[EN/CN] What do I do if I don’t have Spectrum in my life?????

[EN/CN] What do I do if I don’t have Spectrum in my life?????

Minjae: We have a performance, today.
Did anyone skip a meal yesterday? Hwarang: Me Villain: Me Minjae: You guys did not eat
anything yesterday? Nothing? Hwarang: Yes, because I get swollen Jaehan: But I actually saw Jong-Chan(Hwarang)
eating chips Hwarang: Oh, you saw that Minjae: I think Villain and Jong-Chan(Hwarang)
easily gets swollen up Hwarang: So, I’ll turn on the playlist that
we are performing today Minjae: Yes please Jaehan: Place some on the upper lips too Jaehan: Your lips look more lively now Minjae: So we’ll get on the stage very soon Minjae: Let’s prepare some words to say on the stage Minjae: How about let Jaehan speak with 2-line poem which he totally blew last time in ‘AnYang’ Hwarang: We’ll give you second chance Villain: Yeah go for it. It’s time to recover your joke Villain: Let’s go as 3-line poem, ‘AnYang Si’ Minjae: Okay ‘AnYang Si’. AnYang! Ah no, An! Jaehan: Ah%$&^^Andromeda Minjae&EunJun: Yang Jaehan: Gangster(Yang-ah-chi)…. Dongkyu: think (quickly) SPECTRUM: Si Jaehan: No, don’t make me do this. I can’t Manager: Spectrum, stand by (x2) Staff: You guys need to get ready for the stage now since previous team changed schedule Dongkyu: Guys, I saw the picture of today’s stage
and it’s not that big Minjae: Alright got it.
Let’s make powerful performance as usual, okay? Hwarang: Yes of course Minjae: Come on we should warm up first.
Like this one, two, three, four Hwarang: Okay (x2). Let’s give it our everything,
like there’s no tomorrow Villain: You mean let’s up the tension and energy? Hwarang: Let’s keep the usual pace with
an extra oomph on your personal parts SPECTRUM: One, two, three, fighting! Minjae: Guys make sure to stretch.
Otherwise you guys might get injured Hwarang: I actually already warmed up myself Minjae: Let’s perform just like we always have done, don’t get too nervous Villain: Oh and (let’s synchronize) the stomping
on the ‘light it up’ song Minjae: Okay Minjae: So for the first two songs show your power and charisma. For the last song, be confident Hwarang: Oomph (x3) Jaehan: Let’s go for ‘AnYang’ 2-line poem. An! Minjae: Oh no Villain: No, this isn’t gonna work, seriously EunJun: Absoultely no. Never Hwarang: Okay let’s go for ‘Yang’ Minjae: Yang! SPECTRUM: Well done everyone Minjae: It was a good performance Minjae: I think idols shine the most
when they’re on the stage Minjae: And It’s absolutely fun SPECTRUM: Agree (x2) Minjae: Also our fans, Lantana were really good today. They sang together Minjae: Lantana’s fanchant sound was absolutely (big) Dongkyu: They’re our warriors whom gives energy Villain: Their fanchant sound was
even bigger than our mics Minjae: Oh and also, we practised a lot for our stomps
of ‘light it up’ a couple days ago Hwarang: Did you hear? Minjae: Of course Jaehan: Me too, when the stomps went boom!
And I was like ohh! Dongkyu: Me too, when the stomps went boom!
And I was like ohh! Minjae: During the ‘light it up’ performance,
did you guys see the audience? Minjae: The audience reaction was really cool Hwarang: It was so thankful when I saw
they liked our performance Minjae: These days I actually have practiced for one vocal mimicry of an actor Jaehan: Why did you use formal language
out of sudden? Minjae: Me (as honorific) Jaehan: Me Minjae: Me Jaehan: You usually don’t use honorific to us Minjae: No I mean, since we have big bro Dongkyu
with us, I tried to be formal Minjae: How was it Jaehan: Yeah it’s not, why do you think it’s me
(vocal mimicry)

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  1. Iftikhar Ahmed tumhay.jurat jaisay hui K tum Imran Khan ko kho ghar jao dafa ho jao apni auqaat yaad hy beghairat lafafy sahafi tum bhi in chorn bhai walho

  2. Waal ho tum in sub chor daku luttery family K sath ho lanat tumhari zindgi pr lagta chor janay K daab aap K lifafay bund ho jai gy tum in kifafo pr zindgi chal rahi hy sharam Karo tum Imran ko galiya detay

  3. hy tumhari Imran Khan se nafrat ly dooby gi paagal insan Imran ny Pakistan ko world cup la K diya tum ne is mulk ko Kya dia bewakoof lifafa sahafi (stamp)apny giraban me jhanko suver

  4. สมาชิกมีใครบ้างอะหล่อ(ชอบคนที่ใสหมวกสีดำอะ)ใครรู้บอกได้นะค่ะ

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