Emily Osment Reveals Hannah Montana’s ORIGINAL Ending

Emily Osment Reveals Hannah Montana’s ORIGINAL Ending

We’re getting the best of both worlds with this new Hannah Montana information. Emily Osment AKA Hannah Montana’s best friend, Lilly Truscott is taking us down memory lane. It’s been six years since one of the most iconic Disney channel shows came to an end. Hannah Montana gave us some of the best pop-culture moments. Who could ever forget Jackson Rod Stewart hopping his way to destiny? Or the cheese jerky rap that we may, or may not, still know the words to? We honestly can’t even talk about the final episode, where Miley surprised Lilly by returning to be her college roommate, without getting a little bit teary eyed. The moment showed just how important their friendship was and that they’ll always love each other, but, Emily just revealed that their final moments were supposed to be completely different. When a fan tweeted at both Miley and Emily saying, Along with the tear-jerking montage of all the final moments on set of Hannah Montana. Emily gave a surprising response saying, The sweet moment between the two friends was not only a great representation of their friendship over the five years, but it added humor that only Lilly was capable of. We’re not sure if Emily was channeling her inner Han Solo when she said “I know”, but, we do know that we’re grateful she did because, we can’t imagine it ending any other way. Both Miley and Emily have been open about the fact that they didn’t get along with each other in the early days of Hannah Montana. In her book ‘Miles to Go’, Miley even wrote, Even with drama off set we’re sure that saying goodbye to their beloved characters was just as hard for them to do as it was for us to watch. But, what do you guys think about this new Hannah info? Do you think Emily’s ad-lib was the perfect goodbye? Or do you wish it was different? Let us know in the comments below and then click right over here to find out which Thirteen Reasons Why theory a star totally debunked. I’m Ava Gordy, thanks for tuning in.

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  1. Okay… but they didn't even need to click bait because their is an actual alternative ending where Miley was just a little girl and woke up realizing it was all a dream, you can literally watch it on YouTube

  2. When I was younger people in my school didn't like Hannah Montana so I had to pretend that I didn't watch it either. I remember it was sad not being able to talk about last night's episode with someone 🙁

  3. title is misleading, and i read somewhere that one of the ideas to end it would be that everything Miley went through the last 4 years was a dream?

  4. I'm the man who has the cheese
    I'm the man who has the jerky
    We put em both together
    And they really worky
    Cheese Jerky
    (say what, say what)
    Cheese Jerky
    (say what, say what)

  5. I'm 23 and still watch Hannah Montana on Demand.(xfinity ftw!). Epically the very last episode ? *sigh" future generations will never know….?. Now its all Kardashians. Ew.

  6. WTF AVA GORDY? Holy shit this seems like an odd fit but I'm super excited to see someone like Ava on clevver.

  7. adding the words i know to the end of a series does not make the episode where the script didn't include "i know" an alternate ending. cmon.

  8. Miley and Emily didn't get along at first, but they became close friends afterwards… I don't know if they are in touch nowadays, but they were good friends back then. I hate how you people can never tell things as they are. And it's kinda sad to say this here because you're probably the only Clevver host that isn't a shady, manipulative, venomous person with no work ethic.

  9. The og ending was that "Miley" had dreamed it all and was still 13 and in the 8th grade. Honestly it's kinda dark and a bit basic but I like the ending they went with?

  10. I agree with Emily I want this so bad while she has been thinking if this I want mliey Cyrus to be back to be Hannah Montana again please do it for me Emily I love Hannah Montana I'm a fan of her's

  11. Cheese jerky I'm the the man the man who had the cheese and I'm the man who had the jerky put them both together and yeah they really worky cheese jerky say what say what cheese jerky

  12. What about the Hannah Montana Episode where Miley striped all her clothes and had sex with a foam finger..?

  13. I wish they can do a remake if Hannah Montana. The girls will still be in College and Miley will still make music lol..

  14. Emily Osment sang the final song "Wherever I Go" with Miley as a duet and that might be Miley handing over the reins to Lilly and Lilly having the very last line "I know!" is probably a foreshadowing of a continuation with her as the main star, so maybe, just maybe, there might be a Hannah Montana spinoff with Lilly as the main character! Wouldn't that be exciting?! I mean, we all know how Miley Cyrus had been acting ever since Hannah Montana ended and I think it would be cool to see more of Lilly for a change!

  15. Thing is, I swear if you watch the footage of them filming this last scene (its on youtube) someone runs through Miley's and Emily's lines and mentions that Emily says, "I know." So how was that ad-libbed?

  16. I think that Hannah Montana could come back with the spin-off of the show as that's so Raven(Raven's home) did, I'd watch for sure lol. But I have a good impression that Hannah will come back to shine again on Disney…we'll got the best of both worlds again

  17. I'm 12 right now and I wish I was this age when the show came out so I could have really enjoyed watching the new episodes air on Disney Channel but I'm watching the show now and I'm proud of it I love that show

  18. I just realized, lilly was the first one to find out and "know" that miley was hannah montana, so it makes total sense that she has the last word and those last words being "i know"

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