Description) I would appreciate your views and suggestions in comments. Stay Tuned.

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  2. Shit video. No instruction, no point of reference, no structure information. I get U can draw. But I'm here to learn, not to applaud your skills.

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